Capitalism and climate crisis in India

Global warming is upsetting the monsoon, making droughts more likely, and changing the lives of hundreds of millions of Indians.

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"Inequalities continue to intensify, in India and worldwide.

In India, 1 per cent of the population reportedly owns 58 per cent of the country’s wealth. Covid-19 hasn’t changed things: the recent rise in stock market valuations in the United States, and anecdotal evidence of consumption patterns in China suggest that the rich are yet again managing to pass on the burdens of an economic crisis on working people everywhere. 

Therefore, as well as engaging with, and reducing emissions from intermediate systems such as electricity, transport, buildings, and agriculture, we simply cannot address global warming satisfactorily unless these structural core issues that connect with justice and equity are given primacy and tackled head on."

Fossil Fuels
BHP: don't believe its hype

Meet the mining giant that talks big on responsibility, but has a long way to go to meet its own hype.

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North Sea workers ready to switch to renewables

Workers are ready to move away from fossil fuel production as long as they can work and their families don't suffer, a new survey has found. The survey blasts a hole in the argument by trade union leaders that every last drop of oil must be...

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Coming back to life in Tharaka, Kenya

This is usually a busy time for us here in Tharaka. In a normal year we would be together, working communally on our farmsteads to ensure a good harvest. But the normal rhythms of life are not possible now. The coronavirus means we can no longer...

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Rethinking globalisation for a sustainable recovery

Economic recovery from Covid-19 is underway within individual countries and globally, with governments injecting trillions to rescue businesses and workers. The pandemic has sunk the global economy into a sudden and protracted recession, 55...

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We must radically rethink how we live and work

Welsh Manifesto for the Future calls for shorter working week and basic income to help people and planet thrive.

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Environmental Justice
Louisiana's struggle against Covid-19

Air pollution in Louisiana's 'Cancer Alley' linked to high Covid-19 death rates.

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Indian conservation 'puts communities in peril'

Biodiversity around the world is decreasing at an alarming rate. We are currently facing a ' sixth mass extinction' and governments and international bodies are planning to take action. The UN, for example, declared 2020 as the ' super year for...

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Help grow May Project Gardens

'Together we have explored eco-materials, danced gravel into the ground and worked out how to build a classroom that will support nature and not further destroy it.'

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Loch stock and salmon

I've always loved the sea: it's the backdrop to some of my happiest childhood memories, it's the reason I studied marine biology at university and it's why I learned to freedive as an adult. I've swum with sharks, dolphin, turtles, sea-lions and...

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Brave new arctic

At this time of year, in Russia's far north Laptev Sea, the sun hovers near the horizon during the day. It generates little warmth as the region heads towards months of polar night. By late September or early October, the sea's shallow waters...

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A year to COP

It is a year until the make-or-break talks of COP26 in Glasgow, and making the shift to net zero has never been more urgent. As hosts of the next set of climate talks, the UK has a responsibility to make swift progress.

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Hacking the earth?

Geo-engineering 'turns hearts and minds away from the cause of the climate crisis and inevitably dilutes the urgency with which it must be addressed'.

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Designing environmentally responsible healthcare

The Medicines and Medical Devices Bill must pave the way for designing new drugs that are less harmful to the environment, supported by a circular economy.

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