Hi Mentors! Below you'll find an updated training webinar all about Financial Aid that you may watch at your leisure. The webinar is only about 50 minutes long and we hope you'll take the time to view it. Links to the webinar and reference documents mentioned are below. Should you ever have any questions on how to advise your scholar on financial aid issues, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, we need your help finding mentors to serve a few students who have an immediate need. [See the list below.] If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass this email along. Thank you!
Selecting a post-secondary educational path is a major decision for graduating high school seniors. One of the critical components in making a prudent decision is having a financial plan to turn a goal into a reality. Having information concerning Financial Aid is vital in the decision making process.  

Marci Poston, Director of Programmatic & Professional Development Services at our Take Stock in Children state office, has recorded an optional, up-to-date Mentor Lunch & Learn Webinar on this timely topic to offer insight and current information to assist mentors working with our Take Stock in Children Scholars. 

In the webinar, she will discuss:

  • What is financial aid?
  • Who qualifies for financial aid?
  • Sources of financial aid
  • Types of financial aid
  • When & Where to Start the Financial Aid Process
  • Available Resources

Click here to access the webinar.

Below are links to the 4 handouts referenced during the webinar that can be downloaded for use with your mentee(s):

  1. Do you need money for college?
  2. Don't get scammed on your way to college?
  3. Free Scholarship Search Websites
  4. College Budget Worksheet
All 9 th through 11 th graders were to turn in their annual TSIC project to their College Readiness Coach (either Miss Kayla or Ms. Nikii) by April 1 st , with the exception of our 6 new 9 th grade students who were recently brought into the TSIC program. Those new scholars were given an April 30 th deadline. We are still missing several that were due April 1. Check with your scholar at your next session to make sure they sent it in.
There will be no school for students or teachers this Friday, April 19 so plan your sessions accordingly if you normally meet with your student on Fridays.

Progress Reports come out on Friday, April 26 . Check in on your mentee to make sure they are catching up on any late assignments.
We are looking for mentors who can serve the following students:

  • 9th Grade girl at Sunlake High School
  • 10th Grade girl at Wendell Krinn Technical High School
  • 10th Grade girl at River Ridge High School
  • 10th Grade boy at Land O' Lakes High School

We will also need approximately 30 - 35 mentors to serve new students coming into the program at the start of the 2019-2020 school year this August.

If you know of someone that would love an opportunity to change a life over lunch, please contact Mentor Coordinator, Gina Granger, at (813) 794-2134 or via email at: ggranger@pascoeducationfoundation.org
Kudos to the following mentors who are still going strong with 20 or more sessions logged so far this academic year. You are amazing! What a blessing for your mentee to have all those extra sessions with you.

20 Sessions
Claudia Alwood
Wendy Beegle
Carolyn Erickson

21 Sessions
Cheryl Ohls
Antonio Rosario
Cynthia Metcalf
Pamela Behr
John Lieberman
Paula Lesko
Mark Wickham
Beverly McKinney
Carol Hess
Louise Ellrod
Sheree Landreth
Mignon Edwards & Abigail May

22 Sessions
Patricia Muehl
Steven Okun
Kelly Banchak
Cheryl Ohls
Laura Vlahakis
Brendan Gorman

23 Sessions
Peg Petersen
Camille Watkins
Dick Sanders
Amber Starkey

24 Sessions
Stephen Scutari
Alan Witt

25 Sessions
Don Anderson
Kayla Conologue & Lauren Beatty
Nicole Lewis
Dave Estabrook

27 Sessions
Karyn Moses & Carolyn Higgins
Cheryl Vinson & Ellen Rose

28 Sessions
Elliot Lorenzi
Melba Hamilton

Thanks for logging sessions after each visit with your mentee so our state reporting is always up-to-date!
Thanks, Mentor , for telling your mentee through your words and actions that they CAN do this.