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July 24th, 2017
Simply put the coupon code "FLASH20" will take 20% off the purchase of the Dark Sentinel LE v4.  But this sale ends 07/26/2017.  Don't miss out.
This coupon code cannot applied retroactively and cannot be combined with other coupon code.  

The new Mystery Box has been made extremely popular at conventions and has now made its way to our online store. If you purchase the $75 Mystery Box then you are guaranteed to get a saber that retails for $75 or more. If you purchase the $200 Mystery Box then you are guaranteed to get a saber that retails for $200 or more. With the $75 you have a chance to win a Stunt Saber (No Sound), a saber with Premium Sound, a saber with Lite Sound, a sabers with the Emerald Driver + Premium Sound, a saber with Diamond Controller, and more! With the $200 you are GUARANTEED to get a saber with sound (no stunt sabers); so you have a chance to win a saber with Premium Sound, a saber with Lite Sound, a sabers with the Emerald Driver + Premium Sound, a saber with Diamond Controller, and more!

The electronics on all Mystery Boxes are fully covered under warranty. Mystery box sabers may come with some minor cosmetics damage to the hilt. If you are fortunate enough to win a saber with Premium Sound, a saber with the Emerald Driver + Premium Sound, or a saber with Diamond Controller then your saber will NOT come with a charger. You will need to purchase that separately. All Mystery Box Sabers come with the blade retention screw wrench. The hilt models for all Mystery Box Types are completely random. There is no way to select a particular hilt type or blade color for Mystery Box purchases. Dissatisfaction with hilt types or blade colors are not a valid reason for return on Mystery Box purchases. Please enjoy the thrill of purchasing a Mystery Box responsibly.

Ultrasabers is once again giving away a ridiculous numbers of premium, high quality, feature loaded sabers!  It's time for another AWESOME raffle.  This time we are giving away 95 sabers.  Check out a few of the past raffle winner thread or ask around and I'm sure the winners of any of our previous raffles can attest to the awesomeness of getting your name pulled and getting that free saber in the mail!  This raffle ends on Friday, August 11th, 2017.  What that means is if you enter you will have MUCH less competition than our past raffles.  Higher odds of winning :-)  Which is always good.  Enjoy!  Not to mention we QUADRUPLED the number of sabers we're giving away!  Which means even HIGHER odds of winning.

1. To enter this raffle you need to make a purchase of $250 or more between July 18th, 2017 and August 11th, 2017.
2. When you make the purchase be sure to enter the coupon code "SummerRaffle" and this will serve as your raffle ticket.  Please do not forget to enter this coupon code.
3. This raffle is for Saberforum members ONLY.  Please put your saberforum.com forum name in the comments field of your order.  This is mandatory for raffle consideration.
4. That's it.  You are in and eligible to win one of the 95 prizes (whoa whoa whoa... 95?  Yes, NINETY FIVE!!!  this is not a typo people this is real, giving away nearly ONE HUNDRED free sabers).  Only one ticket per order.  No limit on the number of tickets per customer.

Emerald Prize [two winners]: Any two single color Ultrasabers with Obsidian Sound equipped with 4-Channel Emerald Drivers of YOUR CHOICE and a vented coupler to create the ULTIMATE EMERALD Double Bladed saber

Grand Prize [two winners]: Any two single color Ultrasabers with Obsidian Sound & Flash on Clash of YOUR CHOICE and a vented coupler to create the ULTIMATE Double Bladed saber

First Prize [fifteen winners]: Random Hilt with Obsidian Sound & 2-channel Emerald Driver
Second Prize [twenty one winners]: Random Hilt with Random features with Obsidian Sound
Third Prize [twenty five winners]: Random Hilt with Li-Ion setup
Fourth Prize [thirty winners]: Random Grab Bag Saber

Additional Perks
  • Free Random Blade Plug for Orders $350 or more.  Enter the coupon code "350Plug"
  • Free Random T-Shirt for Orders $400 or more.  Enter the coupon code "400Shirt"
  • Free ERGO Ultraspinner for Orders $450 or more.  Enter the coupon code "450Spinner"
  • Free Saber Stand for Orders $500 or more.  Enter the coupon code "500Stand"
  • Free Random Initiate Saber for Orders $550 or more.  Enter the coupon code "FreeInitiate"

In addition to the raffle, we are giving a free Initiate saber with every order over $550.  Just place an order over $550 and enter the coupon code "FreeInitiate" and this additional Initiate saber will automatically be added to your order.  DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE COUPON CODE "FreeInitiate" if your order is over $550.  Maximum of one free Initiate per order.  You have to place multiple orders to get multiple free Initiate sabers. (Free Initiate Sabers are grab bag style random version and finish hilts with electronics installed and 24" Initiate Size blade attached)

Prizes will be shipped to the same shipping address on the order # with the winning raffle ticket.  If the winning order is on BACKORDER then that will also delay the shipping of the prize.

