Verify Insurance for Any New Programing
Read SFIC’s Jennifer Urmston Lowe article published in this month issue of Mindful Studio Magazine to learn about the importance of contacting your insurance agent before adding new programing in your Studio or fitness facility.

Greg Raleigh Shares His Inspiring Fitness Story

While in college trying to gain weight for football I suffered a stroke. I realized then that I had very little understanding of food choices and nutrition products. Thinking it over, I also realized that my family history of diabetes and high blood pressure might give me a chance to be an inspiration to people of all ages. I immediately volunteered at a local high school to teach exercise and nutrition to empower students. I created my non-profit Foodforfuel(F3) to expand my opportunities of providing educational and motivational tools, such as success stories of my clients.

I have 23 current clients that I have trained from 10 to 25 yrs. I discovered that as a personal trainer if the workouts include a mixture of education, motivation, inspiration and fun, your clients will never leave you and your range of new clients and opportunities are endless.

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