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  • "The Civic Character of a Front Porch"
  • Looking for an outdoor lifestyle within a cohousing community? Check out: Skagit, Alpenglow, & Truckee River Cohousing
  • Upcoming Events: Mark your calendar for the Northeast Cohousing Summit coming up in September


- Katie & Bethany, The CoHousing Solutions Team
• Why Cohousing •
"The Civic Character of a Front Porch"
by Brian Jones
Katie McCamant chatting with residents of OakCreek Community in Stillwater, OK.
 Photo provided by McCamant & Durrett Architects.
Now, more than ever, we need to come together, in communities across the nation, and figure out a way to co-exist and converse peacefully and productively. A front porch is a simple but powerful tool that enables this to happen. Read on for an excerpt from this brilliant article from Strong Towns ....
"First, the very set up and orientation of the front porch is that of being ordered outside of itself. In this way, the porch is not simply a medium for drawing the nuclear family outside of the interior dwelling of the home. More than this, it is a catalyst for helping you to get to know your neighbors and those infrequent passersby. The porch is an opportunity to invite a neighbor over to your house and join you for coffee or encourage your children to play with their children. The more frequently your neighbors see you on the porch, the greater the chance of them wanting to socially interact.

Second, the porch is a condition for being able to observe the activities that are going on in one’s neighborhood. Whether it be the joy of watching children play games of tag or capture the flag, or to deter suspicious activity of someone simply up to no good, the habit of observing the streets fosters care. When we know what is going on in our communities and others know this about us, then a certain type of trust coalesces...

Third, Citizens that know and rely upon one another in a more intimate form of association is the cause of a mutually enlarged heart. Through shared responsibilities and collective activities, neighbors come to see that they are not alone and are truly needed. For such a lived reality to occur, the conditions for it need to be both recognized and fostered by citizens themselves."
Front Porches in Cohousing Communities Foster Connection Between Residents
Residents enjoy each other's company at the newly constructed Quimper Village in Port Townsend, WA.
Snapshots of the front porches and pathways at Nevada City Cohousing
Live the Outdoor Lifestyle Within Cohousing
Looking for an outdoor lifestyle? Desire to live in community with access to nature? Read on to discover three forming communities that can deliver on both these needs. They each have land in beautiful places, now all they need is to find their future neighbors !

Skagit Cohousing in Anacortes, WA
Alpenglow Cohousing in Ridgway, CO
Truckee River Cohousing in Truckee, CA
Skagit Cohousing....
Has land in Anacortes, Washington
and is looking for members to join in the adventure!
Having recently secured land in the city of Anacortes, Skagit Cohousing is currently in the selection process for an Architect. They are seeking members NOW to be part of this process!

They are also hosting a  Kickoff Workshop with their development consultant, Katie McCamant, at the Seafarers' Memorial Park Building in Anacortes September 29-30 . During this 2-day workshop, Katie will lead the group through the development process, including costs, financing, timelines, decision-making, consultants, risks, benefits, and more.

Everyone seriously considering living in the Skagit Cohousing community is encouraged to attend ! To sign up, email Plus, check out their newly redesigned website (created by CoHousing Solutions).
Curious about the benefits of living in Anacortes?

Anacortes is located about half-way between Seattle and Vancouver, BC
It is the gateway to the famed San Juan Islands with the ferry serving the islands just a few miles from their site. 

Anacortes abounds in outdoor and cultural offerings...

Alpenglow Cohousing
A developing community in the vibrant southwest Colorado town of Ridgway, looking for members to join in creating cohousing with LOTS of access to nature and small town charm!
Are you looking to get away from big city life and root yourself in a vibrant community in the Colorado mountains? Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a “foodie”, history buff or art lover, Ridgway, Colorado has it all...
Festivals, night life, robust art community, lively cultural offerings abound in Ridgway!
Active outdoor lifestyle
Fly fishing right outside your door
Stunning views
Alpenglow Cohousing owns four and one-half acres near the Uncompahgre River with stunning views of the San Juan mountains. All of Ridgway's amenities are a short walk from the site. 

Thinking about work options in a small town? Ridgway is a remote workers dream come true. "We may be a mountain town, but we have access to speedy internet and a top notch coworking opportunity ( Proximity Space) ."

If this piques your interest, be sure to contact them to learn more.
Alpenglow was recently featured in Telluride Daily Planet. Click here to read "Cohousing Comes to Ridgway: It Takes a Village."
Truckee River Cohousing
They've closed on their amazing, riverfront site!
Are you interested in living in a beautiful Sierra Mountain town, surrounded by an active and tight-knit community? Contact Truckee River Cohousing about this property on the Truckee River, just half a mile from the thriving downtown Truckee.

"We’ve had an amazing week! Three new households, lots of people at our last tour, and a great party."

Be sure to sign up for newsletters and stay tuned for updates on Truckee River Cohousing 's progress.
Application Process Update
We are in the midst of going through the applications, making final decisions, and will let folks know by the end of July.

Considering applying in 2020? Make sure you're on the email interest list.
September 21-23, 2018
Amherst, MA

Don't miss the Northeast Cohousing Summit happening in Amherst, MA this September! Be sure to check out CoHousing Solutions Affiliate Shelly Parks' session at the conference: "Marketing & Sales Tools for Member Recruitment."
September 29-30, 2018
Seafarers' Memorial Park Building
Anacortes, WA

Interested in joining Skagit Cohousing? Contact them today!
Wednesdays, Starting in October
9:30am-12:30pm, PST

Become a facilitator in empowering seniors to age in place successfully. Learn effective tools, which will enhance your current profession or help you start on a new path! Sign up before September 1 and save $100. Register here.
May 30 - June 2, 2019
Portland, OR

Save the date for the National Cohousing Conference in Spring of 2019. The CoHousing Solutions Affiliates will be there in force... it's an event you won't want to miss!
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Photo by Ed Asmus
Architecture by McCamant & Durrett Architects
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