If you wish to be a part of this great game, each person please bring a gift or gifts worth no more than $25.

It can be one gift worth $25, it can be five $5 gifts. Anything from decorations to toys to cooking utensils -it's up to you!

And re-gifting is ok!! Wrap up what Uncle Jimmy gave you last year and bring it. All we ask is that your gift be clean and in good repair.

On December 10th, bring your wrapped present(s) with you and place them under/around the tree.

After dinner we'll pass out three decks of cards -each person participating will have 5 - 7 cards, some might even be the same cards. When all the cards have been passed out, we will begin calling cards out one by one:

"Ace of Hearts"

Those who have that card go get a present from under the tree and put it on the table next to where you're sitting. Don't open it yet!!! When there's no more presents under the tree, you can "steal" your present from someone else. Please do not hide presents. New this year: please do not steal from someone who only has one present.

Once all 52 cards have been called out and
we make sure everyone has at least one gift,
then you can open your presents!!