Volume II | October 31, 2019
News from the Hill as seen and reported by Hill Top students.
This edition of Hawk News focuses on many happenings here on the Hill over the past month. This version of Hill Top's new student-run electronic newspaper, highlights some spooktacular halloween-themed pieces, as well as announcements that we think you'll find interesting. We hope you enjoy our work and, as always, look forward to your feedback and suggestions.
by Zephyr Markley '20
This fun friday was a nice, halloween themed journey to Bates Motel. Before we even boarded the bus towards the scares, the fun had already begun on campus. We watched Coraline, were served either of two choices of pizza (pepperoni and plain), and even had our own mini haunted house set up in the basement. 
Fast forward to arriving at the main event of the night, we had no problems when entering, luckily. We passed the gates when it was dusk and long lines of people awaiting for their experience, and the screams of people who were already enjoying the attractions greeted us. The atmosphere was just perfect, we split up into groups and had the tickets for the attractions distributed. 

My group went to the hayride first. As the line slowly crept up, broken down cars glowed eerily to one side and on the other, a gnarled corpse was impaled on the fences. We stepped up and went all the way to the back for a bumpy ride. As the hay pricked our skin through our clothes and the quiet whispers of children filled the air, the tractor creaked forward. The ride was full of many spooky settings, like a slaughterhouse, a mental ward, an abandoned mine, caves full of lizard people, a dig site with vicious dinosaurs, a ghost town, and a zombie infested village. Each of them were uniquely constructed, though the transitions between such starkly different settings was a bit jarring. I will mention, it is difficult to enjoy the ambience of the experience with children right next to you screaming and talking constantly while kicking you in the side. 

Next our group went through the main attraction, the haunted motel. It featured clowns, crazies, and chainsaw wielding psychos. The smell coming off of the notably fake chainsaws helped to make it more authentic. After that was over and done with, we headed over the haunted trail, which was a haunted corn maze. Statues and scarecrows that move, aliens, and another clown; a pennywise boot leg. Seeing a rip off of the dancing clown was more funny than anything else, but I get the feeling that’s how it was supposed to be. 

After we finished all the attractions we split up, some getting refreshments and some checking out the gift shop. I got myself a nice bottle of root beer and then headed over to the gift shop to purchase a hoodie. Everywhere I go, a hoodie is a must have for any type of attraction, and Bates Motel had comfortable no zipper hoodies with their logo printed big on the back and small on the front. From the pizza, the scares, and the hoodie I loved this trip and would love to go again if I wasn’t a senior.
Cartoon by Elijah Osborne '21
by Lee M. Norton '22
Hawk News Interviewed Hill Top Alum Chris Lyons. Lyons Graduated from Hill Top in 2013. He went to Stevenson University, and majored in Computer Information Systems while specifically focusing on Network Design. He also took several classes in software development, cyber security, and business. This year, Lyons was voted on to Hill Top’s Board of Trustees and is currently the only graduate serving on the Board. The Board of Trustees at Hill Top is responsible for managing the operations of the School and for developing strategic plans for the School. The Board of Trustees meets regularly with Headmaster Needham who is responsible for leading many of the plans that are set/approved by the Board throughout Hill Top. As a team, the Board of Trustees offers advice and counsel to Mr. Needham. The Board of Trustees is also responsible for approving the annual budget and therefore along with other factors helps determine and approve the tuition fee for each year. 

Chris has stated that one of his favorite classes was 9th grade English with Mr. Sedgwick due to the many activities and ways of learning he did throughout the class. When asked about his time at HIll Top, Lyons said, “I really enjoyed my time at Hill Top as it was a small community that really understood and respected one another. Hill Top really allowed me to discover and understand my strengths and challenges which has helped me in everything I have done since graduating from Hill Top.”
He thinks that his biggest contribution as a Hill Top Board member will be using what he experienced before Hill Top, during his time at Hill Top, his experience in college, and how the professional world is post college or high school depending on as student's path. Currently, he is participating in the Technology Leadership Development rotational program as a Technical Project Manager at Vanguard. 

His advice for Hill Top students is to use this time to figure out what works best for you as an individual student and person, continue to grow your strengths while learning to work through and cope with possible challenges. The skills you will learn while at Hill Top will help you throughout all aspects of life after graduation regardless of what your path may be. Lyons suggests, “Don't be afraid to take risks and walk into challenges/unchartered territory!”
by Will Morrissey '21
Divisions by Starset
Starset is an interesting band, to say the least. Their first album, Transmissions, was an untamed, weird, and overall messy experience that touched on hard rock, electronics, classical, and pop. Their sophomore effort was much better as the band seemed to find themselves and clean themselves up with their 2017 release of Vessels. It was an impressive and well-done album, so I had high hopes for their third addition to their discography.

