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Local Businesses Share
In the coming weeks, we are interviewing local business owners to see how they are doing. We are publishing brief articles about each business - maybe you can relate to some of these business owners? Please consider supporting these businesses. Contact us to be interviewed 455-5053.
Interview #1
Owner: Mark Sacchetti
Business name: Mover for You
What the business does: Moving services locally and around the country
Target audience: Seniors moving from single family homes into adult family homes or assisted living; or their families that are helping them to re-locate. Additionally, anyone between age 28-50 who is moving either locally or to another location in the U.S. who wants a family owned and operated company to help their family to move. They reduce the stress in moving.
Actions taken during the shutdown: Early on they did grocery delivery to local nursing and assisted living homes because those locations are good clients for them. They have been sure to ramp up cleaning and safety with gloves, masks, and additional cleaning of trucks, surfaces.
How has COVID-19 impacted your business? Normally moving companies are taking calls throughout the spring and are busy with moving starting late spring. In this case, they have been slow because people who had planned to move had delayed. Although because they were deemed essential, they were able to offer some delivery services. They have stuck with guidelines and look forward to picking up new work in June.
What has he learned? Mark has been through a number of economic downturns in his career. He at one point rapidly expanded and then was over-extended when a downturn hit. He is now more financially cautious and careful in case of future downturns. He advises, “Don’t spread yourself too thin.”
Special offer: 10% off for seniors and military; 10% for all referred business; if you decide to go with them, they get the boxes for you – whether you are having them pack for you or not. Their competitors will charge for the boxes and they offer them for free.
Contact: Mark Sacchetti,,, 509-818-5123
Interview #2
Owner: CJ Curtis
Business name: The Garden Coffee and Local Eats
What the business does: Coffee shop and restaurant in Spokane Valley. Took over the business one-year ago in June 2019 and re-branded it. The business is a for profit, social purpose corporation. They donate money to HRC ministry and specifically help women to be relieved of sex trafficking. The owner, CJ has a background in horticulture and plants and enjoys clean, healthy eating. She imparts this knowledge in her business and has developed a following of all ages.
Target audience: She said that her target audience runs from moms with kids to sweet little old ladies. They have an affiliation with Meals on Wheels and some ministries in town. They help with a food bank as well. She said that people who enjoy tasty, healthier options are her main demographic.
Actions taken during the shutdown: Setting up the website for online orders; ensuring drive-thru and take-out ordering is streamlined. Being generous with her time and resources is another action she has taken.
How has COVID-19 impacted her business? The greatest impact is the financial impact. She said that she would normally be hiring for spring and summer, and she’s instead had to shrink staff. They don’t have the volume of orders that she needs based upon having just the drive-thru and take out orders available. They re-open June 1 and she can’t wait.
What has she learned? I follow my gut and listen to that, that’s where I’ve seen success.
Special offer: They are celebrating June 1-6 for their first anniversary. They will have specials running all week and parking lot parties on Friday and Saturday. She invites people to try them out.
Contact: CJ Curtis,, 509-315-8612
Interview #3
Owner: Kraig Barnes
Business name: Paint Crafters Plus
What the business does: Barnes is the owner of three businesses - Paint Crafters Plus, Fluid Applied Roofing and Barnes Industrial. Paint Crafters Plus offer commercial and residential painting. They are well-known for architecturally demanding projects as well as custom homes. Fluid Applied Roofing offers environmentally sustainable roof coatings. Barnes Industrial has just built four large warehouse spaces in Airway Heights that are now for lease.
Target audience: Residential home owners; property managers, commercial leasing companies, business owners who need to lease space.
Actions taken during the shutdown: They hired a warehouse manager who can perform maintenance on the fleet and other projects.
How has COVID-19 impacted the businesses? As a company they wanted to keep employees working during the crisis. Therefore, they have been working on a number of back-burner projects, including painting Barnes' home, to ensure continuity. They have been able to continue on the roofing and commercial painting projects, but estimating for residential projects slowed down.
What have they learned? The construction industry in the Greater Spokane area is tight and is very willing to support each other.
Special offer: Free estimates for residential and commercial painting projects. Also, please contact them if you need warehouse space in Airway Heights.
Contact: Jennifer Goe, business development manager, or call 509-244-1000.