MAY - 2021

It is hard for us to understand why crimes against animals are not taken more seriously. Why do animal abusers get off with little to no punishment? There is a huge misconception that anyone arrested for and charged with animal abuse automatically gets convicted of a felony. The truth is the life of a domesticated animal has no value in the eyes of most courts. They are treated as inanimate objects that have no feelings and damage done to them, whether be it physical or mental, is not real or worth pursuing in court.
We know that animals do have feelings, they do feel both physical and mental pain. Laws that are in place to protect our domesticated animals should be upheld, charged appropriately, be heard in court and those convicted should be punished and sentenced accordingly.
Lux’s case is one in which the perpetrator was charged with felony torturing/killing of an animal, however the conditions of the plea deal she was given only requires her to complete two years of probation and then the felony will drop off her record. The abuse she inflicted upon Lux was not only heinous, but it continued over the course of several months which resulted in several broken bones and a fractured skull. It is the opinion of several veterinarians that the damage she did to Lux is irreversible and at some point, he will need to have his leg amputated.
The day Lux was rescued his abuser was trying to drown him in the Clinton River on a freezing cold day in January. A witness reported that each time Lux was thrown into the river he would continue to crawl out to his abuser. No matter how much abuse was inflicted upon him, Lux still loved his owner and wanted to be with her. Even though Lux has since been adopted into a loving home, he continues to show signs of emotional trauma. He urinates on himself when scared and he cowers around new people in fear. Hopefully in time he will learn to trust again.
The sentencing for this case is scheduled for May 12th at 930am. For those that are dissatisfied with this plea deal, please contact Judge James Beirnat, JR at or letters can be mailed to his attention to One South Main, Mt. Clemens, MI 48043 and respectfully ask him to reconsider the plea deal proposed by the Macomb County Prosecutor's office. Reference for this case is The People vs. Amber Sunde, case no. 21-0140FH. TO BE CLEAR...Blame is on the prosecutor's office for this deal NOT on the Judge!
We are also asking that everyone contact the animal unit of the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office at 586-463-3485 to demand Justice for Lux! 
Is That Cough More?

Many dogs will develop a cough from time to time. Sometimes the cough could be harmless, others times it can be an infection treatable by antibiotics, but it could be a more serious condition if left unchecked. It is important to pay attention to persistent coughs from your pets. Try to be cognizant if some event is starting the cough such as excitement or activity. It is also good to note the sound the cough makes, is it wet? Dry? Honking? That can also help what identifying the issue. 

Sometimes a dry coughing after excitement could mean a collapsing trachea which makes the dog feel like they are breathing through a straw. Try it, not fun! A wet cough could be some early signs of heart disease and it’s caused from a backup of fluid into the lungs. If your pet is having more and more episodes of coughing events, please do not wait to get a check-up with your vet. They will be able to determine the best next tests to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. 

-Dr. Kayla
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