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Having a baby is both a joyful and difficult time. Family Connects Prince George's has been offering telehealth visits for caregivers 3-4 weeks after delivery as an additional support to the post-partum care provided by their own doctors since November 2020. Many other programs for children and families target their services to specific populations, focused on those thought to be at greatest risk (using identifiers such as income, first birth or age of the mother). But research has consistently shown that the birth of a baby is a time of vulnerability for every family. By offering services to every family, we can improve health outcomes at a population level and the stigma attached to receiving services is reduced.  Family Connects is offered to families on a voluntary basis - families are free to accept or decline a home visit. Registered nurses visit with families and help identify and access the resources in their community that fit with their individual needs and preferences. 

Family Connects is designed to integrate with existing community services and complement and enhance services that are already being offered--it is not designed to replace more intensive services, including other home visiting services.  

The Family Connects program has been very well received in Prince George's County because the registered nurses provide a trusting, supportive and high level of care for a population that has very complex and complicated cases. Meet some of our team below. 

Impact of Family Connects Nurses

The Family Connects team of nurses hear so much about the multiple needs of families during the first weeks of post-partum period. Look at the infographic below to see what risks families faced in the previous quarter. 

Family Connects Impacts

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Caregiver Experience Review Team (CERT)

Family Connects Prince George's is looking to create a Caregiver Experience Review Team made up of community members. The CERT Team will review cases that our Family Connects nurses flag as particularly complicated or when parents report care concerns. We would like to have 5 community members make up this team that would meet quarterly and report to our Community Advisory Board members. If you are interested in supporting this effort, please email ajacobson@pgcrc.org  

We want to hear from you!

The Family Connects Community Advisory Board (CAB) is vital to the success of Family Connects. The quarterly meetings have been held on a Tuesday afternoon from 5:30-7:00 pm virtually. We would like to poll our community partners to find out if this time is still generally a good time to meet.  

Please participate in the survey below: 

What is your preferred timeframe for our quarterly Community Advisory Board meeting?
Keep it as it is--quarterly on Tuesdays at 5:30pm
During the work day in the morning
During the work day in the afternoon
Later in the evening-say 7pm-8:30pm

Healthy Families is expanding!

Through a generous grant from Prince George's County Department of Social Services, Healthy Families will soon be hiring two additional home visitors and a supervisor to expand services to 40 additional families. Through this grant and Healthy Families America Child Welfare Protocol, HFPG will be able to to offer services to families up until the child turns 24 months old if they are referred from DSS.  

Child Welfare Protocol Information

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