After repeated listens of Divisions, I still can’t put my finger on how to describe it. It seems more poppy than their previous two albums, but I would hesitate to call Starset a sell-out. It maintains the lyrical quality of Vessels yet lacks the same angst. It is weak for the most part, yet is still powerful in the very same places as well. It isn’t all-over-the-place, like Transmissions, and keeps the tidy feel of Vessels, but seems different. Divisions isn’t a bad album though. It is their weakest effort, but for reasons unknown, it keeps calling me back for another listen. But every time I hit play, I feel like it is missing something. I don’t know what it is, and I doubt I ever will, but as long as it keeps me listening, I guess it’s not terrible.

Photo Credit: covermytunes.com
Key Words
Creative Writing Segment
What is it?
by Zephyr Markley '20
What are favors, to one who
Hardly Cares?
What are passing strangers,
to another who 
Stops    And Stares?

What is that which is insidious,
to those with 
Frigid Eyes?

And what are you to me?
An angel to a storming sky.

I rip your wings
and envy

You cry
and lightning
strikes your heart.

You are exposed, now settled there.
The lying show you’ve made, now ashen and bare.

You are no longer 

Not. To. Me.
So hear it, you. A fine reprise.
Hill Top Hypotheses
Spooktakular Halloween Survey
by Zephyr Markley
Seniors were asked: Were there any pranks you pulled during halloween when you were younger? Are you particularly proud of any costume you made? Are their any superstitions you used to or still believe? Here are a few responses.
Austin Newbold '20

“I made a Christmas Tree outfit for Halloween out of on old green hoodie and Xmas decorations (it lit up too). 

  • Ginger Tea will speed up your metabolism 
  • Slapping your wrists everytime after you eat will make your live longer
  • Youtubers read all their comments
  • Flushing ice down the toilet and sleeping with your pajamas inside out will bring snow
  • You will die if you point your middle finger in the sky
  • You will die if you're not in a basement from 5 to 6 pm
  • Snapping will make your hands sweat
  • Everyone has some level of telekinetic power
  • If you stare at an animal long enough, you can turn into it   
  • Dreams tell the future
Evan George '20

“The biggest prank I pulled during halloween was wearing my werewolf costume when I was 8. I used to scare everyone and a few dogs and babies on purpose.

When I grew a little older, I made a minecraft costume when Minecraft was at its peak. I got a lot of compliments for making it with my family. My superstition is to not step on graves or you'll get cursed or something.”
Jason Foote '20

 “I wasn't really the one to pull pranks, I never made any costumes but I did have an amazing dragon costume I wore when I was young. I still believe in monsters because when I was young there was a very tall man walking around our neighborhood and when I turned around to look at him again, he disappeared.”
Asexual Awareness Week
by Zephyr Markley '20

It’s October! Which means at the end of the month Halloween happens. But another very important holiday also occurs that most people don’t notice or think about. This holiday is Asexual Awareness Week! It typically takes place from October 26th to November 1st, and it’s purpose, like any queer awareness celebration, is to promote visibility for asexual, graysexual, and, demisexual people. Asexuality is often considered the ‘invisible orientation’ because of its lack of representation and the stigma surrounding those that operate on minimal to non existent libidos. The way people who are a part of this community usually celebrate is to associate with their flag colors, mention and educate people about asexuality, and even come out of the closet as asexual publicly. If you know someone that is asexual, please do everything you can to support them during this holiday! 
Friday, November 1
All day
No School, In-service Day, Offices Open
Tuesday, November 5
11:30am – 12:10pm
College Rep Visit - Johnson & Wales University
Wednesday, November 13
11:30am – 12:10pm
College Rep Visit - Valley Forge Military College
Thursday, November 14
11:30am – 12:10pm
College Rep visit - Lynn University
Friday November 15 and Saturday November 16
All day
Board of Trustees Retreat
Tuesday, November 19
11:30am – 12:10pm
College Rep Visit - Alvernia University

Wednesday, November 20
All day
Graduation Project - Portfolio Due

Friday, November 22
11:30am – 12:40pm
Thanksgiving Food Drive and Dessert Buffet
11:30am – 12:10pm
Fall Sports Awards Ceremony

Fun Friday - Rock Gym and Sky Zone
Monday, November 25
All day
No School, Conference Days, Offices Open
Tuesday, November 26
All day
No School, Conference Days, Offices Open

Wednesday, November 27
All day
Holiday, No School, Offices Closed
Thursday, November 28
All day
Thanksgiving Holiday, No School, Offices Closed
Friday, November 29
All day
Holiday, No School, Offices Closed
Saturday, December 7
9:30 – 11:30am
Admissions Open House
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