Education Programming Spotlight
The Power of Early Childhood Education
HCM's School Readiness Program celebrates the graduation of 23 students! Among these wonderful students is *Enrique, a young boy whose journey through the program has been remarkable.

Health Programming Spotlight
Navigating Medical Debt
With mounting medical bills and no benefits, HCM's Community Health Worker and Medical Legal Advocate assisted *Lisa and her premature baby in obtaining health insurance.
Justice Programming Spotlight
Empowered By Support
Janet, a survivor of domestic violence, began her journey with HCM when she sought assistance in applying for a U Visa. Today, she thrives in the community as a U.S. citizen!

September 14, 2023
Autumn Harvest Benefit is HCM's signature annual fundraising event that helps us enhance and expand our health outreach, counseling, early childhood education and legal services benefiting underserved families in our community. If you or your organization would like more info on being an event or table sponsor, please click here. Stay tuned for email and social media updates on how to purchase tickets!
2022 Annual Report
In 2022, HCM served 3,436 individuals and made 3,500 connections to resources. To learn more about how our health outreach, mental health counseling, early childhood education and legal immigration programs worked to meet unprecedented need, please see our annual report in full.
Lorena Cardenas!
Lorena Cardenas has become a Department of Justice (DOJ) Representative! Lorena started as an HMC client receiving legal immigration assistance. When she noticed the difference legal assistance can make in a person's life, she decided to pay it forward by becoming a paralegal and now a DOJ!
Five Utah Hospitals Renamed for Sisters of the Holy Cross
Five Utah hospitals have been renamed in honor of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The change was announced on May 1, 2023.
HCM is not affiliated with Centura Health, the non-profit entity that now manages five hospitals in Utah that have been renamed Holy Cross. Centura named the hospitals to honor the legacy of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, who founded and sponsor Holy Cross Ministries. Those same sisters founded their first hospital in Utah in 1875.
Holy Cross Ministries (HCM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health, education and justice services to families in Utah regardless of race, religion, income or any other defining characteristic. We hope you enjoy the following updates and stories about our work this summer.

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* In order to protect the privacy of those we serve, an alternative name and image is used for this HCM client.