June 2021

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Thank You to our United Way of Lincoln County Board Members for their hard work and dedication to connecting people, resources and ideas to create a thriving community characterized by stability, educational success, and healthy members of our community.

UWLC Board Members:
  • Fred Jarrett
  • Jordan Frye
  • Anthony Simpson
  • Lindsey Huffman
  • Ritchie Haynes
  • Natalie Ducharme
  • Dr. Heath Belcher
  • Isabelle Wadsworth
  • Neal Alexander
  • Daniel Hipps
  • Rick Thompson
  • Marsha Ivey
  • Katie Saine
  • Janet Lopez
  • Charlie Reep
  • H.D. Reid
  • Jamel Farley
  • Dr. Jim Watson
Richard "Ritchie" Haynes
Ritchie has been an involved and active United Way Lincoln County Board member from the very start of his service, quickly taking over as the Governance Chair for the United Way. Additionally, he is not only a valued board member but he remains to be a valued and appreciated member of the City of Lincolnton, serving as the City Manager. Ritchie continues to serve his community in many capacities.
Ritchie has a huge heart for others and has a strong desire to help make Lincoln County a great place to live, work, and play. Mr. Haynes was instrumental in helping to recognize Fred Jarrett, UWLC Board Chair, for the Key to the City Award in conjunction with other community leaders.

Ritchie continues to serve the UWLC and Lincolnton in other ways including volunteering at the West Lincoln Food Distribution Center, helping make sure UWLC business runs smoothly by volunteering the use of the City Hall conference room, serving alongside the UWLC Executive Director and many others on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and reaching Leadership Giver status, with his wife Cindy, for the annual UWLC Giving Campaign.

We are honored and privileged to serve alongside of Ritchie and thank him for his continued service.
For a list of Collection Site Locations, visit:

Stop by any of the below locations to get to-go bagged lunch for Lincoln County Children all summer long!
2021 UWLC Day of Action will be held on Thursday, August 12!

Stay tuned for more information to be released regarding the 2021 Day of Action and volunteers.