Thanks to supporters like you, this juvenile
bald eagle is soaring free once again!
The Story

On March 16, 2021, Howell Nature Center's CEO John "JC" Carlson released a juvenile bald eagle back into the wild, giving her a second chance at life. Just like we all recently experienced, 2020 was also equally challenging for this young eagle who came through our Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic doors last November. She was found on the ground, not flying, near the Flint River in Montrose, Michigan. She was dehydrated and had suffered injuries to both wings, including a fracture and infection. Now, after five months of specialized care, healing, and building strength, she starts 2021 soaring free.
Happy endings like this require a collaborative approach by compassionate and dedicated people. The eagle was found by a man named Vince, who was out walking his dog. He contacted the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to report the injured eagle, and Conservation Officer Robar came to get the bird and transport her to the Howell Nature Center. We are one of the few facilities in Michigan able to rehabilitate bald eagles, and it took our team of highly trained professionals to get this top tier predator ready for life in the wild.
You Made This Happen

This success story of hope and perseverance was also only made possible by the support of our community. The financial impact of COVID-19 left us in crisis, and we were at risk of temporarily closing our Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic doors. Our community, seeing value in the services that we provide, embraced us in their arms through thousands of donations. Thanks to these Wildlife Heroes, we were able to stay open and help over 4,250 injured and orphaned wild animals in 2020.

Watch The Release Video Below!
Photos of the bald eagle release were taken by Amanda Marie with Wild Wonders Photography. Photos of the release are available for purchase, with a portion of proceeds being donated to the Howell Nature Center.
and they need your help!
As spring arrives and more people spend time outdoors, we project the highest rate ever of orphaned and injured wildlife coming into our clinic. In the next 30 to 90 days, we anticipate caring for over 2,000 “little wonders” such as baby songbirds, fox kits, owlets, opossums, fawns, squirrels, hawks, ducklings, eaglets, and many more species. Our goal is always to help return these animals back into the wild.
As 2021 brings forth new hope, we are preparing ourselves for a whole set of unique challenges. With over 65% of our spring bookings cancelling again this
year due to the health crisis, this makes our annual “Baby Shower” appeal more urgent than ever.

Thanks to wildlife supporters like you, we can provide the treatment necessary for animals needing special diets, formulas, warming pads, incubators, medical supplies, and critical specialized and veterinarian care. With your help, thousands of baby animals can have a happy ending like the recently released bald eagle.
Our goal is to raise $100,000 to provide the best possible care for the thousands of baby animals this spring. Thanks to a generous donor, the first $25,000 raised will be matched! Double your impact by donating today and be a Wildlife Hero for critters in need.

We greatly appreciate all who “shower” us with tax-deductible donations in order to provide every animal that comes into our clinic a chance to Heal, Grow and Be Wild!
From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!