Of shadows and fog...

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Welcome to my "PHOTOBLOG" Newsletter, a monthly publication which is being sent to clients and friends, to keep them updated on my current photographic interests, new works and future developments.

My goal is to format the Newsletter around a short series of images, which I will try to describe briefly, so that important or interesting details will be easily available to the viewer.

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Of shadows and fog...
As the moods change with the drifting off of the seasons, this month I wanted to put together a brief portfolio of relaxing, dreamy images to help myself, and anybody else who is willing to look, in the search of that magical moment of quiet and inner peace...By nature I often find my photographic interest searching for places, moments in time and situations where presence/absence of light plays a pivotal role in the image being visualized and ultimately being created; shadows and fog add so much character and uniqueness when used properly, but always require a precise study of the photographic moment in order to achieve the fine balance necessary to create a pleasant and meaningful image.
Venezia at night can be simply magical...there is mystery, extraordinary beauty even with the absence of color and light, a definite feeling of timelessness as most of what you see has been seen unchanged by others for centuries before you: if you understand this city you will likely love her, should not go!
Above, three rather ethereal calla lilies presented in an unusual B&W modality.
The opening image is of the iconic Flatiron Building in NYC.

Of shadows and fog...
  A mesmerizing performance of modern ballet from H.S. dancers seen out East, a terrific show!
People walking at night in the rain, during an Italian village Festival, with hundreds of food and "anything else" stands filling all the narrow streets around town: never show up hungry at any of these events...
Below the Detroit Bridge on Cleveland West Side, where trains once arrived from the suburbs into the Terminal Tower station.
 Of shadows and fog...
"Playing" with shadows is particularly exciting when one shoots "interiors", as the created images can really become so interesting and meaningful; here are two such moments...
Of shadows and fog...
A CLE. skyline "framed" within her C, so to early morning shot taken from Edgewater Park. There are now six such signs permanently installed throughout the City limits.
The second image was shot from within a small boutique in an Italian town looking out through the entrance door: I was after the light/darkness contrast of the situation, with the hats being the focal point.
 Super modern architecture in NYC, looking up the skies!

Of shadows and fog...

The magical moment of the definitive "YES" for a lovely couple getting married in an unusual location, filled with incoming light and breeze, wonderful reflections and plenty of very romantic shadows and darkness.

Early morning rising fog by a pool in Florida.




Of shadows and fog...
Morning fog captured on a ride through the Metro Park, on a late Summer day.
Morning fog captured few years ago on a trip to NYC: this was at the 9/11 vast construction site on lower Manhattan, now totally completed and simply spectacular in its enormity of size and meaning.

Of shadows and fog...

Long shadows on the beach by Del Rey, a quaint town on the East coast of Florida: a long walk at dawn, nobody else around, perfect...

Wandering around Sermoneta, a very quiet hilltop italian village, after lunch...too hot for the locals to get around, it's " siesta" time!




As I waited for the next flight at JFK airport years ago, this spot attracted my attention immediately...always a good idea to have your camera at hand!

The last image is of the 1907 Lakewood Hospital Building facing Detroit Rd., now totally gone...this is how it looked during the Christmas Season for so many years. Times change, but so many memories will for ever remain in our minds.


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