February 2021
House Farm Workers!
Working to promote safe, decent, secure and affordable housing for all
Ventura County farm workers since 2004.
Somis Ranch Farmworker Housing Project Approved

We wanted to share the news with you all! On February 2, the Board of Supervisors approved the Somis Ranch Farmworker Housing Project on a 5-0 vote. Years of advocacy for more farmworker housing have paid off! The Somis Ranch Farmworker Housing project will be the largest farmworker housing project built in Ventura County.

The Somis Ranch Farmworker Housing Project is a good step forward towards meeting the needs of our local farmworkers and their families.

House Farm Workers! will continue to advocate for safe, decent, secure and affordable housing for farm workers and their families.
The Somis Ranch farmworker housing project is a 360-unit farmworker housing complex with 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units. This development will include two 3,000 square foot community centers, tot lots/playgrounds, play fields and basketball courts. Learn more about the project here: https://vcrma.org/somis-ranch-farmworker-housing-project
Annual Appeal- Thank You
Sending a heartfelt thank you to all who supported
House Farm Workers! this year.

With your support we were able to raise over $19,000! Your donations will support our efforts to promote safe, decent, secure and affordable housing for farm workers and their families. Those efforts include local farm worker housing advocacy at the city and county levels, informing our community about the need and ways to advocate, and cultivating the next generation of farm worker housing advocate leaders through our farm worker immersion program. Your gift will help us improve the living standards of the hard-working people who keep Ventura County’s fields and orchards productive, and tables across our country filled with nutritious produce.

Housing Element Advocacy
Every city and county in California is required to adopt, with public input, a Housing Element within the city or county General Plan, which must be updated every four to eight years. It is submitted to the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for approval. An effective housing element provides the conditions for developing and preserving an adequate supply of housing, including housing affordable to seniors, families and farm workers. It must include the following sections:

·     Housing Needs
·     Site Inventory and Analysis
·     Constraints

All of the sections present opportunities for significant public input and advocacy. Opportunities for verbal and/or written comment exist at every step of the Housing Element update process, which moves from initial draft preparation by staff and often consultants, to submission to the HCD for compliance review, to draft revision, and to final approval by the city council or board of supervisors. Comments may address for example:
  • Housing Needs: Is the data and analysis correct?
  • Site Inventory: Are enough sites identified and are they viable?
  • Constraints: Should additional constraints be listed? How effective are efforts to remove or minimize the impact of constraints?
  • Programs: Have existing programs been implemented? What new programs can be added?

To get involved in your community, contact info@housefarmworkers.org.
Executive Director Search Postponed
House Farm Workers! has put its search for a new Executive Director on hold for the foreseeable future. Our efforts for the next few months will be focused on advocating for City and County Housing Elements that address farmworker housing, and for specific projects. This work will be spearheaded by our Board of Directors, assisted by support staff and contractors with specific skill sets. When we are confident that in-person events can be held safely, enabling us to resume educational and networking activities, we will continue our search for an Executive Director.
Upcoming Events:
Ways You Can Get
Involved In Housing Advocacy

Oxnard House Farm Workers Committee
Wednesday, February 10 at 8am via Zoom
Email events@housefarmworkers.org to be added to mailing list.

Second Camarillo Housing Element Update Public Workshop
Thursday, February 11 at 6pm

The public can view public workshop via the following options:

Comments can be submitted by:
  • Email – Submit written comments and ask questions via email to Community Development Department at planning@cityofcamarillo.org. Deadline to send email is 2:00 p.m. on February 11th.·   
  • Webinar – When it is time to receive comments, following the staff and consultant presentation, the public will be able to ask questions.
House Farm Workers!
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