🍁 🎃 Happy October! 🎃 🍁

We hope that this newsletter finds you all well. Despite all of the challenges we have all been experiencing, there has been so much to enjoy and be grateful for. The beautiful autumn foliage that makes our landscape come alive every year, the ability to take part in the amazing recreational surroundings that we live in, spending time at home with our families exploring new activities and much more. We hope that you have experienced some positive elements that have presented themselves during this time.

For many of us the pandemic has brought illness, loneliness, fear and loss. Know that we hold you in our hearts. Our phone lines are open Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm if you need anything, even if it's just to connect and say hello, please call 207-664-0339. We are here for you!
SAVE THE DATES! After much consideration for the safety of everyone, we have decided to offer a new virtual conference - the Eastern Maine Cancer Series which will take place in November!

This conference is being offered in collaboration with the Christine B. Foundation and is a blend of our traditional Down East Living With Cancer Conference (DELWCC), the Washington County Cancer Conference (WCCC), and Christine B. Foundation's Bangor Region Cancer Conference.

The series will take place on November 17th, 18th, and 19th and will be days of community, empowerment, and support for those affected by cancer. Each virtual series will cover topics including survivorship, men’s cancers, nutrition, spirituality, and much more. Registration opening soon.
Update from the
Executive Director
The Beth Wright Center has just completed its 16th year of offering programs and services to people living in Washington and Hancock counties affected by cancer.

The number one thing we do is provide direct assistance to somebody affected by a cancer by offering a wide array of programs and supports and by connecting people to programs and services offered by other organizations. We are known around the state for our strong commitment to working with other organizations in order that people get the services they need.

This past year we became one of the founding members of the Association of Maine Cancer Support Centers. This Association consists of organizations from South Portland, Lewiston, Norway, Bangor, Brunswick whose mission is to work together effectively so that everybody in the state with a cancer diagnosis receives the treatment he or she needs.

This has been a difficult last 6 months for the Beth Wright Center and our community, but we have managed to maintain many of our program and services through online offerings. We have given out $12,000 in financial assistance to 40 people, and more than 250 people have taken advantage of our programs.

As difficult as it might have been for our staff and volunteers to perform their duties, it does not approach the difficulty of what somebody diagnosed with cancer faces, especially during a pandemic.

Our successes are due to a small but dedicated staff, a committed Board of Directors, 150 or so caring volunteers, and the financial and moral support of our Downeast Maine Community. 

The Beth Wright Center is a place and a spirit where people come to get support from their neighbors and likewise where people come to give support to their neighbors. In a time where there is too much discord in our country, the Beth Wright Center stands out as an organization and ideal that brings people together working in a common cause by offering hope, knowledge, and support.

~ Michael Reisman, Executive Director
Autumn Glory
Blueberry Fields
Franklin, Maine
Pumpkin Wagon
Blue Hill, Maine
Days Gone By...
Bar Harbor, Maine
20th Annual
Walk For Life Report
This is not the way we imagined it would be When we started planning for the 20th Annual Beth C. Wright Walk For Life in January we were looking to have a big celebration in Addison, but this was not to be.

Our planning committee for the Walk thought it was important to have a ceremony in Addison and a small Walk, adhering to social distancing guidelines, to remember Beth Wright and others who have passed from cancer in addition to honor those who are going through their cancer journey today. The committee was motivated to do this by the strength and courage of those people we are honoring.

It was a wonderful and inspiring tribute featuring Mariah LaRosque, the reigning Miss Sunrise County, singing a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. 

Dwight Carver gave the invocation and offered a touching remembrance of Beth. Rebekah Cox inspired those present by telling of her desire to give back to two-fold to others after her father was diagnosed with cancer as a way to honor him for all he had done for others. Debbie Kelley closed the ceremony by singing Wind Beneath My Wings. 

Through sponsor fees and money collected by individuals, the Walk for life has raised nearly $22,000 with money still coming in.
Upcoming Special
Zoom Events
12 noon 1:15 pm - On Zoom and Live Streaming on Facebook

Virtual Cooking Class - Ten Tips for Healthy Eating with Jada Wensman October 15 - November 12 - December 17, 2020
10:00 - 11:00 am - On Zoom

Every third Friday of each month
October 16 - November 20 - December 18, 2020
By appointment between 12:00 noon - 3:30 pm
At the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center

Every third Tuesday & Wednesday of each month
October 20 & 21 - November 17 & 18 - December 15 & 16
By appointment between 12:00 noon - 3:45 pm
At the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center

Check out our wide variety of regularly occurring free Zoom events on our website!
Great Room
Therapy Room
The 16th Annual
Ride For Life Report
The 16th Annual Beth C. Wright Ride For Life was a virtual one this year. We want to thank our long-time sponsors for the Ride for their support this year. Our business sponsors are Acadia Realty Group, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, Bar Harbor Bike Shop, Friend & Friend, Mark Wright Disposal, Nova Foods, and Tradewinds Marketplace.

The Ride For Life is one of the major fundraisers for the Beth C. Wright Center. A successful Ride is one reason the Beth Wright Center is able to offer all of our programs and services at no charge. This year we have raised nearly 10,000.00.

In the fall of 2004 Steve Shelton dropped by the old Beth C. Wright Center on High Street. He had just ridden 50 miles on his bicycle in memory of those who had lost their lives in the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11. He handed over a check for $300 made out to the Beth Wright Center. He had asked his friends to support his ride with a check that he would donate to the Center. Steve and I then decided that we should make his an annual event and invite the community to take part. More than $250,000 has been raised since 2005.

This year a few riders raised a lot of money. We not only want to thank them for the money raised this year but also for the money they have raised through the years. This year, Mathew Frongillo raised 3,140.00, Keith Hutchison, 1,000.00, Kathleen Kotas, 760.00, Molly Collins 500.00, and Daniel Bridgers 450.00. 
Since April, the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center has shifted its many services online and has continued offering support and information by phone while navigating the current pandemic.  

During this time, the doors of the Center have been closed to the public, but soon a limited number of people will be permitted to return for appointments with Therapeutic Massage with Faith Perkins and Reflexology with June Atherton. (see left)

Precautions will be taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  All staff, practitioners and visitors are required to wear masks and practice good hand-washing practices. In addition, traffic flow through the building is limited, rooms are well-ventilated, all touchable surfaces are disinfected in between sessions, visitors will be allowed in the building one at a time and expected to wait in their car or outdoors until their appointed time. Visitors can expect to have their temperature taken, answer questions about possible exposure and past travels, and sign waivers upon arrival.

If you have questions about this service or if you would like to make an appointment, please call the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center at 664-0339.