Have you looked at your CCW License Recently?

Is it about to expire?

Is your CCW less than 120 days from expiration?

Better look now!!!

Next CCW Class
October 12, 2019

Only 2 Classes Left
in 2019!

The El Dorado County Sheriff's Department is proud to announce that operations are beginning out of the new Public Safety Facility. All CCW related activity is now located at 200 Industrial Drive, Placerville, off of Missouri Flat Road. CLICK HERE for a map to the new location. Call the non emergency number for more information. 530.621.5655 or the direct number to the records department that handles CCW permits: 530.621.5996 or email: ccw@edso.org
The backlog of CCW renewals at the Sheriff's department seems to still be 90 to 120 days. Please take a minute to look at your current CCW and if you are 90 to 120 days away from expiration you need to take your CCW Class soon. No better time than our September 14, 2019 Class.
The October 12, 2019 class is a renewal only class. Renewals are still taking some time to get through the Sheriff's Department. We recommend that you apply for your CCW renewal 120 days before your license expiration date. Our certification of class attendance, inspection and range qualification is good for two years. You are welcome to take any of our remaining 3 classes of the year.
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