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Local Businesses Share
In the coming weeks, we are interviewing local business owners to see how they are doing. We are publishing brief articles about each business - maybe you can relate to some of these business owners? Please consider supporting these businesses. Contact us to be interviewed at or call us at 509-455-5053.
Interview #1
Owner: Patrick McCarthy
What the business does: I am an independent insurance agency, I do personal, commercial, life and disability; I am licensed in WA, ID, Oregon. I have been in the insurance industry for four years and have operated McCarthy Insurance agency for 1 1/2 years. I have 10 national companies that I work with to find the right solutions for his customers.

Target audiences: Anybody that needs insurance; prefers people with better driving records, homeowners, people who have good credit; anyone with a preferred listing.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? I do most of my business over the phone; but I notice that even when I can save 100s of dollars per year; many people are hesitant to make changes right now.

What has he learned? "Recently have been on my own; most of the things I have put into play was by watching other agents and learning from them." He didn't want to make the same mistakes. "I wish I would have started by hiring someone right away to help with phone solicitation. He said he may hire an employee or company to help with phone sales."

He is inspired by: Insurance companies that are offering refunds to customers; and helping feed people through his church.

Contact: Patrick McCarthy, Veteran Business, Office: 509-408-1234,
Interview #2
Owner: Jeff Uptmor
What the business does: Audit practice for mostly Native American Tribes across the U.S. and tax and consulting for individuals and businesses. He has been with the company for 19 years.

Target audiences: Native American Tribes, small businesses in construction, healthcare and manufacturing.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? Having our team work from home, not being able to interact face-to-face. Business has been pushed out/lots of postponements.

What has he learned? Hire people with more experience as well as people that are a good fit. Hire more quickly, and don't wait until you can afford it.

He is inspired by: My team and how they've stepped up and embraced the changes that have happened, their positive outlooks.

Special offer: Any initial consultation is free, and free tax return reviews.

Contact: Jeff Uptmor, Stauffer and Associates, 208-503-2254,
Interview #3
Owner: Ann Long
What the business does: We are a professional work environment, outside of your home, that allows you to get your important work done while being inspired by like minded professionals. We offer private office space, co-working and dedicated desks; conference rooms, meeting rooms and podcast rooms; hourly rental available. Shared office space in a professional environment; can contract month-to-month/hourly.

Target audiences: Freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, contractors. Many people are dealing with struggles they haven’t had to deal with before; maybe they worked at home before, but didn’t have the kids at home, competing for Wi-Fi. Also, if you are at home and there are multiple people working from home, you can have a shared space in the office (alternate days, weeks); people are having a difficult time with different schedules.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? A lot, the fear of the unknown for members, but luckily all members stayed with them through the shutdown; feeling repercussions now regarding financial impacts.

What has she learned? I try to take all my mistakes and use them as a lesson. One of the big things that I forget sometimes, when we get in a hurry, is to slow down; when getting bids on things, do your due diligence; always get three bids, evaluate your options; don’t by-pass important steps.

She is inspired by: Knowing that she is not alone.

Special offer: Free co-working day $25 value, on-site

Contact: Ann Long, 509-255-7763,
Interview #4
Owner: Louise Tuffin
What the business does: We have been providing baked goods at farmers markets since 2002.

Target audiences: They have a loyal following of 20-50+ who love their baked goods.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? All of the garden expos and craft shows were cancelled, which was a source of revenue for them.

What has she learned? A smart thing they did was to not go into debt to finance the business. She said they are frugal with spending and grew the business organically.

She is inspired by: Being in business and, other people who come up with innovative ideas at farmers markets.

Special offer: You can find them at two different farmer's markets - Kendall Yards on Wednesdays, and South Perry on Saturday's.

Contact: Louis Tuffin, Arabesque Farms & Bakery, 509-270-3075
Interview #5
Owner: Dusty Wetzler

What the business does: Dancing brings people together, so Litefeet offers a variety of dance classes, at different locations around town, for different ages.

Target audiences: Singles, married couples, seniors, really all ages of people who enjoy connecting and having fun learning something new. All different styles of dance are taught in different class environments from small-to-large.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business: My business is all about human connection – however, it is under attack like it has never been; there’s no touching people; to have a proper conversation you have a mask on; human connection – what sets us apart – is under siege. We can't touch (partner dancing). We look forward to offering more as soon as possible; but for now there are some group classes where we can spread out.

What has he learned: Start your business with the right business partner; make sure you have the same goals and envision a similar future.

He is inspired by: "I would have to say, my wife, she inspires me. In spite of everything going on, hatred and shenanigans, she is always finding new ways to connect people and is the best human I’ve ever met."

Special offer: Go to website,, enter in CHAMBER20 when you pay online and you will get one free class; you would access it by texting COWBOYUP 509-636-1200

Contact: Dusty Wetzler,, 509-844-6654
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