Winners will be announced on www.saberforum.com on August 12th and also via email.

GUYS!  These are some AWESOME prizes.  And look at the number of chances you have to win, 95 winners!!!  Emerald Sabers! Sabers with Sound!  So many higher end prizes this time! UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVES (yes we do still have more)!!!  NEW ELECTRUM WIND!!!  NEW FLAMBERGE!!!  NEW RENEGADE!!!  NEW MENACE SABERS!!!  NEW MANTIS SABERS!!!  CHOSEN ONES!  SCORPIONS!  GUARDIANS!  GRAFLEXES!  REAPERS!  OMENS!  AND MORE all being given away this raffle.  And the chances to win are much higher than ever before.  Ask the last raffle winners how GREAT it feels to get that free saber in the mail!  Don't miss out this time around.

Check out the ERGO Ultraspinner here: https://squareup.com/store/ultraspinners/item/ergo-aluminum you can request Silver , Red , Blue , or Black finish in the comments field of your order.  
Now that we are located in the middle of the country we plan to attend quite a few more conventions to give more fans an opportunity to come check out the operation in person.  The next ones this year will be RTX 2017, Corpus Christi Comic Con, and Florida Supercon.  Keep an eye out for any announcements of us attending a convention near you.

Ultrasabers will be attending this years RTX 2017: http://www.rtxaustin.com/

Ultrasabers will be attending this years Florida Supercon: http://floridasupercon.com/

Ultrasabers will be attending this years Corpus Christi Comic Con: http://corpuschristicomiccon.com/

We will be there displaying, demo'ing, and selling Ultrasabers for the entire convention.  Should be a blast.  Hope to see you there!

What is a Diamond Saber?

A Diamond Saber is an Ultrasaber that has been equipped with the most powerful and versatile lightsaber controller on the market for lightsabers, giving you the ultimate power to build a lightsaber with complete controller over its sound effects and blade colors.

The Diamond Controller adds the ability to create and recognize gestures. A gesture is a unique sequence of movements that you can program into the Diamond Controller to trigger a unique sound and/or light effect.

Before you harness the power of a Diamond Saber it is very important that you educate yourself on its capabilities first. Please watch the videos HERE and prepare to have your mind blown by the versatility of these types of sabers.

If it wasn't clear from the description: ALL Diamond Sabers come equipped with sound. The diamond controller is a single board with the ability to arm your Ultrasaber with sound, light, gesture recognition, and the ability to make unlimited changes to them all.

What does the Diamond Controller allow you to do?
  • Synchronized sound and light effects - which means you can have one light effect for your hum sound and a completely different light effect for your power on sound and a completely different light effect for your power down, swing, clash, spin, and stab sounds. Truly endless possibilities.
  • Advanced motion detection with adjustable sensitivity for: Swing, Clash, Spin, Stab, and Force.
  • Gesture recognition - with the ability to learn new gestures from user through the on-board menu.
  • Hold & cycle through up to 10 soundfonts through the on-board menu without connecting to a computer with up to 15 effects per font (up to 16 sounds different sounds for Swing and Clash effects).
  • 256 MB internal memory (compared to 16MB found on our V4 soundboards).
  • 4-channel color mixer (Power LED) - gives you the ability to adjust the current on 4 individual channels that control 4 different colors (for example Red, Green, Blue, and White) and mix and match any of these adjusted channels to create almost limitless possibilities for different blade colors.
  • 4 additional independent low-power Accent LED channels - which means you can add an illuminated AV switch without having it always on or sacrificing one of the main LED channels. And three additional Accent LEDs for DIY users.
  • 8 bit light intensity control on each channel, generating more than 16 million colors.
  • Gives you the ability to adjust the time and duration of the all light effects - which means you can create an unlimited variety and combination of pulses, flickers, shimmer across every sound effect (not just flash on clash)
  • Battery monitor with 2 warning thresholds on any accent LED (for DIY users).
  • Accepts both LSU and WAV sound format (mono, 16 bit, 48 kHz)
  • Fully configurable firmware, upgradable through the Ultrasabers Launcher software.
  • Gives you the ability to make all these changes DYNAMICALLY, no DIP switch adjustments, no loading bar, no SD Card, no pin adjusting, no waiting. You click one button and you see your lightsaber blade change to the color of your choice right before your eyes.
Diamond Controller - INTRO

