JUNE 2020 | ISSUE 126

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For those of you who closely follow the local real estate market, we just wanted to keep you up to date on the real estate market for Gulf Front, Gulf View, and other foreclosures in our area that you can always find on our website. Click the links below to view our updated list of foreclosures. Not looking for a foreclosure? Feel free to create a customized search, or browse our site to view all properties that are currently on the market.

Pets Rule!
We love our pets: Kätzchen , Tebow, Tunah, Tigger, and Little Bowee (one German Shepherd and four felines). Most Americans really do love their pets too.

According to a March survey conducted by realtor.com, 95% of buyers will not consider purchasing a home if it does not accommodate furry family members. In fact, 84% ranked their pets’ needs as “very important.” More than 66% of the respondents claimed they would even forgo their “perfect home” if it would not accommodate their pets. Yes, our fur babies are an important part of the family!

Over 80% of the respondents identified themselves as pet owners: Dogs (61%), cats (45%), fish (12%) and birds (9%). The focus on pets’ needs held true regardless of a homebuyer’s age—90% or better for each age group.

Finally, buyers ranked the top five home features they considered most important for their pets: A large yard (38%), any outdoor space (29%), a garage (24%), a dog run (22%), close proximity to outdoor spaces (21%).

As for us, we have two screened lanais for our indoor, high-maintenance cats to dominate. Occasionally, the cats will allow the dog to chill in these spaces. Kätzchen does have a nice fenced backyard with lots of shade and a brick paver patio. Ultimately, our home provides a great place for us and our fur babies!
Live the ultimate coastal lifestyle in this beautiful 12th-floor condo in Hidden Dunes Beach Resort featuring luxury amenities, private beach access, and elevated Gulf views. Large glass sliders give you sweeping views of the Gulf of Mexico, an open floor plan allows for entertaining, and the Gulf-front master suite with a private balcony access is a dream. The kitchen features granite countertops, beautiful cabinetry, and a breakfast bar. A guest suite can be found on the north side of the unit. Resting on 27 acres of natural surroundings and private coastline – Hidden Dunes offers impressive amenities including championship clay tennis courts and pro shop, four pools, jogging trails, lakefront community center, and of course beachfront with chair service. This unit would make a fantastic investment property with 2019 rentals reaching $70k+!
How to Be a Good Partner During Quarantine
To help you better navigate long periods of quarantine with whomever you’re living with, follow this expert advice. 

Lay Down Some Household Ground Rules
“Start by discussing how and when to divide and use your space,” says Dr. Stephanie Newman, a clinical psychologist and author. “She likes to have her coffee and check her messages alone. Let her have that time. He likes to schedule midday conference calls. Work around him. Everybody gives one and everybody gets one.” This can help all parties feel more at peace and therefore less irritable. It also ensures each person can tackle their workload more efficiently if working from home.

Practice Even More Patience
Stress levels are higher than usual. Practicing patience becomes increasingly difficult, and therefore all the more important. If an argument arises, you can use phrases such as, ‘I agree with you,’ ‘I understand,’ ‘I see your point,’ ‘We can do this together,’ or ‘I respect your space and privacy, please respect mine too'. In addition, give each other space to help calm down one’s mind and senses.

Avoid Common Communication Pitfalls
Bickering is inevitable but can easily spiral into all-out brawls when confined to a small space without anywhere to go. When in doubt lead with empathy. Empathy involves putting yourself in the shoes of another; it’s sliding into their viewpoint to see their perspective. Broadening your experience to make room for your partner’s ideas and viewpoints leads to open discussion and brings couples closer.

Go Out of Your Way to Foster Positivity
It’s easy to get bogged down by negative news and uncertainty about what the future holds, which makes it even more important to foster positivity within your home. Small words, small gestures, and small acts are very effective in keeping bickering to a minimum. Intentionally recall happy times that your partner has been generous and loving and kind towards you to help you keep a larger perspective about the relationship.

Be Helpful Around the House
Chores still pile up even when we’re spending time at home. There are even more tasks to tackle, such as making meals, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and general tidying. Household work is often a source of bickering whether quarantined or not, but having to spend more time around clutter and mess can fuel the fire. “It’s important to be helpful and not wait on the other person to take care of household tasks,” says Dr. Ivanov. “Be pro-active. Don’t wait to be told what to do.” 

Do Spend Purposeful Time Together
Spending intentional time together as a couple, as friends, or as a family can be useful in helping everyone keep a more realistic perspective during this stressful time period. If you tend to naturally isolate, make an effort to reach out to your partner, roommate, or family members to see how they’re doing. It may also be helpful to remind others that you’re wired to cope by being alone so that they don’t mistake your need to be alone as a personal rejection.

Experiencing stress and anxiety in uncertain times is normal. Being deliberate about helping others and nurturing your relationships can help, and the above advice is a great place to start. That said, it's also important to make sure you're taking care of yourself by practicing self-care and reaching out to friends, family, and professionals as needed.