~ Mary’s Morning Message ~

Greetings ~

Hello dear one, it’s been quite a while since we’ve brought forth any Divine Messages, but here we are today. I continue to pray and meditate for you every day, that you are navigating life in a continuous Flow. Here within, is a pretty lengthy Message, although it brings forth a lot of current and upcoming information. Some of this may not obtain to you, although you may know someone that it does. It helps give us a greater perspective of how to caretake and tend to our current situations, by Living in the Light of this New Energy, as we Step into a Newer Reality knowing that everything is going to be ok. 

In Love and Light,
Mary Martin Medium 
Message ~
Did you know that your day-to-day attitude is a barometer of your life, and that you have the ability to Change your Spiritual Forecast at any time?

What is your Spiritual Forecast like for you these days? 

Is it Sunshine and Warmth, Rainy and Cold, are there Clouds lurking overhead and threatening? How does this Forecast make you feel? 

There are so many in this world right now that are releasing Fear, Anger and ill-will intentions which are Manifesting Negative Energy Vortices all over the place. 

There are also many in this world right now that are Practicing Peaceful Acts, Spending time in Meditation, Prayer and Play, and are Manifesting through pure Intentions a more Balanced Earth, opening up Positive Energy Vortices all over the place.  
2021 has provided us with an Energetic-Map to tap into the Multidimensional Holograms to see firsthand, what is yet to be Awakened. It has taken us deep into the abyss of the missing and hidden refuse that needs to be brought up and cleared.  If everything remains hidden and asleep, the spiraling negative vortices will keep repeating itself over and over.  This is our Purging Period. It is so important that each one us continue this cleansing process. Remember you are not alone, there is so much Light being emitted into our earth plane from the Company of Heaven to help us. And please don’t forget to call upon St. Germain of the Violet Flame to help you Transmute the old through forgiveness and love.  

As more of humanity Awakens, so do the Shadows of its past. These lurking Shadows are more apparent due to so many accessing and opening the vaults of time. Now, more than ever we are able to tap into our Akashic Records during our Meditations and Sleep time, giving us ample opportunity to open our Karmic Contracts and discern the distractions of our past, and then let go, thus why so many people are having ‘wild’ dreams lately.  You are Clearing!!

September’s Forecast may not seem as Clear as we would like it to be, but it will get Clearer. There is a lot of energy showering down on us right now, this is why it is so important to extend your Protective Umbrella of Insurance, from the pelting particles spewing around us. 

This month is about uncovering a lot of confusing messages being delivered to you from a lot of different sources. Please stay focused, go back within and breathe.  Listen to your Heart and discern your Truth. As the Storms continue, some will become very agitated, grumpy and downright dirty to others. Anxiety will rise very high. A lot will feel in limbo, confused and weary. And yet, those that are Awakened and Conscious will have Clarity that everything is going to be ok. These dedicated Earth Angels are diligent and divinely committed to you and all of humanity. They are always with us, and will assist in the opening of this Peaceful Portal.

We are all tired of the uncertainty, we are restless and drained of trying to rise above it all. Even though the future seems unclear, the Energy that you possess can Manifest and Create Clear Skies above you. This is where we all have to do our part. Please do not be distracted by outside influences from your inner-truth and knowingness.
Preparing yourself to Navigate through this New Energy Portal ~

Embrace yourself and begin letting go of any resistance to change. It may seem very uncomfortable at first, by you’ve got this. You’ve given so much, if not your whole life to others, and now it is time for you to receive, it creates a loving and kind balance to the Whole Body. Reach for the Stars, the Angels, your Guides, your Spirit Family, the One Source, and ask for help. They are always there for you 24/7.  Ask yourself questions, listen and respond from your heart versus the ego. Be truthful to yourself, this will help set you free almost immediately. 

Do you fear anything or anyone?

Are you being self-supportive and taking time to receive for all you give?
Are you complaining and draining yourself so much, that you haven’t any energy left? 

Do you have energy vampires suckling from you, taking away your freedom, your rights, your spirit? 

Are you uplifting yourself with nutrients from nature that can regenerate and rejuvenate you? 

Do you have resentments, judgments or disappointments that trap you in a repetitive cycle? 

Spiritual Ascension Flu isn’t fun, isn’t easy, and yet the outcome typically releases someone almost immediately from the years/lives trying to remove it from their embodiments system. This type of advancement helps one to levitate into a Newer Reality of Living Light.
Some may feel completely numb or paralyzed to all the circumstances, situations and issues that are occurring. This may be the result of self-protection that allows the old energy to be up-rooted and released naturally and automatically. This route allows one to stay neutral as the old frequencies are being removed. This usually happens to someone that constantly stays in their own lane, and has obtained a ‘Fast-Trak’ pass. This method avoids the very slow and crowed merge of those still stuck in the Corridor of the Storm
To embrace all of these changes that one chooses to create, is to stay neutral throughout the process. This will help align yourself to the True Authentic Self, the Real Self, the I Am Presence. 

