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You DON'T have to sell ALL Medicare products either. You have the freedom to decide what you want to sell.
Don't confuse selling Medicare Supplements with selling Medicare Advantage!

The benefits of selling Medicare Supplements include:
  • No AHIP
  • No Scope of Appointment
  • No Certification*
  • Sold Anytime of Year
  • Little Service Work

*United Healthcare does require product training
Questions? Reach out to Cassandra or Derick for more info.
800.928.4998 ext. 7 or 9
AHIP certification for 2020 will be available beginning June 17th.

If you plan to sell Medicare Advantage plans or Prescription Drug Plans , you MUST complete your AHIP training .
Are you sending your clients and prospects somewhere else? It's crucial to stand out above the rest, and if you're sending your clients elsewhere to research Medicare or Life insurance or any other senior healthcare product, you're doing yourself a disservice.

You're the expert and you need to let your clients know why they should choose you. Marketing yourself and your services is vital to growing your business. If you tell clients to go to another website to research Medicare, the likelihood of them buying a Medicare Supplement from you is nil. After all, why should they? You didn't explain their options to them. They had to research for themselves and it's quite likely they will either A) buy from another insurance agent who will help them with their choices or B) buy direct from the carrier. If you're going to make them read up on Medicare or any other insurance topic that you're knowledgeable about, at least send them to YOUR website.
In order to market yourself, you need to let your clients know why they should choose YOU. What do you bring to the table that another insurance agent doesn't? What makes you so special? Your clients and prospects are online researching insurance agents and products, just as they're researching doctors, restaurants and real estate agents. And with that being said, having an online presence is paramount. Make sure your face-to-face presence is in alignment with your online presence. Read more...

If you need assistance with your online presence, please reach out to our Communications & Marketing Manager, Carolyn Portanova for assistance. 919.794.3179 .

Don't let the internet intimidate you from realizing your potential. Think of it as a giant encyclopedia, and you need to grab your page in it. 
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Take full advantage of Cigna's bonus program ! Earn $25 per application for every qualifying supplemental health and accident policy, no limit.​ This program runs June 1st - 30th.
  • ​Flexible Choice Cancer
  • Flexible Choice Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Accident Treatment
  • ​Accident Expense 
Changes coming soon
Beginning July 1, 2019 Cigna will be implementing a policy change on how business is quoted. They currently allow policy quoting 180-days prior to the effective date.  The new change will now limit quoting to 90-days between the signature date of the application to the effective date.  

This policy change will affect all of their products, including all Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment (OE) and Guaranteed Issue (GI) business, within their family of companies: American Retirement Life Insurance Company (ARLIC), Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company (CHLIC) and Loyal American Life Insurance Company (Loyal). 

Any application requesting an effective date other than 90-days must be written prior to June 30th and in-house no later than July 10th.  After the implementation of this policy change on July 1st, Cigna will no longer accept applications with an effective date greater than 90-days from the signature date.
Guarantee Trust Life
We've added another carrier. GTL provides Medicare Supplements, Hospital Indemnity and Home Healthcare products with competitive rates. If you're looking to add another carrier to your portfolio, consider Guarantee Trust Life.

To add this carrier, just visit our Contracting page and login to SureLC to request the appointment.
Gerber Life
Gerber Life has offered assistance to Arkansas, Ohio and Oklahoma residents affected by flooding. Grace periods have been granted for those making payments on their policies, along with a moratorium on cancellation. Login to the agent portal for specific dates and details for each state.
Mutual of Omaha
Mutual of Omaha's The Thrill of the Race kicks off! Sell one or more Critical Advantage, Priority Income Protection and/or Disability Income Choice policy and you’ll find a little something extra in your winner’s trophy. Applications must be received between June 1, 2019 and Nov. 30, 2019 to be eligible to win.
This summer, you can earn marketing credits for the issued Dental insurance applications you place with Mutual of Omaha. Use your credits for all kinds of business-building activities. Each marketing credit equals $1.
Med Supp Broker Bonus Program 2019
Earn $150 cash per issued underwritten policy (includes internal and affiliate conversions), and $30 per issued policy for Open Enrollment business (excludes internal and affiliate conversions). Specific states apply. ​ Limited states – Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina and Wisconsin
SBLI Brokerage offers a complete range of guaranteed level term insurance options providing both affordable protection and adaptability to meet your clients’ varied needs. Review the Agent Tools to help you succeed.

Guaranteed AU Process
  • No medical exam
  • No one is excluded
  • Get paid faster!
We're here to help you grow. Reach out to us if you have questions, suggestions or need assistance. Your success is our success.
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