Quarterly Newsletter for Medical Students & Residents -- February 2019
Photos of MAFP CAPITOL DAY From Last Week in Jackson
April 12-13, 2019 - Jackson
July 20-24, 2019 - Destin, FL
160 New Student Members Join MAFP From UMMC, WCUCOM
This fall, MAFP hosted events at UMMC and WCUCOM, recruiting 160 new student members, bringing our student totals to 521. At both events, current students who are MAFP Ambassadors and Board members spoke about their experiences with MAFP, the benefits of joining, and what it's like to serve on our board. Thanks to those who spoke for us, including: Wisam Beauti, Kaylie Bradshaw, Terra Cody, Weston Eldridge, Sonny Hodge, Regan Maxwell, and Adam Purvis.
Here's Your Chance to Serve on MAFP Board as a Resident/Student
Get involved in the family medicine community now as a student or resident! If you're interested, you can campaign this spring for election to the MAFP Board or the MAFP Foundation Board for the 2019-2020 year.

Two residents and two students are elected each spring to serve on these two boards. The election will be held April 13 at MAFP's Spring Fling in Jackson and you must be present in order to campaign. You can apply now through March 20 to run for a Board position. Make sure to read and observe the Campaign Information and Rules .
AAFP Poster Competition;
You Could Present in Kansas City
Apply to present your poster at the AAFP National Conference for Residents and Students, July 25-27, in Kansas City. Fifty winning applicants take their poster to the conference and the top 12 are chosen to do a verbal presentation.When applying, you must be able to attend and pay for the July conference if chosen (see the scholarship article below). The National Conference Poster Competition has an April 1 application deadline.
Travel, Hotel and Meals?
Yes Please! But You Must Apply

Scholarships for Both Residents & Students:

Resident-Only Scholarships:

Student-Only Scholarships:
MAFP President Serves as
UMMC Student's Preceptor
Amy Kaur (M3) of UMMC was recently precepted by family physician Dr. David Wheat, MAFP President, at his clinic in Clinton, and she said working with him reminded her why she wanted to go into medicine. "Thus far in my third year, I haven't had the opportunity to spend this much time with an attending, and I honestly can't put into words how much he has improved my clinical knowledge as well as my skills in patient care," Kaur said. "He is a kind-hearted person who genuinely cares about his patients." ( Photo: Amy Kaur and Dr. David Wheat)
Listing of New Resident, Student Members June - December 2018
MAFP is proud to have 100% of the 82 family medicine residents in Mississippi as members! We presently have 521 total student members at Mississippi's two medical schools. Below is a list of new members who joined from June to December 2018.
Jennifer Ashley, DO, EC-Healthnet
Danish Ather, MD, NMMC
Parth Pareshkumar Bhavsar, MBBS, NMMC
James Craig Bullock, MD, NMMC
Sarah Champagne, DO, NMMC
Catherine Ifeyinwa Chokuba, MD, NMMC
Robin Conley, DO, EC-Healthnet
Andalib Danandeh, MD, EC-Healthnet
Justin Dyer, MD, Forrest General
Taylor James Eisenmenger, DO, EC-Healthnet
Ross Ganucheau, MD, Forrest General
Rachel Claire Harper, MD, EC-Healthnet
Maria Syed Abid Hussain, MD, NMMC
Daniel Khakshooy, MD, EC-Healthnet
Robert Toms Kidnie, MD, NMMC
Brody LeBlanc, DO, EC-Healthnet
Dennis Matthews, MD, EC-Healthnet
Ronni Rebekah Naramore, DO, EC-Healthnet
Mitul Deepak Patel, MD, NMMC
James Presgraves, MD, Forrest General
Leslie Ann Rutkowski, DO, EC-Healthnet
Michael Gabriel Vanderloo, DO, Forrest General
Kshama ayant Vyas, MD, NMMC
Matthew Aron Ward, DO, EC-Healthnet
Eric Ryan Woods, DO, NMMC
Rachel Yi, MD, Forrest General

