December 2021
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White Gold You Can Eat!
What are the best methods/ways for me to take Anovité’s award-winning whole food products? Today, I'm going to answer that question in multiple ways!

Colostrum6 powder: I like to call it “white gold”! The powder is so versatile, you can use it in many ways.

  • Eat it straight off the spoon – that is the way my whole family, from the 2-year old to the 97-year old, prefers it! It is a treat to them to consume it this way twice daily. 
  • Put a good amount of the powder in your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and use a small handheld battery operated frother to blend it in well. It is very tasty! The frother is needed due to the naturally occurring fat in the colostrum. This replaces your cream and gives an excellent flavor.
  • Mix a whopping tablespoon with a bit of softened butter, and if you choose a little raw honey. Spoon it into little “dollops” and keep in the refrigerator. If desired, add some good cocoa powder. This is seriously delicious either way you do it! I call it “Energy Bites.”
  • Blend it in with your smoothie every morning (don’t forget your afternoon dose).
  • Pack it tightly in your gums in front of your teeth and let it absorb – that is how I feel it the most, and it is so good for your teeth! I like to say, “I’m ‘wearing’ my colostrum for a while as it takes a bit for it to naturally dissolve and absorb. (Reply or comment with the words “2.5 oz” and your name will go in the drawing for a 2.5 ounce tub of Colostrum6 to keep handy to use in packing your gums.)
What's inside this issue . . .
  • For more “selective” (aka “picky”) eaters, it is delicious stirred into applesauce or yogurt. I think adding it to plain yogurt with a little spoon of honey tastes like a delicious vanilla pudding!
  • Sprinkling Colostrum6 over a baked potato, or any kind of squash, mashed potatoes, or oatmeal or with just about anything that tastes good with butter or cream is a great way to have it. Just be sure you add it into an amount you will eat so that you get the amount your specific body system does best with so that you "feel it". 
  • If you don’t “feel it” with the amount you are taking, then double that amount until you do “feel it”! It is a wholefood, so there is no “too much”, just as there is no “too much” of eating an apple. I might be able to eat ½ an apple, but you might like to eat a whole massive sized apple. Either works, and your body lets you know what works BEST for YOU! I promise, you will KNOW with Colostrum6!
  • Then, there is the totally non-alcoholic “Martini Cocktail”* named after one of our Associates who accidentally found yet another great way to take our products. The “cocktail” is made by mixing whatever amount of Colostrum6 works well for you with either 1 or 2 packets of LimuZ6 (whatever works best for you) and stirring in a small amount of water to “pudding” consistency. Eating that concoction in the mornings has created a specific synergy that has, for some, shown to trigger excellent weight loss/balancing. Dr. Kleinsmith even teaches on the synergy of this combination calling it a “trifecta”. Those who use the 2 Tablespoon amounts of Colostrum6 and 2 packs of LimuZ6 seem to find the best results in using the “Martini Cocktail”. It is also very tasty. 
  • Don’t forget the value Colostrum6 can provide externally. Mix it with a little coconut oil and make a nice paste to use on any abrasions externally or internally! Think of cuts, scrapes, bug bites, blemishes, even internal agitations. Where you can, cover with a bandaid or a little gauze and let it do its work! This can be kept in the refrigerator to keep it hard like a balm or salve. 
  • If you purchased the capsules, you will note that the bottle tells you to have them on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Why is this? It is because you need the stomach acids to break down the capsules well. What is inside the capsules is the exact same powder as in the tub that can be purchased. The only difference is the gelatin capsule, which may be challenging for the gut to break down, unless taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. If you take the powder alone, no need to be concerned about having an empty stomach. 
  • If you also use the Colostrum6 Vitamin C lozenges, you are getting a double punch with the Vitamin C attached to the colostrum. When colostrum is attached to something it helps it to go deeply into the body where it is most needed. I like to suck on the lozenges under my tongue for a bit at any time throughout the day when I need a little “pick-me-up,” or on a road trip when the driver gets sleepy! It’s always a pleasant boost no matter what the need. We also use them when we feel indigestion or like something just didn’t sit well on our stomachs. I feel the energy from the lozenges in a somewhat different way than I do with the powder. Therefore, I use both daily to achieve good all-around results.
No limits to Limuz6
The different ways to use LimuZ6:

  • The packaging directs to mix 1 packet of LimuZ6 with 2-4 ounces of water and to go up to even 2-3 packets during times of stress. This is the manner in which the potent LimuZ6 components are most quickly absorbed into the system. 
  • Another potent way to take this top seller that has even deeper synergistic value is in the “Martini Cocktail” information. See above section for directions.*
  • One of my favorite ways to use LimuZ6 in the afternoon is for electrolyte replacement in my water bottle with good old ice-cold water, or sometimes with a tasty berry herbal tea. 
  • The final manner in which you can take your LimuZ6 is completely dry – just a little bit at a time until you figure out the enormous fizz that happens in your mouth when dropping it in. I learned the hard way that it grows . . . A LOT . . . when you put it dry into your mouth, but oh, do I ever love it that way. It reminds me of the old sugar and dye laden Pixy Stix we grew up on. This is also good on a road trip to keep the driver awake and alert!
Dr. Kleinsmith has talked about making a berry flavored ice cream with LimuZ6, and some have put it in shakes or yogurt. I personally find it best works for me in water in one of the methods above, but I wanted to mention these alternatives too. 

For a varied effect, when I am using LimuZ6 twice a day, I like to use 1 or 2 packs in a Martini Cocktail or just in a small amount of water in the mornings and 1 or 2 packs in the afternoon in my water bottle. Any time I feel like I am coming down with something, I immediately use 4 packs that day.
Make it a triple threat
Adding Oxyquest to make the “Dynamic Duo” a trio that your body will thrive on, can be done by simply adding your Oxyquest drops right into your water bottle. Just follow the suggested dosing and move up from there should you choose higher dosing. Stop where your body tells you is best for you.

You can also add it to the Martini Cocktail or a smoothie; however, I hear the best results by far are in adding it to your water bottle. The best way I can describe my first days of adding Oxyquest to my water is that the light bulbs in my brain got much brighter, everything became crystal clear, and my physical energy stepped into the enjoyment of all that entails.
Get the Best from Anovité
I’m going to try and put into tiny snippets what entire books have stated about the powerful ingredients these products contain. When you give the body what it needs, it has the capability of healing itself!
Colostrum6: This anti-aging superfood gives the body what it needs to not only survive but thrive. It enables the body to turn around and begin moving toward balance. By feeding the immune system all it needs to recognize challenges your body can start moving back in the right direction, no matter what is going on. It impacts every major body system.
LimuZ6: Anovité provides the best support on the market for energy, immune system support, memory and focus, and heavy metal detox. It has powerful seaweed and zeolites stacked in a way that can’t be found anywhere but in this very effective product.
OxyQuest: This tiny bottle is literally liquid oxygen drops that provide focus, strength, and immune support. Pathogens can’t live in an oxygenated environment. Saturating the body with oxygen is a good choice!
*** Special note – the average person takes Colostrum6 just before bed and sleeps like a baby. I used to be in that category, but for the past bit, I've found that taking 1-2 LimuZ packs with my best colostrum dose and Oxyquest drops sometime before dinner, usually early evening, helps me to relax for the evening and go to bed and sleep like a baby. Others take that mix right at bedtime. Find what works for you!
***Special note – If your gut needs a lot of help and the fizziness in the LimuZ6 seems to bloat you, just stir the fizz down before drinking. You won’t have to do that for long until you’ll handle the fizz and even enjoy it!
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