November 2020
The many shades of RED...

Dear friends,

Welcome to my "PHOTOBLOG" Newsletter, a monthly publication which is being sent to clients and friends, to keep them updated on my current photographic interests, new works and future developments.

My goal is to format the Newsletter around a short series of images, which I will try to describe briefly, so that important or interesting details will be easily available to the viewer.

Most of the imagery displayed here will also be on view at       " IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery,  located at 14406 Detroit Ave., in Lakewood, and I would be happy to extend to all an invitation to stop by sometime for a visit.

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 The many shades of RED...
I was driving Lucy to her dance practice a few days ago, and a very interesting conversation on "primary" colors went on for a being one of the three, of course. As I sat in the car waiting for her to be back, I kept thinking of all the "REDS" I have seen around, and soon enough this monthly Photoblog developed in my mind; here are some I have collected here and there, some with an interesting story behind, others with no real story but just splendid to look at!
The change of seasons, flowers, nature, places and particular moments...we only need to pay a little attention to what's around us, and suddenly lots of very interesting images are there to be captured! You can "look" at the world in black and white and create wonderful memories, but much can be made as well by allowing the color to remain: classic, elegant photography needs to be B&W, I agree, but so many different emotions can only be triggered by being true to what the eye sees out there... the infinite palette of our world!
The many shades of RED...
The original Sloppy Joe's in Key West, where Hemingway kept court for years...above, a very patriotic New England spot, and a wonderful RED display of pure Autumn somewhere in  N-E Ohio, a place where all four Seasons are always well defined and somehow really special.  
The many shades of RED...
The two friends with their Sunday best, in Charleston, S.C.
Two Italian little girls totally mesmerized by the cascade of soap bubbles around them!  
Night time driving, downtown Cleveland, after a good snow fall...what fun!
Below, wonderful reds and greens of a tropical plant. fans getting  ready to watch their team playing in an international competition in England.
  The many shades of RED...

The many shades of RED...

A  Roman centurion on his lunch break, as he waits for the next tourists group to arrive.

The Rock and Roll Museum entrance in Cleveland, with its ultramodern architecture, and, below, the Cuyahoga River as it cuts through Downtown Cleveland, nicely framed by intense Autumn colors. 

The many shades of RED...
 New England coast line, October.
Above, nature at work, as always...and the girl in red running away.

The many shades of RED...

One of several "covered" bridges found in Ohio, all so interesting and worth discovering; above, a new mural seen in Ohio City, then, some brilliant fall palette in the Metro park.

Many will remember the "Sax man" with his RED cap, performing for many years around the Theater District on Euclid Avenue...R.I.P. !!


Next time you stop by at the Blackbird Baking Co. in  Lakewood to try some of their cappuccino and cookies, now that they are finally open again, please take an extra minute to look at the art display currently hanging on its walls: Sarah Van Raalten beautiful oils are still on view, and soon in November several new photography pieces from IMAGES Art Gallery will arrive...and if you are a regular at the White Cloud Pilates Studio, enjoy few of my pieces on view for your added relaxation !

As the Holiday Season once again approaches, this time however with unpredictable and "un-social" features, we are striving to remain available to our friends and clients for their art based interests and inquiries, should they choose to once again think of photographic art works, in time for the Holidays...yes, IMAGES Art Gallery

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To all, my personal wishes for a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving Holiday, keeping in mind our good fortune and our blessings!

Best, Marcello.


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