The Mountain is Blooming
As Spring arrives at The Mountain, many things are blooming, with assurances of good things to come.

Wildflowers welcome guests to The Mountain, with the trillium and violets some of the first to share their splendor this week. A variety of birds, from hummingbirds to eagles, are happily busy building their nests, as their songs are heard wafting through the trees. From Meditation Rock early this morning, a cardinal welcomed the day. 
Other things flourishing at The Mountain include program development, building upgrades, staff, and great enthusiasm for the potential of this special place to make a difference in the world.
Accommodations and Upgrades
See What We've Been Working On!
Our Mountain team continues to make progress caring for our facilities, and upgrading housing options for guests and staff.

The Craft Barn - near the farm has been a combination of staff housing and equipment storage. 

This spring, the housing section renovation will provide individual bedrooms, accessible bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and gathering area. The goal is to have it ready by mid-June before camp starts. 
Duplexes – A couple of years ago, the UU Congregation of Columbia, SC, adopted cabin 12, a duplex on Ring Road. The intent was to do mostly aesthetic changes, but at The Mountain, renovations often become more complex than expected. Cabin 12, as well as 11, will be reopened shortly, and filled with guests. 

In addition to the aesthetic changes, both cabins have been insulated underneath and in the walls, sound-proofing of the divider wall, new flooring, larger showers, minisplit heat and humidity control units, and new mattresses. 

One Homecoming workshop will be touring these renovated facilities.
Match in May - Help us Flourish

To accomplish our goals for programming, staff, and facilities your support will make a difference. You can help with this by participating in programs, as well as encouraging others to come to The Mountain for a variety of programs or a personal or group retreat.

In addition, we have a promising opportunity for additional funds. For the entire month of May, all donations will be matched up to $50,000. Your donation may be applied to the general fund, a special project, or the endowment fund. This initiative will make a difference in which projects and goals will be achieved.

Please consider making a generous donation during May. Contributions may be made through credit card, check, stock transfer, or required distribution from a retirement account. For information about this matching campaign or other financial investment in The Mountain, contact Beverly Cree or 828-526-5838 x 254.
2022 Spring Programming
We start with an extraordinary place on a granite mountaintop at 4,200 feet in the Blue Ridge Mountains, add inspiring programs, and invite people of the world to join us. It is an amazing combination – imagine yourself being part of this experience for a program or personal retreat.
Homecoming at The Mountain
Friday, May 27 – Monday, May 30
Please join us for the 42nd annual Homecoming, where adults and youth will gather to celebrate the many exciting things happening, as well as to engage in conversations about the future of The Mountain. In addition to the Annual Meeting Saturday afternoon, there will be workshops, entertainment, tours of new facilities, immersion in our natural environment, and Sunday worship and memorial services. 
Mountain Scavenger Hunt
Explore places at The Mountain and discover historic trivia throughout the weekend. 

Everyone who completes the scavenger hunt will be entered into a drawing for two nights at The Mountain or two tickets for a Farm to Table Dinner and foraging tour. 
UU Womenspirit Spring Institute & Gathering
May 18 - 22, 2022
Open to the Public

A spiritual retreat for women from all walks of life, gathering to honor the manifestation of the Feminine Divine in our own deep beings, in each other, and in the world around us.

Farm Programs
Our Many Hands Peace Farm has expanded its variety and quantity of produce, as well as its programming. Come learn about sustainable agriculture, wild mushrooms, herbalism, medicinal and edible plants, as well as to indulge in the Forest to Table Dinners. 

New Farm Camps for Intermediate, High School & Adults.

May through September – Volunteer Fridays, 10-4

Come anytime during this period to work and learn with farm staff.
Please contact [email protected] to arrange this.
Summer Camps
June 12 - July 23, 2022
Open to The Public

Camps are filled with recreation, education, adventure, creativity, immersion in nature, and building relationships that can last a lifetime. In addition to the traditional camps, there are camps focused on Outdoor Skills and Adventure, and six-week leadership camps for high school youth.

Intergenerational Camp
July 24 - 30, 2022
Open to the Public

Join in the fun of a MountainCamp experience. Adults and youth come together for workshops, crafts, hiking, campfires, music and singing, storytelling, time for relaxation and reflection.  Hear from the Watterson family on what it means to be intergenerational at The Mountain.

Farm Camp
July 10–16 Intermediate;
July 17–23 High School; Adult September 5–9
Open to the Public

Youth campers will learn about different aspects of sustainable farming and living in addition to traditional camp and outdoor activities. Adult campers will have a daily central theme, such as plants, mushrooms, and animals; and the day will include talks, hands-on activities, and entertainment.

John McCutcheon's Songwriting Camp
May 22 - 26 &
June 26 - 30, 2022 
Open to the Public

Join Grammy-nominated folk musician and songwriter, John McCutcheon, for an intense, intimate songwriting Master Class.

6th Annual Aaron Shearer Summer Institute
July 31 - Aug 7, 2022 
Open to the Public

Join us for a nature-inspired week of classical guitar study and music making!

Tales From the Grove
August 12, 2022 @ 3:00, 
Open to the Public

A Concert & Dinner Event inspired by The Mountain's ancient oak forest
This will be the debut performance of Tales from the Grove; an original composition. This is a great time to spend a few extra days at The Mountain for a personal retreat.

Overtones From Music Week 2022
Music Week 2023 will be April 23-28
Music Week during April was clearly magical, as expressed by participants. 

Music week surpassed all of my expectations. The beautiful people matched the beautiful setting. ~Claudia K.  

This week was filled with great music, camaraderie, old friends, new friends, lots of learning, and the unsurpassed beauty all around us. ~Russ T.

This is the second year I have come to music week – first as a participant and then to teach. Either way, it is a great experience both in music and in community. The Mountain is the perfect place to have Music Week. ~Steve G. 

Music Week has been transformative. When I came here, I lacked courage to really try to pursue music. In my first songwriting class here, I wasn’t finishing sentences. But, in five days here, I wrote two songs. There is something about this place – magical. ~Renee E. 
Before Music Week was over, participants were asking about the next music week. The 2023 program will becoordinated by Christine Stay and Aidan Quinn of Friction Farm, with Tret Fure returning as a presenter. Sessions include concerts, open mic, individual and small group coaching sessions for voice, guitar, dulcimer, drums, and more. 
Enrollment is limited to 60. Please register early and encourage others who would appreciate being part of this Mountain experience. 
Updates from the Executive Director
- Steph Anderson -
My mind and energies are focused on this summer and Mountain Camp. The best time of year if you ask me.

I am a lifelong Girl Scout and so my years of growing up were spent at summer camp and on into my 20’s, being that fun, crazy camp counselor and finally camp director. 

Those lifelong memories and friendships stay with me today as those experiences, learning and growing, have made me who I am today...
Positions Open
Join The Mountain Team
A variety of positions within MountainCamp – these positions involve mentoring children and youth, making a difference in their lives. Other positions include facilities and kitchen.
Thank you for your support!
There is always so much happening at The Mountain.

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