Thank you Montgomery County Council for passing
the Racial Equity and Social Justice Act.
Family Learning Solutions presented "Lifting The Mask" at 2019 Maryland United 4 Youth Conference 
All four of our Student2Student Peer Mentors were invited to present on Peer Leadership and Peer-to-Peer Mentoring at the Conference. Older students mentoring younger students make our Mentoring program stand out from other mentoring programs. High school seniors who experienced group mentoring receive weekly training and co-facilitate group mentoring sessions for the younger participants in the program. Peer Mentoring helps students lift their mask and share who they truly are which is critical for their well-being and academic achievement. We are very proud of the courage and hard work of our adult and Peer Mentors !
Family Learning Solutions Alumni
Family Learning Solutions (FLS) began its mentoring work in 1997 in Rosemary Hills. All of our alumni graduated from Montgomery County public schools and participated in FLS "Homework Club" between 1997 - 2007. We are super excited to feature some of our alumni in our newsletter. Over the years, we have benefited from the expertise of our alumni.
Assata Williams
Ms. Assata Williams joined the "Homework Club" in Rosemary Hills in 1997 and stayed with the program through its entirety. Assata was able to star in a talent show and receive acting lessons. Assata was sponsored by FLS in 2018 to perform her self-produced one-woman show called CHAIN at the Black Box Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland to a sold-out audience . Assata is now represented and will be seen in an upcoming television series.
Agnes Gilson
Ms. Agnes Gilson began attending the FLS Homework Club in second grade and stayed with the program through high school. Agnes, youngest daughter of Haitian parents was matched with a national foundation in fifth grade to learn entrepreneurship. Agnes graduated from Howard University and is the founder of current upscale waxing salon called Waxing by Aggy in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Jene Raigns
Ms. Jene Raigns began attending the FLS Homework Club in second grade and her mentor influenced her decision to attend college and pursue social work. She is graduating from Bowie State University in December 2019 and will then begin the master's degree program in social work at Fordham University.  Jene is currently a Montgomery County government employee and plans to serve as a mentor to girls, implementing the "KIND SCHOLARS" program in Rosemary Hills.
Robert Roman
Mr. Robert Roman currently employed by MCPS, founded a youth basketball coaching business, Basketball Recruitment Association to mentor youth . He has coached and created a bridge from high school to college for many basketball players. Robert, son of Immigrants from Dominican Republic, volunteers to work with students in addition to his full-time work. Robert has gone above and beyond to mentor young men and give back to his community. Robert began attending "Homework Club" in 8th grade. He has worked with FLS as a fitness coach at an extended day middle school summer program.
Selam and Tekuam Kassa
Ms. Selam and Ms. Tekuam Kassa (sisters) began attending the "Homework Club" together. Recently immigrated from Ethiopia with working parents, Selam needed to look after her younger sister during after-school hours. The "Homework Club" was the only program that allowed her to bring her sister and be able to receive assistance with school work in the presence of caring responsible adults. Proudly, Selam has graduated with a Master's Degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Entertainment Management. She has a full-time job at an entertainment agency in Los Angeles, California.
Family Learning Solutions, Inc. sponsors group mentoring and peer leadership programs serving youth and parents throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. "Homework Club," "Courageous Queens," and "Kind Scholars" programming goals and outcomes are in sync with Montgomery County's Racial Equity and Social Justice Act and Economic Development Plan.
Family Learning Solutions, Inc. (FLS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1997 by Dr. Lori Melman, LCSW-C (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). FLS is committed to more than academic success among youth. In partnership with parents, schools, and the community, FLS strives to empower youth to realize their full potential, contribute their voice to the community, and have a strong foundation in knowing their worth. FLS is funded by City of Gaithersburg Community Services Dvision, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Council and Office of County Executive. The support allows FLS to continue its commitment to serve all youth in their pursuit of academic and personal excellence.