The 19th Annual Twin Cities Book Festival
Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Festival, the largest one-day book gathering in the region, features hundreds of exhibitors, dozens of presenting authors from near and far, special children’s and youth programming, and endless curiosities for all ages—all in a massive celebration of our vibrant Minnesota literary culture.
How can you make a book more special? Come meet the author and have your book signed!
Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019, 6:30 pm
Jacqueline West, A STORM OF WISHES.
Thursday, Oct. 24, 6:30 pm
Chan Poling & Lucy Michell, JACK AND THE GHOST.
Sunday, Oct. 27, 2:00 pm
Frank Murphy & Kayla Harren, A BOY LIKE YOU.
Thursday, Oct. 31, 10:30 am
A special Halloween morning storytime- costumes encouraged!
Kao Kalia Yang
Tuesday, October 8 at 6:30 PM | St. Catherine University
Please join us for a reading and discussion with writer Kao Kalia Yang , editor Carol Hinz , and associate professor Sarah Park Dahlen ! We'll be selling books at this exciting event!

Opus & Olives
Sunday, October 13 at 5:00 pm | Saint Paul RiverCentre

When you join us at Opus & Olives (where we'll be selling books!) you support early literacy, workforce development, and other lifelong learning opportunities for individuals of every age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background.

Croc & Turtle: Snow Fun!
By Mike Wohnoutka

Outside is too cold and dangerous (Turtle) and inside is too boring (Croc). This is a delightful new addition to the Croc & Turtle series created by Mike Wohnoutka. The two fast friends work together to find a creative (and surprising) solution. After all, being together is what's best. Wonderful illustrations and unique end papers complement the story. — Susan (RBB Staff)
Ember in the Ice Dragons
By Heather Fawcett

Ember is one of the last of the fire dragons, disguised as a human girl for her protection. But the spell can't hide everything—especially not her occasional spontaneous combustion. To protect her adoptive father, Ember goes off to stay with her aunt in Antarctica, where the darkness will keep her fire calm. But when she learns about plans to hunt the ice dragons to extinction—just like her birth parents were hunted—Ember won't stand for it. Can Ember sabotage the hunt without revealing herself? Funny, clever, and fiercely loving, Ember is a wonder—and so is her story.  — Lily (RBB Staff)
I Hope You Get This Message
By Farah Naz Rishi

It's the end of the world as we know it- at least, that's what government officials are telling people. Apparently, Earth was created by Aliens as an experiment- one that the people of Earth have failed. They have one week before the aliens decide to keep Earth...or destroy it forever. With a possible apocalypse on the horizon, teens Jesse, Cate, and Adeem have one week left to live. For Jesse, this means making his mother proud and not (seriously, he's not going to do it) falling for the new boy in town. Meanwhile, Cate wants to complete her bucket list, including meeting her father for the first time. Adeem looks to the radio to also search for someone- his sister, who ran away from home after coming out. One week before Earth is set to be destroyed, Jesse, Cate, and Adeem must confront their greatest fears and desires and decide what is most important to them.    — Kelsie (RBB Staff)
Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts
By Kate Racculia

The Westing Game meets Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next books by way of Edgar Allan Poe and it's a delight! After eccentric billionaire Vincent Pryce dramatically and publicly dies, he invites the whole city to participate in a treasure hunt that will culminate at his funeral. Researcher extraordinaire Tuesday Mooney and her friends dive headfirst into the challenge, discovering morbid secrets, skeletons in closets, and a decades-old mystery on their way to an unnamed reward. A little spooky, a lot nerdy, and entirely fun. — Lily (RBB Staff)
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Books for Border Kids Book Drive!
BOOKS FOR BORDER KIDS was created by a concerned group of individuals in Minneapolis and St Paul who believe that books can stir a child’s imagination and enrich young lives. They have teamed up with Red Balloon and Wild Rumpus to send as many bilingual, Spanish, and Portuguese language books as possible to refugee children held at the U.S./Mexico border. Please donate and join us in this effort to demonstrate that, in some small way, we care.
Get to Know a Bookseller | Kelsie
at RBB since 2015

1.What do you most enjoy about your job?
I love working events, talking books with my coworkers, and gift wrapping.

2.What's an old book you love?
Jandy Nelson's  I'll Give You the Sun and Madeline Miller's  The Song of Achilles  are the only books from my past that I'm willing to go back and re-read because I love them so much.

3.Do you have any pets right now?
Yes!! I've been living with my pal, Pickle, for about 4 years now. He's a very emotional tuxedo cat with flawless winged eyeliner. 
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