Dear Valued Customer,

We thank you for being a valued customer and look forward to providing all your International and Inter-Caribbean Shipping needs.

As we continue the process of improving our service, it is important that we work with Customs to ensure full compliance with local Rules & Regulations.

Below are the convenient ways to assist you in meeting the necessary Customs Regulations:

1.       Pre Alert your Cargo & Package(s) and submit a valid Invoice/Invoices via our Mobile App or Website. This will speed up the receiving of your cargo at the warehouse.

2.       Your Invoice(s) may also be submitted while cargo is On-Hand at the warehouse.

Pre Alert & Save !!
All Cargo and Packages Pre-Alerted will receive a 40% discount off Insurance, SAVINGS of $0.50USD per package.

If you do not submit a valid Invoice:
   SwiftPac shall apply insured value of $100.00USD or less to your package(s) or cargo.
  In the event of loss or damage we shall ONLY take responsibility for the minimal value insured.
Cargo clearance at destination will be delayed until a valid Invoice/Invoices is submitted for Customs Clearance.

Valid Invoice: This is the Receipt Document from the Supplier/Seller of the merchandize.

The Invoice MUST Include:
Date of Purchase, Name of Supplier/Seller, Customer Name & Address, Description of Item, Quantity, Price Paid and the Total Paid.

NOTE: SwiftPac cannot guarantee the acceptance of your Invoice by Customs.
Customs reserves the right to accept or reject any Invoice or request additional information.