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At WW Philadelphia, memberships were designed with your preferences in mind, whether you love to chat online or in person. Prefer dedicated guidance, or find inspiration from a group? Like to Zoom with your friends? Now we support you in specialized and personal Virtual Zoom Workshops, too.

And, if you didn't know by now, every WW Coach and Guide is a WW Success Story themselves, having lost weight, reached their goal, attained the coveted Lifetime Member Status, and went on to train to become part of the WW Philadelphia Staff.

Weekly, we feature a Member of our staff. This week, meet Robin!
Robin S. WW Lifetime Member Interview
Coach at West Goshen, Frazer, and Downingtown Studios
"If you always do, what you always did,
you will always get what you always got."
The reason I came to WW is: I was having health issues that were related to my lifestyle and unhealthy habits. I kept losing weight to "get to goal" so I could get back to my unhealthy habits. I was frustrated, angry, and I was finally ready to try something different.

Something I learned about myself on my WW journey that can be helpful to others is: Stay connected to WW Members and Workshops. Also, reminding myself that I'm always 'teachable', and staying for the Workshops was the best gift I have ever given myself.
My favorite SmartPoints meal is: A recipe from a WW cookbook, Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls. It's usually on the dinner menu once a week.

My favorite meal that might require more weekly SmartPoints than I have is: Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread.

What I want every Member to know: You can do it. WW is livable. I never feel deprived and the healthy habits I have learned have been amazing. I feel great and my health issues are gone. It is true that happy people make healthier choices. Give yourself this amazing gift.

My greatest "AH-HA" moment during my weight loss was: When I had gained forty pounds back. I was sitting in my WW class waiting for the coach to start, and I saw a poster on the wall that said, "If you always do, what you always did, you will always get what you always got." Suddenly I realized this time instead of losing weight to get to goal, I had to learn new healthy habits and enjoy a new lifestyle that was liable. It was such an amazing moment to realize I had to do something different!

What I appreciate most about Members attending Workshops where I work is: We are all in it together. Just seeing everyone coming together for support, recipes, the challenges, the AH-HA!
WW 4 Pillars for a healthy lifestyle
Food • Activity • Mindset • Sleep
These are the four pillars of WW's approach to weight loss.
While each of these things is important on its own, the combined power when all four work together is undeniable. Each affects the other, and they all work together to help us achieve our health and fitness goals.
Food Food Tracking
Activity Reasons to Exercise
Mindset • Breathwalking
Sleep Move More, Sleep More
This Week's Message From DebW!
Voice of WW Philadelphia and General Manager
Hello WW Philadelphia Members,

Some of you might wonder why I always salute you as Members when many of the readers of this email are not current Members. The reason is that you are more important than just a customer or client. I call everyone who encounters this company a Member or potential Member; you deserve that respect.

It is not an easy decision to call or reach out to WW. I remember chastising myself for not having the strength, motivation, and whatever else it takes to lose weight on my own. I always felt like I was the only one who gained weight like I did, simply because I ate TOO much food. My mind always gave others special dispensation for gaining weight.

Being overweight felt isolating and restricting to me, it kept me from doing things I wanted to do, wearing clothes I wanted to wear, going places I wanted to go. Most of these restrictions were my own boundaries set up by me, but you know where I’m coming from, and you've probably set up invisible boundaries for yourself, too.

Sometimes I think about the crazy things I was willing to do to lose weight fast. Like living on canned green beans and canned tuna! Those two foods were my answer to everything. I learned the Tuna and Green Bean Diet from one of those gossip “news” magazines sold at the grocery store checkout line. WHO in their right mind follows a diet from a publication mentioning aliens routinely visiting and advising a current world leader???

I went a lot of years avoiding tuna until recently when I have found myself really liking tuna again. Sorry, Charlie.

Turning around that kind of thinking meant celebrating the wonderful little victories that add up while you find your way to a healthier you. Think about it: Saying “I’m full” when there are still a couple of bites left on the plate, and then scraping them into the disposal; Flying without the seatbelt extension; Being able to be hugged by a loved one with arms all the way around you; Having your physician no longer routinely enter “obesity” on your health record; Being able to zip up a freshly laundered pair of jeans without laying on the bed. Yep, all that--any one of them--makes for a good day!

No matter your number at the scale right now, you have instilled many good habits you never turn away from, due to your having embraced WW into your life. All the while you've learned and are still learning to accept and love yourself a little more through every pound lost.

Every one of us has a story about how or why this happened. but while there is some uniqueness to each story there are more commonalities. The truth is YOU are not alone when you're with WW and whether you’re a Current Member in the trenches, a Lifetime Member, fully competent and confident at goal, or a former Member, we share comparable stories every day.

One day, while Coaching a WW Workshop years ago, I mentioned the embarrassingly, enormous binge meal I consumed before joining WW and I saw heads across the room nodding in understanding. I was truly shocked, thinking this was my own personal little (not LITTLE) problem!

Something I learned from other Members while sharing that experience is to ask myself, “Will I be able to eat this food in the future; Can I freeze it for another day; Could I come back to this place for more?" The times when the answers are not "YES" are rare! The very important lesson I took away was there is no reason to eat the last crumb because it is in front of me/you. That is a major WIN!

Some of you might be thinking, “I’m glad I was never that bad off.” I'm glad for you too, but some of the things I mentioned are as common to the Members who want to lose 20 pounds as they are to the Members who want to lose over 100 pounds.

The quick fix doesn’t exist. If you’re currently not at your weight goal--whether you are a Current, Inactive, or Lifetime Member Not At Goal, you know you can’t give up. You can’t stop, you must be mindful, watchful, and aware and we at WW Workshops are here to assist.

Please remember, I love hearing from Members, so don't hesitate to write. Be assured this is my direct email address debw@wwphl.com and I respect your confidentiality.

Stay well, be kind and wash your hands,

Deb Wright
General Manager
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Personalized Virtual Workshops
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Mondays 7 pm:
Lifetime Over Goal

This Virtual Workshop
is exclusively for
Lifetime Members
with 5+ lbs to lose

Get back to goal with WW Weekly Personalized Virtual Workshop.
Be motivated by your Coach, a Lifetime Member At Goal, and Members in the group!
Make 'one day' become today!
Wednesdays 7 pm:
Lose 100+ Pounds

This Virtual Workshop
is exclusively for Members
with 100+ lbs to lose

Coached by a WW Lifetime Member who lost over 100 lbs and trained to share the plan as it will work for you. Along with your Coach, Members will be like-minded and goal-oriented like you!

Georgia C. lost 117 lbs* since joining WW
A study of WW members shows
that going on a weight-loss journey for yourself
can help your partner or close family member get healthier, even if they don’t do it “with you.”
It’s a ripple effect!
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