UMMC Students
Amira Abbas
Matthew Brian Alias
Abigail Arcement
Nathan Armstrong
Joshua (Hunter) Aultman
Kaleb Barnes
Madelyn Barr
Agatha Louise Berryhill Stewart
Taylor Bertrand
Andrew Biesemier
Dustin Bihm
Lauren Billington
Amanda Boudreaux
Kameron Boulton
Leah Bowlin
Brett Bowling
Matthew Bridges
Mark Briscoe
Caleb Buckner
Jeremy Burt
Blair Bush
India Byrd
Anthony Carter
Ellen Berry Carter
Joseph Andrew Carter
Ana Gayle Christian BS
Ian Coate
Annaleigh Coleman
Kyle Cooper
Jordan G. Cothern BA
Jack Culbertson
John Andrew Del Castillo
Maggie Dickerson
William Dungan BA
Thomas Brent Ferguson
Taylor Ferris
Courtney Filliben
Ruth Fowler
Anna Fryar
Sebastian Galante
Tyler Gatewood
Anna Gathings
Kimberly Gilbert
Ashley Gnam
Adam Goodman
Jamie Lou Goodwin
Rana Gordii
Jack Hanson
Mary Harvey
Bismah Arif Hasan
Reya Hayek
Sean Himel
D. Graham Hodge
Michael Holman
Kathryn Howell
Yousef Hreish
Gracie Hubacek
Jeremy J. Hudson
Jeshanah Johnson
Taylor Johnson
Elizabeth Jones
Katie Jones
Monica Kala
Amandeep Kaur
Daniel Kennedy
Darius Kennedy
Hasna Khandekar
John Khoury
Alexander Knight
Rachael Nicole Kuehn
Caroline Lambert
David Mitch Lang
Anna Elizabeth Langford
Tracey Thuy Phuong Le
Kever Lewis
Mark Lewis
David Li
Parker Litchliter
Harrison A Livingston
Arien Loo-Hernandez
Khalid Manzoul
Andrew Duncan Maxwell
Rosalynn May
Alexandra Mazzola
Matthew McMullan
Keely McNeer
Roland Joseph Mestayer
Brittany Mitchell
Mary Caroline Morris
Summer Morrissette
Kristin Myers
Somtochukwu Ngwudike
Adam Niolet
Lee Ogletree
Shannon Palmer
Yasmin Partee
Hamza Patel
Niki Patel
Ritesh Patel
Taylor Patterson
Joseph Pongetti
Christopher Price
John Austin Puckett
John Nathan Rhodes
James Roberts
Chad M. Ross
Renira Rugnath
Khoula Saleem
Dean Scafidi
Hayley Schrock
Jacob Scoggin
Gulrukh Shaheen
Andrew Shine
Wilkes Skelton
Chelsey Smith
Nathaniel Sparks
Kristen Stephens
Ross Straughan
Shelby Swede
Marjada Tucker
Amit Tzivion
Kevin Varghese
Seth Warren
Zachary C. Watters
Katie Webb
Taylor Webb
Mary Frances Weeks
John Whitaker
Bethany Wilemon
Cal Wilkerson
Jessica Williams
Lane Barry Williamson
Gerri Anne Wilson
Lindsey Winbome
Christian Young

WCUCOM Students
Kiran Akbani
David Anderson
Michael Anderson
Raymond Bener
Sarah Bergman
Hannah Borchelt
Tyler Borges
Stephen Bower
John Bradley
Richard L. Burgan
Courtney Byers
Allen Byl
Natalia Cardona
Sarah Carl
Alex Carstens
Taewhi Choi
Christopher Clark
Tessa Cucurullo
Taylor Curry
Allison DeHart
Alex Dougherty
Zachary D. Ellis
Rejina Fahhown
Anita D. Fazeli
Darryl Gaudet
Ryan Gillentine
Tyler Harless
Henry Haruthunian
Alex Hutchison
Nuriva Kamran
Omar Khan
Sarah Kim
Nicholas LaCivita
Daniel Lawrence
Faray Lukhana
Brady Milanes
Stephanie Mohmed
Katelyn Murray
Aiswarya Nair
Kennedy Nies
Joseph Noonan
Abena Obeng
Sumair Ozair
Harsh Patel
Christine Peddapanga
Yasemin Sulton Polat
Kyle A. Quist
Hannah Campbell Ramsey
Syed Danyal Raza
Spencer Rhodes
Jay Shah
Jonathan Colby Smith
Logan Soileau
Katelyn St. Germain
Daniel Stawrsky
Orooj Syed
Chloe Telles
Nicholas S. Tito
Jiwan Toor
Anthony Trah
Elizabeth Voirol
Kaitlyn Warren
Caleb White
Marcus J. Wilson
Anthony Yeh

Medical University of the Americas (Nevis)
Megha Singh
Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians
755 Avignon Drive, Ridgeland MS 39157
(601) 853-3302 - https://www.msafp.org