AUGUST  2020
"Seeing" in B&W...

Dear friends,

Welcome to my "PHOTOBLOG" Newsletter, a monthly publication which is being sent to clients and friends, to keep them updated on my current photographic interests, new works and future developments.

My goal is to format the Newsletter around a short series of images, which I will try to describe briefly, so that important or interesting details will be easily available to the viewer.

Most of the imagery displayed here will also be on view at " IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery, located at 14406 Detroit Avenue in beautiful Downtown Lakewood,and I would be happy to extend to all an invitation to stop by sometime for a visit.

As always, I will appreciate your comments and suggestions pertaining to my work, and, should you enjoy these images, please feel free to share the"PHOTOBLOG" with friends and others as well; anyone interested in my work could be easily added to my distribution list by contacting me at

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This month  "PHOTOBLOG" is totally dedicated to Black& White Photography, a great passion of mine. As we take the "distraction" of color away from an image, we are left with a monochrome rendition of the reality initially seen, where suddenly the content, the meaning and the composition become really critical in our attempt to elicit an "emotion" on the part of the viewer, since that response is ultimately the true essence of a photographic creation.
"Seeing" the world out there without the colored lens we all spontaneously utilize daily is not always that easy, and one needs to really make an effort in order to visualize, in the mind at first, the scene presenting itself and now transformed visually into a Black & White moment. Often the meaning and the message of an image will then be radically altered throughout this process, which makes photographing that more challenging, yet so much more rewarding!
Here you will view a series of newer images, for the most part, along with a couple of my all time favorite B&Ws, and I really hope to help create some positive, stimulating feedback from anyone seeing these works, since commentary and criticism remain the best way to grow artistically and professionally.
Thank you, then, if you will take the time to look at this month Photoblog, and...have fun!
"Seeing" in B&W...
 "Seeing" in B&W...
The fishing nets hanging out to dry, as the boats are safely back in their harbor. Few jobs are as hard and demanding as what these men go through every day, no matter what the weather might be...
I have posted this image of a CLE. "Guardian" before, but I never get tired to look at it!
The "Thinker", in front of our Art Museum.
Above, skyscrapers emerging from the morning fog in Manhattan, then a portrait of a little child during a special moment of her very young life...

   A small herd of sheep coming out of their farm's hut, in a remote Italian village.
Children "frozen" at the ice cream parlor...
A shale wall and rocks by the lake.

"Seeing" in B&W...
Three calla lilies: a floral portrait.
The entrance of the Rock and Roll Museum at night.
The "R" boats competing on Lake Erie: these are wonderful, rare sail boats, some dating back to the '40's, comprising a fleet of 6 at the Cleveland Yacht Club. Toronto and Chicago have also few, but less, of these...
"Seeing" in B&W...
 "Horsing" around by the Metro park stables.
Bare trees in winter.

"Seeing" in B&W...

 An unusual look at the modern buildings of the Cleveland Art Museum; early Fall by the Atlantic Ocean, with a lonely surfer still trying to catch his last wave of the year...
 A partially open door, letting some light into the dark hallway of an old Tuscan building.
Artichokes at an open market stand, and in between, dense fog along lake Erie coast line.
"Seeing" in B&W...
The lily pond after a morning rain was totally enchanting...the source of many very colorful images for me, as well as of some magical B&W's like this one.
Below, a "Driftwood" creation by Mother Nature on a remote Florida beach; such natural compositions slowly appear to then be blown away suddenly by the next tropical storm.

"IMAGES" Art Gallery has reopened in July, after a prolonged hiatus due to the current public health situation in N-E Ohio and throughout the US. We would like to  welcome back our former clients and our new supporters and visitors, with the assurance that all recommended guidelines are being followed in order to keep the Gallery safe for all who will visit. Face covering are required inside, and appropriate safe distancing is maintained by encouraging our visitors to call ahead ( 216.406-1271 or to schedule a personal time at the Gallery for yourself and/or your accompanying group of no more than 3 other people.

As things were VERY quiet over the last few months, several new prints have been completed and are now hanging at the Gallery, with Venezia and Italy, Cleveland, the Emerald Neckless Metro Park, the Lake and so much more on view...I would be very pleased to safely welcome you back at your convenience to present these as well as any other custom designed art pieces, perfect for all home, office or other projects being planned!


As Summer moves right along, an image of "solitary isolation" seems most appropriate to this new "normal" world...let's only hope that we will soon be able to  cautiously return to a really "normal" existence, in all its ways and reassuring routines, all of which seem a very distant memory at the moment...

A happy, safe Summer to all my friends and photography fans!!




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