Margaret Macleod ~ Independent Fundraising Consultant ~ November 2018
Giving Tuesday: November 27, 2018
Bite into this international movement to advance your cause!
All it takes is an email to everyone on your organization’s email list. Make the title line punchy and click-baited, similar to this hearty lad's call to action.

Inside the email, be sure the donate button is front and center, that the transaction path is simple, and that an immediate splashy “thank you” email is generated.

Boom: you're done.
How can you leverage even more of this philanthropic event?
Consider any of these strategies:
1) I n the preceding weeks, prepare your constituents for Giving Tuesday with 2-3 social media “heads-up” posts, stating that your organization will be sending a special email opportunity to give on Giving Tuesday. Be consistent with your graphics to take advantage of repetitive marketing practices.

2) A few days after Giving Tuesday, email a “second chance to give” message to those who did not give.

3) Ask one of your loyal major year-end donors to help out by using their annual gift to match or trigger giving on Giving Tuesday. Here are some possibilities to consider:
Giving Tuesday Match Extravaganza!

Every new or increased gift amount will be matched by one of our loyal donors, up to $10,000! Don’t hesitate, donate now to improve oral health in Maine!
Eradicate dental disease across the state!

Every gift we receive on Giving Tuesday will be celebrated with an extra $X00 donation from an anonymous donor – please give right now to join her in eradicating dental disease across the state!
If you’ve never given before, this is the year to take a big bite out of gum disease!

We have a donor who will give $10 [or appropriate amount] in celebration of each gift we receive on Giving Tuesday!  
The Nugget
With these 2017 Giving Tuesday stats, you're leave money on the table
if you don't participate in this international event.
P owerful Strategies to
Advance Your Cause

  • Build an actionable development plan
  • Design & strategize campaigns
  • Write a winning grant proposal
  • Plan or manage your event
  • Rally your board & staff
  • Train & coach your board & committees to be fundraising heroes
  • And more

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