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January 7, 2021
Dear Elizabeth,

From time to time, I have the great joy of introducing my son and/or my daughter (and the rest of my family!) to people who have never met them. It's always a moment of true pride for me as I try really hard not be too obnoxious in my bragging about them. I want people to know who they are. I want them to know what they can do and accomplish. I want folks to have confidence in them and to know what fine people they are. Those two tend to alternate their accomplishments so each of them gets to take a turn in the spotlight. If our own human emotions and reactions can give us some insight into the inner workings of our Creator, we can have some sense of understanding in God wanting all of us to one way or another...that Jesus is God's Son...and that God is so terribly pleased with Him. As human parents we can understand how God must feel and how close He must feel to His beloved Son that He has sent on the salvific mission of reconciling all of humanity to God. Even if we don't have children of our own, we probably have someone in our life who is a source of joy and pride for us, so we can relate to the emotions of the Almighty.

The Rev. Liz Tomlinson

Just as the angels revealed Jesus' identity and location to the shepherds and the wise men were led to him by an astonishing star, so Jesus' identity is once more revealed at the time of his baptism. This time, God speaks for Himself. Jesus goes down to the Jordan River along with throngs of other devout Jews to be baptized by the itinerant preacher, John the Baptist. As Jesus comes up out of the water, a dove descends and hovers over his head. And then, clearly audible to all those standing nearby, a voice comes from the skies directed at Jesus saying, "You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased." There are multiple revelations of the identity of Jesus, but this is one of the most powerful and dramatic and is heard by so many. Come join us on Sunday morning at 10:30am on Facebook and explore with us this most powerful revealing of Jesus as the Son of God. To access our Facebook page, CLICK HERE
The Vestry Nominations

The year of COVID-19 has certainly created some interesting hurdles for us, but we are looking forward to a much more 'normal' year in 2021. To that end, we will need to do plenty of planning to re-establish the rhythm and routine of our church life together. We are looking for parishioners over the age of 18 who would like to help shape the future of St. Paul's. Vestry meetings are held on the third Sunday of every month. If you are interested and willing, please speak to one of our Vestry members. 
The Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will be held on ZOOM this year on Sunday, February 7 at 12:00pm. If you are a member of St. Paul's, you will get the ZOOM link information in an e-mail prior to the meeting. Even though we aren't worshipping in person at the moment, there is still life at St. Paul's. We have information to share and plans to make for the upcoming year and we need YOU!!! If you aren't sure how to access ZOOM, you can speak with Linda Green, our Parish Administrator at 703-820-2625. She will be happy to help you. The Annual Report will be sent to Parishioners via e-mail, so please confirm with Linda that she has your correct e-mail address. 
The Next Vestry Meeting  
This coming Sunday, January 17

The meeting will start at 12:15 pm on ZOOM. Anyone in the congregation is welcome to sit in on a Vestry meeting. It is the responsibility of the Vestry to maintain the building, to hire staff, to determine opportunities for outreach and to make decisions about how available funds are spent. Members of our Vestry are Alvin Jones, June Jallah, David Wright, Tam Mehuron and our advisor, Caroline Kruger.
Part time Bookkeeper Needed

St. Paul's is looking for a part time bookkeeper to work 6-8 hours per week keeping our financial house in order. This job might be perfect for someone who is retired or someone who wants to work away from home for a few hours each week. We need someone who is familiar with Quickbooks and who understands the specific needs of the Episcopal Church in terms of financial matters. If you know of someone you think would be good for this position, please speak to one of our Vestry members (June Jallah, Tam Mehuron, Dave Wright, Alvin Jones or Caroline Kruger) or to Rev. Liz. 
Pledges for 2021 are still arriving

These pledges represent our commitment to God's work here at St. Paul's in this new year and are a portion of God's gifts to us. If you have not returned your pledge card yet, please send it in as soon as possible. It will be blessed in the Sanctuary at the altar. It's never too late for that! Within the next couple of weeks the Vestry will be drawing up the budget for this year. Our hope and our prayer is that our church life will return to regathering that allows us to worship together in our sanctuary in the very near future. And we want to be ready when that becomes possible!
Virtual Church
needs technical assistance

If you are familiar with ZOOM, we need you as a technical assistant. In order to have everyone on ZOOM together and the service being broadcast live from the sanctuary, we need someone who can man the ZOOM program, be sure the bulletin is scrolling properly and troubleshoot if any problems arise. You do not need to be at the church in order to do this. It can be done remotely. If you have this expertise and would like to join the Virtual Worship Team, please contact Rev. Liz by replying to this e-mail. We are preparing to change our Virtual Worship format from a pre-recorded ZOOM service to a livestream ZOOM service in which each one of you can participate! It's one step closer to being able to worship together in our sanctuary. If you want to be part of the service, click on the ZOOM link you get in your Constant Contact notice. It will be live, not pre-recorded. It won't be recorded as we do it, so you won't be able to see it later in the day. Just like coming to have to be there for the service!! Just one more experiment for us in the time of COVID-19. Until we make this change, please Watch our Virtual Service on FB at 10:30am on Sunday morning by Clicking here.
Virtual Coffee Hour 11:30am

Coffee Hour just isn't the same WITHOUT YOU!! This is the one time during the week that we can all 'visit' with one another and stay connected with each other. Staying connected has been a challenge in the Age of COVID, but we can do it if we all pitch in and hop onto ZOOM. So grab your coffee after our worship service and climb into a comfy chair in your own living room. We look for YOU every week!! If you worship with us regularly, you will receive a ZOOM invitation and link through Constant Contact on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Stop in and say "Hi" to the other members of your St. Paul's family!!
The food pantry
We have hungry people around us all year long and St. Paul's continues to be both faithful and generous in supporting the ACCA Food Pantry. Your generosity is inspiring. If you have food to donate, please contact our Parish Administrator, Linda Green by e-mail at to make arrangements with her to drop off your donation. She is at the church several times a week to pick up the mail and keep the office running. She will be glad to arrange a time to let you in the building with your donation. Please continue to bring nonperishable foodstuffs for ACCA and place them in the wicker basket at the rear of the Sanctuary. We need a volunteer to deliver our donations to the ACCA Food Pantry where they will be shared with those in need. In the middle of this pandemic when many people are without incomes, the need for food is even greater than ever before. Please contribute all that you can!  
Homeless Shelter
Volunteer Opportunities
The next meeting of the Advisory Committee will be on Wednesday, January 13 at 7:00pm on ZOOM. Please let Rev. Liz know if you are interested in shelter operations or volunteer opportunities and she will give you information about how to access this meeting. In the meantime, if you would like to make donations to the shelter, New Hope Housing has provided a Wish List (on Amazon) for the homeless who are moving into housing of their own which is SUCCESS! To access that list, please CLICK HERE. New Hope Housing manages a number of shelters around the county, so be sure to specify to New Hope that you want your donation to go to the Bailey's Crossroads Shelter. You can reach New Hope Housing at the Bailey's Shelter by calling 703-820-7621. You are helping to ease the way for our neighbors to get back on their feet! What an act of love!! We have an opportunity to make 350 breakfast to-go bags and 210 lunch to-go bags one week per month for those being housed in the hypothermia shelters that will open December 1. Please speak to Rev. Liz if you are interested in helping to provide these meals to our hungry (and cold!) neighbors.

The Rev. Elizabeth W. Tomlinson 
Priest in Charge
3439 Payne Street,
Falls Church, VA. 22041

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