October 2018
Bridges of my World.

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Welcome to my "PHOTOBLOG" Newsletter, a monthly publication which is being sent to clients and friends, to keep them updated on my current photographic interests, new works and future developments.

My goal is to format the Newsletter around a short series of images, which I will try to describe briefly, so that important or interesting details will be easily available to the viewer.

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 Crossing these bridges...
The world is full of bridges; most of them don't mean much to most people, but some retain a particular interest or importance to some of us, for a variety of reasons. Here is the Rialto Bridge in Venice, well photographed by millions of tourists every year. To me and to all of the cadets who studied at the Morosini Naval College in Venice the Bridge meant we were going home for a while...our tradition was to shout  the School jell all together as we passed under the Bridge on the Navy barge taking us to the train station; that moment was always filled with pride and joy, then as it is still today for the young men and women of our School. 
I have thought for a while to look back at some of the most interesting or beautiful bridges I have crossed over the years, are some!
Crossing these bridges...
A very pretty schooner sailing across NYC Bay and the Hudson River as she is about to pass underneath the majestic Brooklyn Bridge; then the Bridge running across the Tiber River in Rome, heading into Castel S. Angelo, near the Vatican and St. Peter Cathedral. Lastly, bridges crossing the Cuyahoga River in Downtown Cleveland at dusk. Have you crossed any of these yet?
 Crossing these bridges...
The Detroit Bridge is one of the oldest in our City, built more than a Century ago to allow cars (above) and trains (below) across the Cuyahoga River from the West Side.
The " ponte dei sospiri" in Venice connects what used to be the main Government and tribunal palace to the jails, where often prisoners were executed, hence the name of "Bridge of sighs" since from there prisoners were able to get their last view of the city and of their freedom.
Crossing these bridges...
A narrow long bridge connects the ancient town of Civita di Bagnoregio to the rest of the world. Only pedestrians, bicycles and mules are able to get across to visit this slowly disappearing hilltop Italian town, truly an incredible place to visit. To the last count, its population amounts to 12 people, few cats and dogs and several mules which serve as the main mode of goods transportation into the town.
Below, this is the oldest bridge in Rome, dating back to the Roman times and still safely accessible; it connects the Eternal city to the Isola Tiberina, located in the middle of the river.

Crossing these bridges...

The "Bridge of music" is an ultramodern structure recently built in Rome, open only to pedestrian traffic and leading primarily into the busy Art and Music performance Center in the heart of Rome. It is quite a contrast to all the other majestic roman Bridges, most of them centuries old, yet so appealing and much used by all visitors.



Crossing these bridges...
The rear view mirror image is of the Newport Bridge in Rhode Island, always very busy connecting the main land to one of the most visited and famous places on the East Coast, filled with incredible mansions, spectacular boats and the site of world class sailing competitions.
Then one of the many Bridges crossing the Chicago River; the waters  did not turn green as yet, but they will in March!

Crossing these bridges...

a Florida bridge lit up by a full moon on a late July night, few cars crossing it and with the first boaters out already, in search of the "big one"...



The Cleveland Flats skyline offers a very interesting view of bridges, industrial sites, piles of salt excavated from the mines below the lake and frequent boat traffic.

And...Cleveland again, at night, captured from the old Viaduct Bridge!


The Guren Art Gallery at the Botanical Gardens, across the Art Museum, will show a photographic "solo" exhibit of my works in October, until the first week of November. It is titled " Autumn wanderings", a series of images connected by a seasonal theme; I certainly hope that many of you might be able to visit the Gardens and its Gallery, perhaps on the way to the CMA...

If you ever stop by at the Blackbird Baking Co. in  Lakewood to try some of their incredible bakery along with a perfect cappuccino, take a few minutes to look at the newly displayed art on its walls...I have entered into an agreement with the bakery owners to curate its space, beginning with a series of personal Lake Erie images. I plan to bring in new artists every 2-3 months, always with an interesting and stimulating variety of new works!

Still on view at "IMAGES" Art Gallery in Downtown Lakewood "Lensworks", where you will see many new images worth your visit!



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