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Silver Linings: The growth of tennis in 2020
As we begin our second year dealing with the coronavirus and its impact on our lives and on our businesses, we get some good news about the state of our sport. It seems that in 2020, while Americans have been locked down, forced to curtail most activities and told to keep a very tight circle of family and friends, the sport of tennis has actually been growing.

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USTA 2021 Event Cancellations
For 2021, the following events will be cancelled and removed from the national schedule:
  • Tennis on Campus Spring and Fall Invitationals and National Championships
  • Boys and Girls 18 National Team Championships
  • Boys and Girls 14 & 16 Intersectional Championships
  • Boys and Girls 12, 14 & 16 Zonal Championships
  • JTT National Championships
  • EDC Camps

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