Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Happy July! We hope you're finding fun ways to enjoy the summer, whether swimming, hiking, biking, or just hanging out.

This summer, we're excited to announce two NEW resources for families:

1) Summer Reading List

Welcome to the first-ever Parent Ed Series Summer Reading List! This collection of books (Parts 1 and 2) from many of our favorite presenters is packed with timely, practical parenting strategies. Try one or read them all!

2) Keys: for Parenting

Free app available for download! Keys: for Parenting is a new communication tool that puts parenting advice at your fingertipsliterally, it's a keyboard!developed by Charlene Margot and Bev Hartman, co-founders of The Parent Venture.

In today's busy world, many parents wish for better relationships with their kids. But how can you get the conversation started? Give Keys a try! We know you'll love it. And your kids will too.

Join the fun! If you're looking for more great parenting advice, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or subscribe to our free Video Library (YouTube), a popular and trusted resource with over 20,000 views!

Also, check out The Parent Venture, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. TPV extends the work of The Parent Education Series to serve more families, educators, and community members.

Wishing you a happy, relaxing summer!

Charlene Margot, MA
Co-Founder, The Parent Venture

p.s. Our award-winning programs and resources depend on the generosity of parents like you! To make a contribution, visit The Parent Venture, Support.

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NEW! Keys: for Parenting
Announcing Keys: for Parenting!
Keys: for Parenting is a new communication tool that puts parenting advice at your fingertipsliterally, it's a keyboard!with real-time suggestions for what to say in those though moments. Free to download!

Keys puts the experience of its creators, Charlene Margot and Bev Hartman—two educators with 60+ years of experience—in your pocket. Give it a try! We know you'll love it. And your kids will too.
Summer Reading List
Join us for the Parent Education Series Summer Reading List!
We are proud to announce the Summer Reading List, a curated list of books from many of our favorite presenters.
Pick one or read them all every book is packed with great parenting advice! Reading list includes Part 1 and Part 2, pictured here.
Featured Reading
The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives
One of the best parenting books we've read in 20+ years! Dr. Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson provide wise, compassionate, and research-based strategies for how parents can help their children feel loved, trusted, and supported.
Community Partners
Child Mind Institute - Virtual Summer Parent Workshops
Child Mind Institute (CMI) is offering a series of virtual parent workshops this summer. Webinars in English and Spanish are scheduled at 8:30am PDT on Wednesdays, now through July 21.
In the News
What Your Kids Should Do This Summer: How to help children recover from the COVID-19 school year
Kids need breaks but so do parents, says Jelena Obradović, PhD, associate professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Camps are good for kids, but they also give parents a break, which can help them better enjoy family time.

— Stanford Magazine
Anxious About Returning to "Normal Life"? Try Emotional Vaccination
This fall will bring a return of many elements of pre-COVID life: working from an office, sending kids back to in-person school. While these transitions may be met with relief or excitement, it’s critical to prepare our families for relief and anxiety, excitement and sadness.

— TIME (Dr. Becky Kennedy)
Just for Fun
Guy Builds Veggie Garden For Family Of Groundhogs
Guy plants a whole a garden for the groundhog who keeps stealing his veggies — and can't believe it when he brings his whole family over!

Follow Chunk and his adventures on Instagram: and YouTube:
Video Library
Helping Your Children Discover Their Purpose in Life
What do you want out of your life? And how can we, as parents, help our kids discover what gives their lives meaning? Join Kendall Cotton Bronk, PhD, a professor of psychology at Claremont Graduate University.
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