Being Faced with Uncertainty Doesn't Mean Giving Up
"It is how we embrace the uncertainty in our lives that leads to the great transformations of our souls."- B. Trean
We are charting untraveled waters these days and, while that may create a feeling of fear and anxiety, it can also create an opening for growth and perseverance. Here are a few things to remember when trying to move forward despite the uncertainty.

  1. Don't Panic- Panicking will only add to your stress and fear; instead, try focusing. Focus on the things you can control instead of the things that you cannot.
  2. Be Adaptable-There are tons of opportunities for training and increasing skills and abilities being offered online for free, not only right now, but year round. Take advantage of those!
  3. Give Grace- Give yourself and those around you grace. We're all in this unknown period together. Take a deep breath and remember, none of us has gone through this before.

Whether this uncertainty is around for a short or long period of time, here at CASY & MSCCN we understand that it isn't always easy handling the changes that we are facing. If you're feeling stuck and alone we want you to know, we've got your back!

Take Your Career to the Next Level
To find out more about how you can gain skills and abilities, check out the full article here .
You’ve decided that you want to make a change in your career, but how will you get there and what will you do to stand out? Setting yourself apart from the crowd can feel impossible when you are getting ready to apply for a new job, or even a big promotion, especially if you have been out of the workforce for a period of time. Here are a few ways to help you take that next step in your career.

  1. Set a timeline for the changes you want to make.
  2. Research ways to increase your earning potential and implement them.
  3. Network.
  4. Volunteer for an upcoming project/task.
  5. Find support.

Congratulations, Craig!
As a male military spouse with three degrees in different career fields Craig found himself overqualified and unable to secure a position that reflected both his education and experience.

"The assistance offered by MSCCN has been invaluable. They have encouraged me and challenged me to further my skills and continue to edit and adjust my resume. They provided feedback on positions found online and whether or not I was a good fit for the job. "

Don't Count Your Steps- Just Take Them!
For more information on how to accomplish your goals, check out the full article here.
Whether you’re in the military, or married to someone who serves, the military lifestyle takes motivated individuals who are quick to act, accomplish tasks, and find successes to attain a mission-complete status. It’s second nature to hit the ground running and try to achieve your goals quickly so, when orders come up and you have to take two steps back, it’s especially frustrating. The best way to stay focused on achieving your goals throughout the changes and complications is by utilizing baby steps. 

The hardest step in achieving your goal is the first step. Don’t worry-- it doesn’t have to be a big step, just take that first step. And then take that next tiny step and the next. But, what does that mean exactly?
Work From Home Opportunities

Have you been trying to maneuver through working from home for the first time? Maybe you have realized that you really enjoy this type of work, but aren't sure whether it's the right option for you in normal day-to-day life. Understanding Work from Home Opportunities will provide you with knowledge of the different types of remote opportunities available and help you to decide whether telework is right for you.

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