Life "al fresco"!

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Welcome to my "PHOTOBLOG" Newsletter, a monthly publication which is being sent to clients and friends, to keep them updated on my current photographic interests, new works and future developments.

My goal is to format the Newsletter around a short series of images, which I will try to describe briefly, so that important or interesting details will be easily available to the viewer.

Most of the imagery displayed here will also be on view at       " IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery, located at 14406 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, and I would be happy to extend to all an invitation to stop by sometime for a visit.

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 So this is you look at the February blog,undoubtedly you too are counting the days until the sun will shine again! Hopefully to help you out, I thought of sharing some ideas on what to do or see as the temperatures will again rise... since nothing is better than a meal, a walk or a game outdoors to improve our outlook on life and raise our level of energy and optimism, as the "al fresco" days come strolling in!

Such simple days can be really special: sitting outside in the shade, hopefully with a nice book at hand; or taking a short trip out of the city as this family did, enjoying the solitude and the wonderful view at the Lake Bracciano, north of Rome.
Life..."al fresco"!


Life..."al fresco"!
A classic image...northern "snowbirds" hanging out by the pool in Florida, as they count the days remaining to their trip back home in the Spring. 
Art Fairs, open markets and other similar outdoors events will again abound with the arrival of Summer in our communities...hang on for a while yet!

A rather tempting table welcomed tourists in Trastevere, a quaint section of Rome, as they kept wandering around looking for that perfect lunch fresco, of course!

 Someone is enjoying an espresso as the world goes by...this is Sermoneta, a medieval hilltop village in Umbria. Above, a small Tuscan outdoor cafe' where local wonderful wines, cheese and prosciutto could be sampled as well... perfect for a late afternoon snack after a day spent exploring country-side old towns and hamlets in Italy.
Life..."al fresco"!
Life..."al fresco"!
 Who doesn't love a mouthwatering gelato to cool off a bit? it could be in Italy somewhere, or on the beach, somewhere else...


Life..."al fresco"!

What about a quick trip to Put-In-Bay, or to an Indians game downtown? Yes, the "boys" did win the game that night!

Above, a good way to visit NYC could be on a bike...and a cold drink awaiting for you at the drop off point!



"IMAGES" Gallery has reopened at the end of January, following the Holiday Season, with much new imagery on view, and I wish to encourage all to come on in sometime for a visit and a chance to relax a while.
"Around us": Waterscapes in our World is my upcoming  photographic exhibit opening at the Malvina Freedson Gallery in the Winton Place (12700 Lake Rd., Lakewood) on February 2nd, until the end of March. Stop by to take a look on your way to dinner at Pier W! A Gallery gathering will be scheduled as well...stay tuned for details on a date/time very soon.
Erie Island Coffee House in Rocky River will host a collection of recent works of mine throughout the month of February; if I succeed in taking people's eyes away from their screen for at least 30 seconds I will be very happy indeed...please, give your eyes and soul a chance, while you enjoy the best cappuccino around!
Carolyn Ballou, a CIA graduate with a Master in Arts/Photography from CWRU and currently the Director of Fine Arts at Lake Ridge Academy, will bring her conceptual photography works at "IMAGES" Gallery in March for a very interesting new show... more details on this exciting event to be released on my next blog in March. 
And, most importantly...let's remember not just to look, but better yet to "see" what's out there to be seen...! 
See you around,



                          " IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery.


                 "ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY" by Marcello Mellino


                             14406 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Oh., 44107



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