Diamond Controller - ON BOARD MENU

Diamond Controller - CREATING GESTURES

Check out the details on the forums HERE 
With the release of so many new sabers this year and the launch of our new Mystery Box we figured it would be a great time for Ultrasabers to start its FOURTH Video Review Rewards Program.  (The third program is over effective immediately, any video submission from here on will be considered an entry into the FOURTH Video Review Rewards Program)  It's no secret that we depend on the support from you guys to keep going.  Without you guys telling all your friends how awesome your Ultrasabers are and posting glowing reviews on the forums and facebook and spreading the Ultrasabers love, we wouldn't be here.  So thanks for the support, we greatly appreciate it.  And now we want to reward you guys for that support.

The first, second, and third programs went marvelously. Thank you all for your participation.  All those who participated in the first, second, AND third program will get 50% more points for participating in the fourth program.  Basically, if you submitted a video for the first, second, AND third program then you get 450 points instead of 300.  And all those who participated in the first, second, OR third program alone will get 25% more points for participating in the fourth program.  Basically, if you submitted a video for the first, second, or third program (but not both) then you get 375 points instead of 300.  This is our way of saying thank you again to you guys and giving everyone an opportunity to snatch up a few more reward points.

BUT WAIT there is more.  As an incentive to make an awesome review video we are giving an additional 200 bonus points to any video that is submitted AND is selected to be included as a feature video for the listing for a hilt model.  Basically if we believe your review is awesome enough to be a feature video for one of our sabers, boom, extra 200 points for you on top of the points you already get for the review video submission.

Starting 07/19/2017 Ultrasabers will be giving 300 Rewards Points (450 to Program 1+2+3 participants for their fourth video and 375 to Program 1, 2, or 3 participants for their second video) to customers for qualifying video reviews posted on www.saberforum.com.  Here are the rules for this rewards program:

1. This must be a new video and a new review created and posted to youtube after 07/19/2017 
2. Each video can only get the 300 (or 450/375 for repeat offenders ) reward points one time. 
3. Videos must be posted on Youtube (since only Youtube videos are allowed on www.saberforum.com
4. Videos must be included in a review for an Ultrasaber that is posted on www.saberforum.com 
5. The 300 (or 450/375 for Program 1/2/3 participants for their fourth/second video) reward points will only be rewarded one time per customer ID 
6. Reward points are non-transferable 
7. Video must feature an Ultrasaber, have "Ultrasabers" in the title, and not be unlisted.

Other than that just have fun and tell everyone how awesome your Ultrasaber is!!!  It doesn't matter if there are already six reviews up for Blazing Red Dark Initiates or six reviews up for Consular Green Archons, make yours the seventh!  Don't be discouraged, we want to hear from YOU too.

And don't forget the 200 bonus points if your video is selected as a feature video on the Ultrasabers website.  We wanted to add a little extra spice to the Program this time around.  Let's see some awesome video submissions.

After you make your video and post your review on www.saberforum.com email us at customerrewards@ultrasabers.com with:
1. A hyperlink to the review that is posted on www.saberforum.com with the video in it and 
2. Your www.ultrasabers.com customer ID OR your email address registered to www.ultrasabers.com 

We will email you back to let you know if your review qualifies or not and if it does we will immediately add the 300 reward points (or 450/375 for Program 1/2/3 participants) to you www.ultrasabers.com account!

It's an exciting time to be an Ultrasabers fan, free reward points, big sales, giveaways, new sabers, fun stuff!!!

Make sure you email us at customerrewards@ultrasabers.com in regards to this Rewards Program.
Tips for Li-Ion Battery Care
If you own an Ultrasaber that uses Li-Ion batteries then you have probably wondered what the best way is to take care of the batteries is to prolong them.  One gigantic piece of misinformation is that you shouldn't keep the batteries on the charger (or if you have a recharge port, you shouldn't keep your saber plugged in).  When that is exactly where you should keep them.  Our chargers begin to "trickle charge" once the batteries are fully charged.  Which means that it will keep the batteries topped off but will not overcharge or damage the batteries. 
The best way to risk damaging your Li-Ion batteries is to leave them in your saber for an extended period without using the saber or charging the batteries.  Over a very long period of time your saber will eventually fully drain the batteries and if your batteries stay idle for an extended period after being completely depleted they will eventually forget how to charge and become "fully dead" battery cells and won't recharge again.  So if your saber is going to be sitting idle for an extended period of time, please remove the batteries and store them in the charger or if you have a recharge port just keep your saber plugged in until the next time you plan to use it.  This will help to preserve your Li-Ion batteries.