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100 Women Who Care
Can you believe it?! We won this from 100 Women Who Care
On August 7th, LVSF was chosen as one of the local non-profits to compete for the quarterly awards funded by the members and business sponsors of 100 Women Who Care. Each randomly selected organization makes a brief five-minute presentation and answers questions about the organization from those present. The bulk of LVSF’s presentation was made by one of our students, Silvia Kingsford, who spoke movingly about how the program has helped her both in progressing her career, and with increased engagement in her children’s education.

LVSF won second place and was awarded the donations of members not present at the August meeting. To date, LVSF has received about $10,000, from more than 120 individual donations.

We are so grateful for the support and generosity of 100 Women Who Care, and we are excited about the program improvements and expansion that they have made possible. 
An Evening With an Author
"An Evening With an Author,” featuring Michael S. Vigil
On September 27, LVSF held an exciting and successful fundraising event, “An Evening With an Author,” featuring Michael S. Vigil. Mike is a native son of northern New Mexico, and spent more than 30 years with the DEA, rising to the level of Senior Executive Service. He may best be know for his undercover work infiltrating the Columbian and Mexican drug cartels. Mike was interviewed by renowned radio talk show host, Richard Eeds. Listen to the fascinating interview!
LVSF’s Contribution to Citizenship Now! Recognized
Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe was recognized by Somos Un Pueblo Unido’s Citizenship Now! Program and by Mayor Webber for collaboration with and support of the program through providing tutors to students who want help with preparing for the citizenship exam. In addition to LVSF’s traditional offering of tutoring U.S. History, Civics, and English as a Second Language, LVSF broadened Citizenship services by tutoring in Spanish for those students who are eligible and prefer to take the test in Spanish. Tutors Ellen Biderman, Ellen Herr, Marjorie Glass, Robin Gavin and Jim Norton help students at Somos on Monday and Thursday evenings. Sometimes, tutors meet with students for extra one-on-one tutoring in preparation for upcoming tests. 
The collaboration with Somos Un Pueblo Unido has helped broaden LVSF’s reach into the immigrant community by providing tutoring in accessible community locations. The collaboration also enables eager tutors to volunteer their time simultaneously to multiple agencies.
Did You Know... ?
The IRS deadline for taking this year’s required minimum distributions (RMDs) is December 31, 2019. Annual withdrawals from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are required after age 70+ ½ , and there is a penalty associated with skipping an RMD. You can save on your taxes and help Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, if you give directly from your retirement account. A direct contribution to LVSF from your IRA can reduce the tax you must otherwise pay on your RMD. 

Because the standard deduction has increased substantially, itemizing is not viable for many who used to do so. Many will find that contributions from their RMDs much more attractive than making contributions from other income.  You do not need to itemize deductions in order to avoid the taxes due on your RMD, and the contribution will count towards meeting the required annual total for your RMD. Funds must be transferred directly from your IRA to LVSF by your IRA Trustee. Your IRA provider will know how to do this and what information you need to provide in order to make the contribution.

We encourage you to reach out to your tax advisor to discuss this option.
Board News
Our deepest thanks to Baksim Goddard , who completed two terms of board service on September 30th. Baksim was the LVSF Treasurer for 3 years. In addition, she led many key activities for LVSF over the years, including redesign of the LVSF website and organizing the Santa Fe Reads panel discussions. Baksim plans to return to tutoring with LVSF.
Please extend a warm welcome to our two latest board members, Silvia Kingsford and Joene Herr. Silvia is the student representative on the LVSF Board. She graduated from a Technological University in Chihuahua, Mexico and has been in the USA since 2001. She has been taking ESL classes since 2017, and this year, she was one of the ESL Students of the Year recognized by the New Mexico Legislature. Joene is the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, Santa Fe. She moved with her husband, Peter, a clinical psychologist at the VA, to Santa Fe in 2015 from Ohio.  Prior to seminary, Joene was an account executive in the telecommunications industry. She has volunteer experience with PFLAG, the Boy Scouts and regional hunger and poverty ministries in Ohio.
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