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before you negotiate.
Talk to Tony Sanches
before you go to a car dealership. 

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We have a great car loan rate, caring member service, and fast turnaround! Contact Tony today!

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*This car loan special does not include Arrha refinance. Limited time offer. Apply by September 19, 2020. Collateral acceptance will be looked at in combination with the application in full on a case by case manner. Automobile rate is based on 36 months at 2.49% annual percentage rate with cost per $1,000 of $29.93. Other car loan rate specials for various terms are available. Minimum 680 credit score. Your actual rate may be higher depending upon your individual credit score, VSI is required on all automobiles, fee is $37.00. Autopay required. Loans must close within 30 days of application. Subject to change. On the go car cleaning kit gift will be given to you at the time of closing! Value of gift $40.00.
Reduce Your Monthly Mortgage Payment. You could be saving thousands.
Chat with Michael Kelley, our mortgage specialist, or Tony Sanches, our Assistant Vice President of Retail Operations, who can review and provide you with your refinance savings results. There is no obligation. Michael or Tony have been helping our members save thousands of dollars each year. If no savings are available, either will let you know that as well.
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Contact Tony Sanches today directly at
or you can email him below.
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We have great mortgage rates, caring member service, and fast turnaround time!
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Free Checking
That Pays Off!
Ultra Wireless Charger &
Bluetooth® Speaker Gift
When You Open A
FREE Checking Account
(Business or Personal)!*
Great for lawn chairgating, tailgating, poolside, staycation, and outdoor activities. Plays up to 20 hours of your favorite music, plus charges your cell phone. $80.00 value!
Already have an Arrha Checking Account?
No worries!

Refer a friend or family member to open one so they may also receive this exclusive offer. You will receive an Ultra Wireless Charger & Bluetooth® Speaker Gift* as well when they open and direct deposit is quickly verified!
Try Our Switch It Up Program.
We'll Do All The Paperwork
To Help You Change
Your Banking To Arrha.
We Make Banking Easy!
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*Ultra Wireless Charger & Bluetooth® Speaker Gift will be given to you when direct deposit is quickly verified for opening. During opening we will help you make all of the arrangements for a seamless direct deposit process. Offer exclusive to members only without a checking account or when a member refers someone without an Arrha Checking Account and direct deposit is quickly verified - both will then receive the free gift! Value of the gift is $80.00. Limited time offer. While supplies last. Open by September 19, 2020. Just keep your Arrha Checking Account open for 12 months and sign up for direct deposit of a minimum of $100 each month. Members could pay overdraft service fees if their balances fall below zero. Must open a Membership Savings Account with a minimum of $25.00 to become a member.
Membership certainly has its perks!
Speaker & Charger Details!
Unison Wireless Charging Pad & Speaker ~ Users can charge Qi-enabled devices wirelessly by placing a compatible device on top of charging pad. It features an LED indicator light and micro USB input (cord included). The wireless speaker is equipped with high definition Bluetooth® 4.2 technology and a non-slip bottom. Users simply pair their device with the speaker to enjoy dynamic stereo sound. It pairs from up to 30 feet away, making it perfect for homes, offices or outdoor activities. It has a 4000 mAh lithium battery included and plays up to 20 hours on a full charge. Please note that some computer and laptop USB ports may not supply enough power to charge a device using this charging pad. Size 4 1/4 " X 3 1/2."
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