Although we’ve seen a Diverse Year of Travesty, Tragic and Trouble, it’s also been a Divine Year of Expansion, Experiences and Enlightenment.

We have the empowerment to Shift and Shape the Energy that we reside in. We can begin with our Spiritual Forecast, a unique and uplifting Gift that the Elements of the Universe can provide for us. 
September’s Spiritual Forecast indicates that it is a cleansing month. As Natures four Elements assist us, we will see lots of flooding Water force the old and stagnant energy that has been stuck for eons of time. It is ok to Cry and let the Water Flow, it Cleanses and Purifies.

Mother Earth is softening (not crumbling) so that this deep-rooted and underlying jammed energy can be uplifted and released. It is ok to heal and be freed from what once held and anchored you. When you Rise above it, you will be re-Grounded in a healthier way and can begin to build a New Foundation for your Future.

The Suns Fire is warming the underbelly of the old earth, drying up the waters (emotions) as Healings continue. It is ok to throw the pain, the sorrow and the past into the Fire, as it allows you to rise through the ashes and begin Anew. 

And the Winds will Wave a Magic Wand to help Sift and Shift the remaining last remnants, particles and pieces that can no longer exist here within. It is ok to Observe from above and to Breathe clean air while remaining focused and balanced. 
Remember the Storms that have jolted and stricken us are a reminder that we are Strong, Compassionate, Kind and Loving. We can overcome anything, because we Trust this process and will Celebrate in Triumph.

The Angels and the Spirits have shown us that the next 3 months (October, November & December) a Peaceful Portal will open for those willing to step into a Newer RealityThe Portal of Peace offers us so much, and is a part of the New Energy that is Freely given to Us from the Star Systems Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades. Each Star System has already energetically Aligned itself to the One(s) who are Ready to Receive, and will Fuel us, Gift us and Lift us into a higher Conscious Awareness. When one chooses this Upgrade Transmission to a higher plane or level of conscious existence, there isn’t any resistance. Because by now, we Know…and we are ready to let go and Rise above the Clouded and Shrouded Storms beneath us. This Portal of Peace is like being in the Eye of the Storm. Being in the Eye of the Storm is Calm and Peaceful, while the outside is under severe distress, disruption and despair. Those who can See the greater outcome, have already Created an extra Energy Field (portal) around this Eye, as to become the Observer from a much Clearer space. As an Observer on this observation deck, one see’s the maze beneath us. This is where one can remain the Spectator versus the Spectacle. Spectators watch, observe, witness and learn. While Spectacles let loose, act out, and exhibit adverse behavior. Being in this “Eye” of the Storm, one is in a Free Flow, living Fearlessly to their Freedom. 

As we move through this Portal of Peace, we are Risen and Removed from the darkened storms beneath us.  We’ve all been riding the Waves of this Storm, and it won’t do us any good to ‘sit’ and wait it out (it could be a while). So, in order to change the Stormy and Gloomy Forecast, each one of us needs to step up to the Mirror and begin to clear what we no longer want to see or be a part of. 

Look into your Spiritual Forecast and see what is predicted for you. In order for Change we must first make a Choice to Change. Create a greater Communication with your Angles, Guides, Spirit Family, the Great Spirit and adjust within what no longer belongs. Ask your Authentic Self, your I Am Presence to help you untwist the chains that bind you and the anchors that hold you down, so that you can set yourself Free, over death, dis-ease and misery. I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am that Light I Am. 

May you be Divinely Guided, Protected and at Peace as this Portal opens for You. 

May you be in Wonderment to the World, as you See far greater than ever before.

May you Walk this earths plane side-by-side with the Energies of Living Light, that assist you and welcome you through this Portal. 

May you be Encouraged to continue this Journey with Hope in your Heart.

May you walk, talk and experience all that the Great Divine has waiting for you. 

Many Blessings to thee,
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If you would like assistance in raising your Spirit, Vibration and Energy, then please join us for September’s Full Moon REMOTE Guided Meditation-Activation. We are all living in a very super-charged electromagnetic field right now, and we have to find ways to calm down this energy field we are in, so that our Embodiments can co-correct any indifferences that may have been influenced by control, constraint or confusion. More than ever, it is a time to find Strength, Stand Tall and be in a Constant Contact to your Higher Self, your I Am Presence, the Essence and Energy of Living Light. As we continue to go through these Shifts, please remember that everything is in divine order. Please take this time to dig deeper into your self-awareness, really get to know yourself, the inner child, the true authentic being. Please keep healing, loving and know that your faith is your freedom.  

Monday, September 20, 2021
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