MARCH 2019
My world in B&W.

Dear friends,

Welcome to my "PHOTOBLOG" Newsletter, a monthly publication which is being sent to clients and friends, to keep them updated on my current photographic interests, new works and future developments.

My goal is to format the Newsletter around a short series of images, which I will try to describe briefly, so that important or interesting details will be easily available to the viewer.

Most of the imagery displayed here will also be on view at " IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery, located at 14406 Detroit Avenue in beautiful Downtown Lakewood,and I would be happy to extend to all an invitation to stop by sometime for a visit.

As always, I will appreciate your comments and suggestions pertaining to my work, and, should you enjoy these images, please feel free to share the"PHOTOBLOG" with friends and others as well; anyone interested in my work could be easily added to my distribution list by contacting me at

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The March "PHOTOBLOG" Newsletter presents to you a number of B&W images recently added to my portfolio; I am very glad to share these with my viewers, hoping, as always, to generate some interesting discussions and feed backs from anyone finding this work appealing and worth looking at.
B&W photography can be so emotional at times, as we intentionally delete the variable of color ( in itself often wonderful and necessary but also a distracting factor), thus being able to enhance the inherent details of tonality, composition, contrast and shades present but perhaps not clearly visible in the original image. The ability to choose a fleeting instant, to "see" through the surrounding clutter in order to best define the message or the idea: here it is where the creative struggle but also the ultimate pleasure of this work can really be found!
My world in B&W.
 My world in B&W.
Trains going by Cleveland old industrial fields and steel plants by the Cuyahoga River: this is where the industrial strength of our City developed a century ago, fortunately with some return to activity and production recently. One of the "Traffic Guardians" watching over the City...
The "Solstice" steps in Lakewood Park, as the ice has finally begun to melt over the Lake' surface...a long way out, but we're getting there once again!

   A full moon out in the Ohio country side; windows of an old Amish barn.
In between, children enjoying their ice cream at a local parlor.
My world in B&W.
Street images: above, NYC with its people, its traffic and its pervasive cabs' ad signs...where are you, "Mad. men"...?
Things are a bit quieter in CLE: a glimpse of the Downtown restaurants/shops district, where we are finally seeing a lot of restructuring and repurposing of many historic buildings.
Mw world in B&W.
I could not ignore my favorite city...Venezia! She always looks beautiful in color, but so interesting and timeless in B& is a gondola "parking spot" on the Grand Canal, in front of Piazza St. Marco, right across the island of St. Giorgio.
Tall ships docked in the NYC harbor, nearby Battery Park.

My world in B&W.

 After a mid-January snow fall, somewhere around the Emerald Neckless Metropark...
A pile of empty lobster traps by a small New England fishing village, ready to go back in the water soon. 
A windy, sunny fall day at a beach near Newport, RI: in spite of the weather, or, perhaps because of the weather, kids were out there looking still for that perfect wave...!
My world in B&W.
 A quiet Italian village, no one around after lunch...and an other one also very quiet, late after dinner.
An iconic view of CLE. downtown, as seen from across the river; this B&W image was created with a little post-production intervention, which I have called "inverted nature". Come see me at the Gallery if you want to know more about it.
My world in B&W.
The lily pond after a morning rain was totally enchanting...the source of many very colorful images for me, as well as of some magical B&W's like this one.

On Saturday, March 2nd, I am very pleased to host Carolyn Ballou at "IMAGES" Art Gallery: she will open "Ruins: Flowers", her latest exhibit of stunning conceptual photographs vividly printed on metal. Her works were recently on view at the Cleveland Print Room and at the Worthington Yards Gallery near Public Square. Opening reception planned at 12 to 4pm on March 2nd, with an artist talk scheduled at 2.30pm. Hope many of you will be able to attend the exhibit and meet Carolyn, a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art with a Master in Fine Arts and Photography from CWRU and currently the Director of the Art Dept. at the Lake Ridge Academy in North Ridgeville, Oh.

"Around us: waterscapes in our world" remains on view at the M. Freedson Gallery, located within the Winton Place on Lake Rd. in Lakewood ( Pier W dinner plans, anyone?). A closing reception for this exhibit is planned on Saturday, March 30th, 5 to 7pm, and all interested are invited!

...Happy Spring !



" IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery  14406 Detroit Ave. Lakewood.       


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