Greetings Dwell Friends & Family,

November's theme is GATHER,
"bring together and take in from scattered places or sources."

What an appropriate sentiment as we near the end of 2019. More and more, we are accepting and, some days, appreciating the twists and turns of life that bring us to where we are today. One thing you can count on is your yoga practice. But it's more fun in community!

It takes a village to practice routine wellness and we have created a Dwell-ness hub to support your self-care through the holiday season and onward!

We have some wonderful offerings this month with an amazing team of teachers who we are so very grateful for! We hope you will partake in many as a way to strengthen your wellness, soften your heart and expand your spirit.

DwellYoga Team
In this time of gratitude, we give thanks for you. We value your patronage and being a part of our yoga community. We will be open Thanksgiving Day with a modified schedule and a class for everyBODY! 


8 - 9:15 AM
Yummy Yin/Restorative Yoga

9:30 - 10:45 AM
Thanks & Giving Vinyasa Flow
11AM - 12:00PM
Hot Yoga Detox
Join guest teacher, Monica Le Baron, to learn easy and effective tools to improve your sleep quality, start implementing micro-movements that can change your life in a HUGE way, and become more focused and energized.

Click registration link for more details
Yoga Fusion is a 90-minute all levels practice. Nourish mind, body and spirit to prepare for the week ahead. Yin yoga applies healthy stress to joints and connective tissue while restorative yoga allows you to deeply relax through fully supported passive stretching. Yoga Nidra is a guided series of stages resulting in a state between wakefulness and dreaming that awakens intuition, creativity and abundance.
Join Dawn Browning every Sunday in November for this timely series!
The F-Word is a feminine embodiment flow designed to help womxn tap into their sacred Shakti, or feminine power. We will explore feminine archetypes by embodying them, working though inhibitions to uncover our most authentic, confident, and joyful selves. Blending elements of belly dance, twerk, and sensual movement with yoga, this class provides a safe space for women to practice fierce self-love. It’s frisky, flirty, filthy, forbidden, foxy….so many F-words! Wear something you feel sexy in, and be ready for an explicit playlist.
Join Tauna & Maria for a Pajama Themed Day Camp!
Explore synchronized breath and movement to the improvisational live beats of DJ Sand Sand and choreographed yoga sequence lead by Jane. Mandala Vinyasa integrates the spiral patterns of nature and explores the circular movement within the body, moving around all four corners of the mat.

Join us after the flow for an optional gratitude potluck! You might enjoy some of our favorite treats, or even bring some of your own to share.
Yin & Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice - bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures.

This multi sensory experience, paired with 7 doTERRA essential oils will leave you feeling rejuvenated & relaxed with plenty of hands-on-application of the oils.

All levels welcome, non-heated yoga class.

$20 early bird | $25 at door
Build your foundation and strengthen your practice by diving into key elements of a home practice. Students receive 3 complimentary Rocket Yoga Class Passes and a Practice Home Sheet.

The Rocket home practice has gone with Summer on all her travels. The practice of Rocket has helped Jason reshape his mind, body & life.
Build & Expand your practice with some special Rocket Yoga offerings throughout the month of November as we celebrate the founder of Rocket Yoga, Larry Schultz's birth month! Come check out our weekly Rocket Yoga classes with our exceptional teaching team. Here's what happening this month as we celebrate our love of Rocket Yoga!

MON @ 4:15PM w/ Summer Lara
WED @ 4:15PM w/ Jason Leifste
SUN @ 11AM w/ Holly Rae & Jesse Caraballo

Monday & Wednesday classes will weave posture and yogic philosophy focus to deepen your practice off the mat.

Week 1: Arm Balances & Tapas
Week 2: Forearm Balances & Ahimsa
Week 3: Headstand & Satya
Week 4: Handstand & Svadhyaya

Receive one-on-one instruction with Summer Lara at only $20 per person!
~2-4 students per class~
To schedule email

"Build Your Home Practice-Rocket Style"
SATURDAY, NOV 23 @ 12-2PM with Summer & Jason
Attendees receive 2 complimentary Rocket Yoga passes and a home sequence hand-out

Come get on the Rocket, Let Your Practice Take Flight & Feel the Possibilities!
Learn how yoga and mindfulness can offer a way to take an active part in cancer treatment and recovery. Breathing techniques, meditation and restorative yoga movement can be supportive during and after treatment.

No experience necessary. Class is accessible for all abilities. Class is one hour with 30 minutes after for optional connecting time.
A new offering at Dwell in partnership with Project Purnam

Join Joshua Rex for this workshop designed to help you dig deeper into a singular Mantra, its history, benefits, and the practices associated with it.

Each class ends with Singing.

Grit Outweighs Gold

with Darren Rhodes
and special guests Bre Downing & Kanoe Gantz

JANUARY 11th & 12th
Darren Rhodes has been the director of YogaOasis studios in Tucson since 1999. Darren is featured in the yoga poster, Penchant for Practice. His book, The Yoga Resource Practice Manual, includes practice instructions for 360 poses. Darren is the founder of Yogahour® and was named one of Yoga Journal's "21 Talented Young Teachers Shaping the Future of Yoga." Darren is also a faculty member of Glo.

This workshop features familiar mainstream poses along with a few of the more seldOM seen. The most difficult poses only comprise a small percentage of the workshop, so no need to be intimidated (it will be as doable as it is difficult.) For the most difficult poses, there will be copious alignment instructions start to finish. Stages for the sake of accessibility will be provided - meaning everyone will be able to participate.

morning sessions focus = arm balances, back bends

afternoon sessions focus = forward folds, twists, hip openers