VSC Voice | May 2021

We are thinking today of mothers. As you can see below, many of us are mothers. We give thanks for our own mothers who have loved us into being who we are. We give thanks to the founding mothers of VSC, whose vision and foresight and dedication make our work possible. We hold in our hearts the mothers we serve as clients, the women who seek support from VSC for their own healing, women who are striving to be more grounded, effective, and present as mothers. We are inspired every day by our clients and their healing, by the parents who work so hard to break cycles and give their children better lives. We recognize that many among us have mothering roles, whether they are aunties, godparents, foster parents, or friends who care.

We hope you are inspired to support our work in honor of mothers in your life. We would appreciate your gift of a donation today to help us continue to serve and empower survivors.

Mary Onama, LMSW
Executive Director, VSC
Meet the Moms of VSC
Jessica Carson is the community education supervisor at VSC.
Jessica Carson, CA
Jessica Carson is the community education supervisor at VSC. She is the mother of Isabel, who occasionally joins VSC staff meetings. Isabel likes pets, walks, and experimenting with all of the sounds she can make.

Jessica, on raising a child and doing this work:

"I'm here to make a better world for my daughter and everyone else's children."
Erin Milbourne (far right) and her family. Erin Milbourne is direct services supervisor at VSC.
Erin Milbourne (far right) is the direct services supervisor at VSC. Erin has two daughters, Angie and Sercara, and a son Nieem. With one going off to college in the fall, the other doing virtual learning this past year, and the youngest being mobile and super curious, there is usually not a dull moment in the Milbourne household. Having a family and doing this work, Erin tries to find balance through being outside, prayer, laughing, and yoga when she can.

Lauren Uhl is the volunteer/community outreach & special projects supervisor at VSC. She is the mother of Landon, who has a lot to say these days.

On being a mom and working at Victim Services Center of Montgomery County:

When I look at my son I see pure joy in his eyes and he inspires me to always be my best and to do my part in making a difference while working toward VSC’s vision to empower the community and to aid in the creation of a society free from violence.