June 23, 2021

Installation Dinner on Friday Night/ No meeting at Noon
No Noon meeting this week. Installation Dinner is on Friday. Cocktails at 6:30pm, dinner at 7:00pm. Reservations are now closed.
Devon Smyth
Devon Smyth
Our speaker at last week's meeting was Devon Smyth, Executive Director of the Davies Shelters. Devon told us about the three organizations within the Davies Shelters umbrella - Davies Men's Shelter, Ruth and Naomi House for Women, and the newest endeavor, the South Meadows Farm and the Farm Bus. Residents of the shelter along with volunteers grow food for the shelter at the farm, and the excess food is distributed throughout the county on the farm bus, a converted school bus gifted to the shelter by St. Mary's School. Any profits from the sale of the farm products go back into the operation of the shelters. This provides work and skills training to the residents. For more information, go to https://daviesshelter.com

Devon then talked about the housing shortage in Floyd County. As a member of the special committee formed to look at this issue, she knows firsthand the problems that exist to provide safe housing for the citizens of Floyd County. Devon told us that while there are many questions and much need, there are still very few solutions and the public/private committee is still trying to address the problem.
Congratulations Buzz and Paula!
Chloe Siniard
Chloe SIniard 2
Congratulations to former Exchange Club member Heather Wachsteter and her fiancé Rance Siniard on the birth of their daughter, Chloe Alyssa Nicole Siniard, born at 9:18 am, on June 12,2021, weighing 4 lbs 6 oz. Proud grandparents are Exchange Club members Buzz and Paula Wachsteter.
Guests from Last week
Terry & Nancy Clift
Nancy Clift, guest of Terry Clift
Lee Roberts & Keith Ducette
Keith Ducette (2nd visit), guest of Lee Roberts
Red Abrams & Cynthia Barahona
Cynthia Barahona, guest of Red Abrams
Mike & Barbara Elliott & Wesley Martin
Wesley Martin, guest of Barbara and Mike Elliott
Save the Date!!! Registration is now open for the Clocktower 5K Road Race & 2 Mile Health Walk. Register now at www.tillmanclocktowerrace.org
Invitation to join State Child Abuse Prevention Planning Sessions
The State of Georgia recently released an updated State Child Abuse Prevention Plan and the FRC has been asked to help translate this plan to meet local needs in DFCS Region 3 (Bartow, Douglas, Floyd, Haralson, Paulding, and Polk counties). To this end, a series of three meetings will be held with the first meeting set for Friday 6/25 at 9:30 a.m. The second meeting is set for Friday 7/16 and the final session on Friday 8/27. You are invited to participate! These will be virtual meetings (Zoom). To see the full schedule and register for the sessions, use this form https://forms.gle/RgPzUHfjGfF9M8WVA

Please contact me at 706-290-0764 if you have questions and feel free to share this information with other businesses, churches, agencies, and individuals you think might be interested. It is indeed an honor that our agency has been asked to help with this effort!

This a great time to be a sports fan!

Eastern Conference Finals Game 1
Hawks vs Bucks

Western Conference Finals Game 3
Suns vs Clippers
Suns lead 2-0

Eastern Conference Finals Game 2
Hawks vs Bucks

Western Conference Finals Game 4
Suns vs Clippers

Eastern Conference Finals Game 3
Hawks vs Bucks

Western Conference Finals Game 5 (if necessary)
Suns vs Clippers

Eastern Conference Finals Game 4
Hawks vs Bucks

Euros (European Soccer Championship)

Sweden vs Poland
Slovakia vs Spain

Portugal vs France
Germany vs Hungary

Braves vs Mets

Braves vs Reds

Braves vs Reds

Braves vs Reds

Braves vs Reds

Mets vs Braves
Please reach out to Carol Abrams to make sure you are caught up on your dues.

Congratulations to Exchange Member Scotty Hancock and his wife Ronda as they welcomed a daughter, 4 year old Mylee, to their family on June 16th. The Hancocks have fostered Mylee since November 2019. They became foster parents in 2018 on the suggestion of their son Gatlin. Congratulations to the Hancocks, especially to Mylee!
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