MARCH - 2021
Detroit Anti-Tethering Ordinance

This past month we had some extremely cold weather and several significant snowstorms here in the Metro Detroit area and we responded to numerous calls and messages regarding dogs living outside in the frigid temperatures. For those that are not aware, Detroit has an anti-tethering ordinance which prohibits chains from being used to tether dogs and the ordinance also prohibits dogs from being tethered outside for more than 3 hours at a time. Unfortunately, despite the anti-tethering ordinance, we still see lots of dogs being forced to live on chains, in deplorable conditions and in extreme temperatures. As an organization, we have no legal authority whatsoever, however that does not mean that we can’t take some action to help these dogs. If you are in the City of Detroit and see a dog that is improperly tethered, without adequate shelter, food or water please contact us by email at or you can text us pictures and the location to 248-906-9022. Thank you to those who step up to speak for the voiceless. 

We really cannot stress enough how important it is to speak up for the voiceless. If you witness animal abuse or neglect it is important to gather as much evidence as you can and contact authorities. Pictures and videos can truly make a difference in whether or not an animal abuse case can be successfully prosecuted. Animals that are victimized can not testify on their own behalf so they rely on us for justice. If you see something, say something! If you witness or have information about animal abuse or dog fighting in the City of Detroit please contact us at 248-906-9022. Any information provided to us can be reported anonymously.

Animal Protection and Wellness Services

In addition to rescuing numerous dogs from the streets of Detroit and responding to over 1000 messages and texts regarding dogs in danger this past month, we were also extremely busy with our APAWS project. We have begun renovation on the property that we purchased back in January and we are happy to report that things are moving forward.

We are looking for a contractor to help us with the repair of the parking lot and we will be looking for a landscaping company to give us a bid for summer mowing and grounds maintenance. If you are with a company that is able to help us please contact us at

We are still looking for sponsors for some of the rooms as well as sponsorships for some of the most expensive but yet essential equipment that we will need. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us at

We also are looking for a head veterinarian and hospital manager. These are both paid positions and experience in veterinary shelter medicine and management are a must. Potential applicants can find out more information by contacting us at
Petey was found wandering the streets of Detroit with a bad case of parvo. His recovery was touch and go and at one point we weren't sure if he would make it. Thankfully he survived and he is now fully recovered, vetted and in a forever home.
Blaze was found stuck in the basement of an abandoned house in Detroit on a day when Detroit temperatures were -1 degree. Thanks to some help from DFD we were able to rescue him and get him to safety. He is now enjoying life indoors and he is neutered and awaiting his heartworm treatment.
Poor Skye was attacked by another dog and despite our best efforts, and while in treatment she went into cardiac arrest. Her life mattered to us and we will not forget her.
Our sweet girl Alice was found wandering the streets of Detroit in horrible condition. We rushed her in for medical care where it was determined that she not only had a broken pelvis but she has a cancerous heart tumor which is terminal. We have found a family to foster her until it's time for her to cross over the rainbow bridge.
Harper was found running the streets on a very cold, snowy day. He was very fast and didn't want to be caught at first but he finally gave in. Sadly once he was groomed we noticed how malnourished he was. We believe that he must have been out on the streets for a while. Now, his sad stray days are officially over!
Parker found wandering the streets of Detroit dragging a heavy tow chain which was padlocked to his collar. He was extremely emaciated and matted. We rushed him to an emergency vet for care where he received fluids and supportive care. Our groomer shaved 4lbs of matted hair off him and now he is looking and feeling much better!
Adorable boy Teddy was rescued from an unsafe situation. His mom had moved and left him living in an unoccupied house without heat or food and with a frozen bowl of water. Thankfully one of our crew members was able to get him surrendered to us and he is now living a much better life in a warm and cozy home.
Poor Betty was found trying to survive the frigid winter temperatures with her 8 tiny puppies in tow. She is a very smart momma and her pups survived because she hid them in an over turned couch that acted as a shelter. We managed to trap Betty and rescue all of her pups. The entire family is thriving and doing well in foster care.
Connor was found out in the freezing cold weather by a resident of Detroit who called us for help. We picked Connor up and took him to a veterinary hospital for care. Although he was diagnosed with heartworm disease we are thankful that he didn't suffer any permanent or long term damage to his paws from frostbite.
Understand that test.

Do you ever wonder why your vet has to do all those x-rays and still cannot give you an answer? I know, it is frustrating for us too since we want to help you and give you an answer. Let's go through those basic imaging tests because what is true for our patients is true for you too. 

Radiography, or x-ray, is really helpful and everyone has one but you can only see 5 opacities or brightness. The five basic radiographic densities: air, fat, water (soft tissue), bone, and metal. Air is the most radiolucent (blackest) and metal is the most radiopaque (whitest). This means that it is really hard to impossible to see some plastics, wood, cloth. So sometimes the veterinarian will do a barium series (see photo credit: to help us determine if there is a blockage.   

Other times we worry about joints or internal organs and will recommend a CT (Computed tomography scan) or even more specialized MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). MRI is best used for looking at the brain or spinal cord since these cannot be seen on radiographs. Both of these are more specialized and usually only referral clinics have these machines. Using some or sometimes multiple tests like these are what is needed to make sure our fur kids get the help they need.  

-Dr. Kayla
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