A Note from the President
& General Manager //

As a division of the Hunton Group, Hunton Services worked almost 120,000 hours and had a commendable record of safe driving across all levels. Our field-based team drove north of 700,000 miles in Q1 alone without a single at-fault accident. Our HSE team deserves praise for their outstanding efforts in ensuring that our team members possess the necessary skills and training to work in a secure, healthy, and environmentally responsible manner.

In Q1, our Commercial Service team grew their business north of 16% year over year, with an improvement in earnings. Hats off to our heavy commercial teams (C1, C2, C3, C4) and our newly redefined boiler business. With these kinds of results, surely some transitions needed to occur. Ashley Smith assumed the role of Resource Coordinator and Sam Hernandez has taken over as Area Service Manager for C2. The Light Commercial Unit team, led by Ernie Martinez, is also expanding with new business and the addition of a new field supervisor, Jody Avila. The plumbing business has been transitioned to our commercial service team and partnered with our boiler and cooling tower business, led by Kyle Kubisiak 

Johnny Butler and Michiel Burnham have transitioned into their new roles as Commercial Service Business Analysts, with Johnny already making significant contributions to the team's performance. The commercial service team ended the 1st quarter with ZERO RECORDABLES, a significant achievement.

Our Industrial Service team is fresh off an outstanding Q1 performance. Their business is up 44% year over year in revenue and earnings significantly better during the compared time frame. I am especially proud of the Beaumont location for their results in our Q1 and the business standing on its own. They had great exposure at the industrial trade show in Texas City in April and are looking forward to the Fish-O-Rama event in July in Beaumont.

The Building Automated Systems (BAS) team has been busy both bookings and executing project work with exceptional results, our SMART Contracts sit at 110% of the budget and are off to a fine start.

The Special Projects team is busier than ever. Vic’s Shop is bustling with engineered product jobs that have every inch of the shop utilized. Our bookings/backlog continues to be at exceptionally high levels, and our delivery team is busy with jobs at TSU and Igloo to name a few. With these kinds of leading indicators, it is no surprise that the results year over year are more than double.

Lastly, our partner, HRS, had an outstanding quarter, delivering their best Q1 ever. HRS held the grand opening of 6811 Dixie in March and is looking forward to hosting another grand opening in Beaumont with the Hunton Services Industrial team. HRS is busy putting contingency plans in place with our customers as we approach Hurricane season.

Our sales team has delivered exceptional outcomes by securing new jobs and maintaining a busy schedule. It is our pleasure to share that ten of our salesmen have received the highly coveted Trane Technologies 2022 EBS Elite Club - Gold award. This distinguished honor is granted to those who exceed 125% of their 2022 quota. We take pride in recognizing our sales team's hard work and dedication, who have consistently demonstrated their commitment to achieving outstanding results.
We are commemorating 42 years of being an integral part of the Houston community, having received recognition at both local and national levels as a top workplace. It is fitting GRIT is the word of the year at Hunton Services. GRIT embodies the tenacity to persist, triumph, and advance in the face of adversities, setbacks, and barriers. The word is also an acronym for GROWTH, RESILIENCE, INITIATIVE, and TRUST.

At Hunton, we are committed to promoting a sustainable future for businesses in our community and fostering long-lasting relationships that positively impact the world around us. To achieve this, we continuously seek opportunities to enhance our services and provide even greater value to our customers and their facilities.

As always, thank you so much for your support. As an organization, we are excited to welcome the rest of 2023 and continue providing superior service solutions to you - our most valued partner.
President & General Manager // Hunton Services
Preventative Maintenance On Boilers //

At Hunton Services, we understand how crucial routine preventative maintenance is to maximizing efficiency over the lifetime of your boilers. Whether you need a new installation or an ongoing service contract, our experienced technicians are highly trained and equipped to help you get the most out of your equipment. To learn more about how we can help maximize efficiency at your facility, visit us online at www.huntonservices.com or call us at 713-643-8336.
Trane® EBS ELITE CLUB AWARD // Hunton Services Associates Earn Awards for Sales Achievements in 2022.

Hunton Services associates recently received awards from Trane for achievements made in the calendar year 2022. Account managers John Daigle, Kevin Beck, Jose Duron, Paul DeLorenzo, Tom LeSpade, Michael Rabbitt, Cliff Roberts, Larry Robuck, Mike Tabb, and Sam Thompson were all recognized as Gold Award winners. This award recognizes individuals who had outstanding performance in providing products and services to the existing building market. The Silver Award is given to those who exceeded their annual quota by 115-125%, while the Gold Award is given to those who exceeded their annual quota by over 125%.

“Congratulations to these gentlemen for achieving this award in 2022 and a huge thank you to our customers for putting such a high level of trust in us. Without their partnerships, this achievement would not be possible,” remarked Scott Schomburg, Commercial Sales Manager, “We look forward to continuing with new growth opportunities in 2023.”
HRS held the grand opening of 6811 Dixie and has successfully settled into its new location along with the Hunton Services Industrial team. They have made significant progress in developing the building to suit their needs, including organizing the shop space, adding shop racks, and installing shelves in the storage closet. In addition, HRS boasts an impressive, state-of-the-art test stand capable of assessing chillers and AC units up to 1,000 Tons, and it is used to evaluate each unit before dispatch. This test stand is a crucial asset for HRS. HRS has also planned to expand to three locations in Houston, Beaumont, and College Station by the end of 2023.

During the first quarter of 2023, HRS experienced significant growth, with multiple units going to Lackland Air Force Base and Lifetime Construction. HRS is busy putting contingency plans in place with our customers as we approach Hurricane season. As the Gulf Coast approaches hurricane season, HRS recognizes the importance of having a plan in place for unpredictable weather patterns and severe storm activity. They provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to cool, heat, or power indoor environments on a temporary basis in extreme weather conditions or for short-term replacements following an emergency. With an extensive network of rental service centers and equipment, HRS can quickly provide the best solution to assist those in need. To request a quote, call 713-580-4644 or visit their website at www.hrsrental.com. You can also click here to email them directly.