Email Marketing Tip #54

This is Robin Taney, the Get R.E.A.L Girl from Studio 4 PR . Here's your Wednesday Email Marketing tip: How to Maximize Fall with Holiday Templates
Last week, I shared with you the how (and why) behind sending your customer thank you notes. You can read it here . there anything that says Fall more than back-to-school and pumpkin spice?

How about holiday templates that can make your email marketing campaigns stand out?

Holiday emails are a great time to build your brand and strengthen customer relationships.

Here are 7 ways to use holiday templates to maximize your reach:

  1. Send holiday greetings --Forget sales for a minute and just let your customers know you value them
  2. Offer a holiday incentive--People love a bargain. Offering a too-good-to pass up discount along with your greeting will put your customers in the holiday spirit,
  3. Offer added shopping benefits--Things like free shipping, express delivery, or gift wrap are the little details that make people say yes. (If you're a service-based business, you could offer online appointments, expanded hours, or a free resource.
  4. Match the template to the content--Fall conjures up leaves, pumpkins, and holiday baking, so make sure the colors and font reflect the feeling you're trying to create.
  5. Host holiday-inspired events -- The holidays are a time for gathering with people we care about and can be a fantastic time to market your business. Use decor that matches the the theme of your invitation.
  6. Create shopping guides--Showcase your expertise with holiday buying guides of recommended gifts. Customize this if you're in a service based business by offering a resource such as financial tips to survive the holidays, travelling, taking care of your health, etc.
  7. Create holiday-inspired content--From the subject line to the close, your content should reflect the holiday. Subject lines offering spooky savings during Halloween, photos and colors that match the theme help your emails look professional.

Can you think of any others? Please send them to me at

Next week: Making Sense of Online (Includes a free download!)

Until next time, I encourage you to be realistic, engaging, authentic , and of the mindset you want to have a long-lasting (in other words, real) relationship with your clients.

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