JANUARY - 2021
We made it through all the struggles of 2020, and we hit the ground running in January of 2021. We are happy to report that yesterday we closed on our new property which will be the home of our secondary non-profit called APAWS, which will serve as a low-cost veterinary hospital. APAWS will not only be accessible to our Detroit Pit Crew rescued dogs, but it will also be accessible to the public for owned pets that need preventative or medical care. We will be starting renovations in a couple of weeks and we are hoping to be up and running by the summer of 2021.

In addition to purchasing the property for APAWS, we also had an extremely busy month rescuing dogs in need of help. We started this month off by assisting Utica PD with a dog named Lux that had been the victim of horrific animal abuse and we also rescued many stray dogs in need of help from the streets of Detroit. At one point this month, we became overrun with sick and injured dogs coming in and we did have to go on a temporary intake hold. As an organization that takes on severe and extreme medical cases our veterinary bills grow quickly and with many of the regular day vets limiting intake, we rely heavily on emergency veterinary hospitals where prices are higher, and space can be limited.

We are so thankful for all our many supporters who have helped us financially so that we can continue to make miracles happen for the voiceless dogs that need us the most. Your support is truly life saving and we cannot thank everyone enough.

We really are currently in need of donations to help with the cost of renovating our new property so please consider making a tax-deductible donation in any amount. We will also be looking for contractors to help us with this enormous project and we asking that contractors who are interested please email us at info@detroitpitcrew.com.

With Sincere Gratitude-
Theresa Sumpter
Executive Director, Detroit Pit Crew
On January 6th we were contacted about a situation in which the Utica Police were called by a resident who noticed that a woman was attempting to throw her young dog into the freezing cold Clinton River. When police arrived, they noticed that the wet puppy had severe swelling around his head and that he was limping. The officers seized the dog and rushed him to an emergency veterinary hospital where a veterinarian determined that the puppy, named Lux, had chronic injuries which resulted from long term continued abuse. Lux had been beaten so badly by his owner that he had two broken legs, with both old and new fractures, as well as a fractured skull. Lux’s owner was arrested and charged with one count of felony animal torture.

As an organization that stands strong against animal abuse, we were happy to assist Utica PD by covering all of Lux’s continuing medical expenses, as well as agreeing to hold him in our protective custody as live evidence pending a trial. Due to the ongoing investigation and upcoming trial, Lux is not available for adoption at this time. He still has several medical procedures to go through and he needs to heal from the trauma he has suffered. We can let everyone know that he is in a nice warm foster home where he is getting lots of TLC and care.

It is heartbreaking for us to even imagine the torture Lux suffered at such a young age. We hope that Lux’s owner is not only convicted of animal torture but that she is given the maximum penalty allowed by law and that the Judge orders she will not be allowed to have any other animals.

For those that would like to donate towards Lux’s care please click on the link.
January 2021-Miracles for the Voiceless
Poor Stitch was dropped off at our intake facility, along with his brother Milo. Our staff was horrified to see the poor condition they were in. We took them to an emergency veterinary hospital for care where they were hospitalized for a couple of days and then released. We are happy to report that these sweet boys are continuing their recovery in a nice warm foster home together.
Milo and his brother Stitch not only came to us severely malnourished and injured, but they were full of feces and urine. They also had pressure sores all over their malnourished bodies which lead us to believe that they had been confined in a small area where they were not able to move and forced to lay in their own excrement. We have promised them that they will never have to endure neglect or abuse ever again.
Bear was surrendered to us by his owner who was not able to provide him with proper care. Not only was his skin serious infected, but his overall body condition was terrible. He also had severe ear infections in both ears and an injury to one of his back legs. After spending a couple of days at an emergency veterinary hospital Bear was released. His skin is slowly healing and he is beginning to trust people more and more each day.
Poor Cain came to us extremely sick and not able to eat or drink on his own. He was diagnosed with puppy strangles which is an autoimmune disease that effects puppies. The good news is with medication and proper care Cain is now doing great and is expected to make a full recovery.
We were contacted about poor Bugsy that was left behind by some squatters after the house he lived in was raided by the police. The residents that were not taken to jail left Bugsy out on a tie out without any accessible shelter and he had to dig a hold for himself to lay in to stay warm. We were able to make contact with one of his owners who signed him over to us.
Sweet girl Palmer had been living in the woods near Palmer Park where she would come out daily to see the children playing. Some of the teachers called us for help and although she was hesitant to come with us at first, we were able to coax her to us using some tasty Burger King hamburgers. Today she is learning about life indoors on a couch with her foster family.
Poor Ed was found running the streets of Detroit, with his brother Simba, by some kindhearted DPD officers who didn't want to see them get hurt. The officers managed to secure them and then they called us for help. Ed was taken to an emergency vet due to a contusion on his head which was treated and is now healing. Both pups are happy to be indoors where it's warm and cozy.
Simba was running around with his brother Ed when they were picked up by some awesome DPD officers. He had no idea that life off the streets of Detroit and in a nice warm cozy foster home could be so good. The cold streets of Detroit are no place for sweet little guys to be left to fend for themselves. Both Simba and Ed are looking forward to their new better lives.
Stanley came to us horribly malnourished and having violent seizures. The seizures that he was having were so severe we didn't think he was going to survive. He was hospitalized at an emergency veterinary hospital where a drug test determined that he had ingested some marijuana which nearly killed him. Thankfully he survived and he is continuing his recovery.
Poor Lily was found severely malnourished and standing in the middle of the road in Detroit. A kindhearted resident secured her and called us for help. Her body condition was so bad that she had to spend two days on fluids at an emergency veterinary hospital. We are happy to report that today Lily is doing great and is continuing to gain weight. Lily has a very special foster family who will be adopting her once she is fully recovered.
Our friends at Advanced Animal Emergency contacted us about Two Face who was hit by a car in Detroit. We agreed to cover his medical care as his injuries were significant. Due to the severity of the damage to his leg it was determined that Two Face needed an amputation. We are happy to report that Two Face is doing great as a tripod and he is continuing his recovery in a nice warm foster home.
These 4 little pups were found running the streets of Detroit by themselves without their mom or any humans around. We aren't sure how these puppies ended up on the streets but we promised them that their days running the streets alone are officially over. Better days are ahead for these sweet ones.

Happy New Year to you all! So this year I would like to talk about ways we can financially prepare for our pets. This has been a hard year for many but the thing that remained constant is the love of our sweet fur kids. Emergencies happen but we also need to be prepared for the preventative care that goes along with the responsibility of caring for another life.

Some ways that we can be prepared, is to set aside a small amount of money monthly in order to establish a pet fund that you can use when it comes time for their annual exams. Another good way to plan ahead is pet insurance. Just like our policies there are different insurances available with different plans such as TruPanion, ASPCA, Embrace, etc. The thing to remember with pet insurance is usually you need to pay upfront and then will be reimbursed. There are also healthcare financing such as CareCredit which can help you in emergency situations.

The important part is for us to be prepared because emergencies can happen at any time and depending on the issue costs can be anywhere from $500-$5000 dollars if surgeries are needed. Our fur kids do so much for us let’s make sure we take responsibility for them.

-Dr. Kayla
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