Have you ever been surprised by someone else's generosity? That phenomenon seems to happen to us more often than we realize. We sometimes feel overwhelmed by the gifts or gestures or rescuing efforts that others do for us to show their love and their compassion. It's sometimes far more than we expected. It may even be far more than what we need. But it is always an expression of someone else's love and care for us. All of us long for those expressions of care...far more than we may realize...but when they come we are often surprised and sometimes overwhelmed. We need it...but often our thoughts are that we don't deserve it. And our assessment about that may be uncomfortably accurate. But expressions of love and care are not about our need or how much we deserve something; they are about another's tender heart and generous spirit and loving care. Who better than Jesus to show us how much God loves us, how much God's tender heart embraces us and how generous God's spirit is toward us? Are we hungry for that kind of affirmation? I am. And most of the people I know are. We're hungry, but we may not know that what we are hungry for is what Jesus is offering us!! Don't go without. There's a seat at the table just for you!!
Rev. Liz Tomlinson