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JUNE 2019
" Sound(s) of Music..."

Dear friends,

Welcome to this issue of my  "PHOTOBLOG"  Newsletter, a monthly publication which is being sent to clients and friends, to keep them updated on my current photographic interests, new works and future developments.

My goal is to format the Newsletter around a short series of images, which I will try to describe briefly, so that important or interesting details will be easily available to the viewer.

Most of the imagery displayed here will also be on view at  " IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery, in beautiful Downtown Lakewood, and I would be happy to extend to all an invitation to stop by sometime for a visit ( Friday/ Saturday 12am to 4 pm, or by appointment at any other convenient time).

As always, I will appreciate your comments and suggestions pertaining to my work, and , should you enjoy these images, please feel free to share the "PHOTOBLOG" with friends  and others as well; anyone interested in my work could be easily added to my distribution list by contacting me at  mellino1974@sbcglobal.net.

                                                " Sound(s) of Music!"

I love music, but unfortunately I have NO talent for it! As I grew up, I never had any opportunity for musical training, and the best I could do was listen to vinyl, which I still do, and catch some live performances at parties and weddings!
However I remain so interested in musical sounds and musicians, and often will try to catch some interesting "action" whenever I have the chance; a recent trip to Nashville brought out the idea of this month Photoblog... Sound(s) of Music! The images I hope you will enjoy come from the many musical venues I have had the opportunity to visit over the years: weddings, village parades, studios and jazz clubs, street performances and more. So many of these artists are not professionals, but often "weekend warriors" chasing their dreams and sharing their love for music with friends and their public. I doubt I have ever run into the next Vivaldi or Elton John, but the energy, the excitement and the happiness of these people is always contagious!
Too bad that we couldn't make this  into a "musical" blog... anyway, look at the images, if you wish, and may be turn the radio on a bit for a while!

  " Sound(s) of Music!"
Some great country music heard in Nashville, with great venues all over downtown spilling out music all day long! If you have not been there recently, I highly recommend a long weekend...you will not regret it! So much energy, good Southern food (ok, not always " heart smart", but...it's good once in a while, right?), some great "hydration" and often perfect weather to let you walk all over.
Above, a great quartet at a NYC jazz club a few months ago.

  Some R&R heard in Florida...
" Sound(s) of Music!"

A street performer serenating tourists in Rome...he was actually a college student enrolled at the Accademia di S. Cecilia (one of the premier  and oldest musical school in Europe), raising some extra cash for his weekend!

Above, Camilla Rae, a young and upcoming Country singer, writing most of her songs and music: a great performer, we got to know her while at the Ole Red restaurant in Nashville. Grabbed her latest album " Come find Me!" and listened to it for hours as we drove home from Tennessee.

"Sound(s) of Music! "

Not Benny Goodman, but still a great clarinet heard in NYC.

A young lady trying her luck somewhere at a friendly bar...nice work, it sounded better thanks to a great, sunny day!

" Sound(s) of Music!"


The guy above had a steady gig at Piazza Navona in Rome: our twins were mesmerized!

The drummer of the Palombara Sabina Band performing at the Cherry Festival I attended by chance a few years ago: a great street photo, not the best music overall... 

" Sound(s) of Music!"



"Sound(s) of Music!"

A very formal band based in Palombara, during a street Festival in Italy. These musicians have performed around the world, including NYC and Chicago, for local Italian communities. They were amazing!

Below, one of the guitars seen around Downtown CLE., across from where once the Hard Rock Cafe' stood...




  This bar has its rules spelled out VERY clearly! The band is taking a long break...no complaints, please!

The closing image, the "sax Man" is dear to me and to many Clevelanders as we remember him as a frequent feature around Downtown events for so many years...RIP, my friend!

This very nice musical-vocal group entertained us at a wedding in Annapolis. Great fun and some excellent music that night!


IMAGES Photographic Art Gallery in Lakewood is currently showing " Passeggiate in Italia ", a very interesting series of Italian images mostly from the many small towns and villages I have visited over the years. The Gallery is usually open on Fridays and Saturdays, 12 to 4pm, and on other days/times by appointment. Please stop by sometime to enjoy a stimulating opportunity to see a more intimate Italy portrayed by my works, all perfect as a gift to friends, loved ones or yourself!


During June, if you happen to stop by the Clark Gallery at the Black Bird Baking Co.

in Lakewood, you can view "About...CLE!", a group of my CLE. works together with some very interesting vintage CLE. photography I have collected...come in, relax with a great cappuccino and enjoy!

Finally, for all of you who are interested in the art of photography, I would like to announce the first Annual Cleveland Photo Fest , which promises to be a wonderful opportunity to view exciting and unique photographic works throughout Cleveland in multiple galleries and venues, beginning in September 2019, and lasting for several months. I hope to involve "IMAGES" Art Gallery in this event, and will be delighted to show works from curated regional photo based artists at our upcoming exhibitions. Details of these events are being finalized and will be made public soon, so... stay tuned!

Wishing a Happy Spring to all,



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