Join Margot in California Jan 25–27, 2019
Join Body Harmonics Founder and Director of Education, Margot McKinnon, for two inspiring and immediately applicable workshops at ReActive Movement in Oakland, California (San Francisco Bay Area). And earn up to 18 CECs!

“I'm thrilled with the new knowledge I gained attending a Body Harmonics workshop. I’ve used it with my private clients, active athletes and mixed group classes, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. How awesome is that?! Thank you, Margot!”

Breathing Mechanics and Protocols
Breathing can be both unconscious and conscious. How we breathe affects everything we do. And breathing is critical to core stability and building bodies that move with ease and integrity.

This workshop outlines the biomechanics and physiological underpinnings of this vital process. Theory crosses over to experience as we explore several ways to breathe in order to enhance function of the respiratory and musculoskeletal systems. Throughout the day we work interactively to interpret different faulty breathing patterns, understand how they affect movement and posture, and work to help reverse them for optimal function.

Date/Time: Fri, Jan 25, 2019, 12–6pm
Tuition: $ 240 USD
CECs: 6 (PMA/Body Harmonics)
Vertical Repertoire
Join us for a totally new way into the body’s core! Vertical Pilates is smart, functional and versatile. You can use this repertoire with almost every type of client, and the best part is vertical exercises get people up and off the mat. Dynamic and fresh, people love the standing work—some, because they get to sweat and others, because they appreciate the weight-bearing multi-plane movements, Suddenly, mat classes take on a new dimension.

Dates/Time: Sat, Jan 26–Sun, Jan 27, 2019, 12–6pm
Tuition: $ 480 USD
CECs: 12 (PMA/Body Harmonics)
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About Margot McKinnon
M.Ed., PMA Certified Teacher
Body Harmonics Founder & Director of Education

Margot founded Body Harmonics in 1998 with the vision of creating a centre for movement and health that is rich in learning, exploration and fun. Passionate about sharing the power of simple movements to unleash natural power, agility and grace, Margot’s knowledge of movement science runs deep. A professional adult educator and comprehensively trained and certified Pilates teacher, Margot’s focus is on making Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement safe, effective and accessible to all!

A sought-after teacher trainer, media personality and presenter, Margot shares her knowledge, experience and advice through her Teacher Training, Studios, Health Clinics, articles, videos , publications and Shoptalk blog.
“Teaching people to move with ease and power is simply inspiring … miraculous in fact. I’m blessed to work in a field that’s endlessly fascinating and
so naturally supportive to our health and wellbeing.”

—Margot McKinnon
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